2 weeks to go

30 07 2019

Yo! Now it’s only two weeks left until WOC starts in Norway. The goal of the goal et c, but it is what it is and it goes how it goes. It’s just about keeping doing stuff as I’ve done it previously and we will see what happens! Now, a short look-back.

I managed to be selected to all disciplines, which means I will fight for the top positions during the long, the middle and the relay. During the selection races some weeks ago I was able to ”bring my shit together” and perform well. I won the long distance after a good race. A couple of control mistakes, but two solid long routes, and it became a happy day! It’s always cool with a victory and perfect for my self confidence. The middle two days later was stable even though I lacked some offensivity. However, the result was good enough, 2nd Swede and 3rd overall. During the whole winter and spring I’ve been training to run all disciplines and my shape on training sessions have showed that I have what it takes, but as I wasn’t able to show it during the World Cup in Finland, I am happy I took the last chance to do it during the selection race weekend. However, it is a bit of a shame that the top ranked nations don’t have more than 3 spots for each discipline. There are actually a small group of additional runners who should be able to do well at WOC, but now isn’t allowed to run as they are the 4th in their country (but still can be a podium candidate)…

After the selection races we had our first pre camp. 5 days of good training with some important competition like sessions. I finished the camp with a simulated ”woc middle” session where I was followed by Thierry. Always a pleasure, especielly when you feel your legs are dead and you most of all just want to take a break in one of the grass grown marsches. BUT, at the same time, you even more – DON’T – want to show any weaknesses in front of a multitime world champion… So that makes you go on anyway :).

After precamp I had one week home. First some days of rest/easy training and then a tougher training block started again. Two days with two high intensity sessions a day before going to O-ringen. Always a 30min threshold in the morning and then an interval session in the afternoon. Gives some grit. Then I went to O-ringen where I took part in 2 of the 5 stages. I wanted to take part in some competitions before WOC, but don’t go with the whole O-ringen package as it didn’t fit with my training plan up to WOC. Sad to not take part in whole O-ringen, but still happy I was able to join two races. Thanks to Peter Öberg and O-ringen who made it possible! I ran the 1st stage, a long distance and ended 4th and the 4th stage, the middle distance where I was 3rd. Both races were stable without any bigger mistakes. The rest of the week was spent in Norrköping meeting friends and running around the city. The city centre and the park along the river was really nice and I also enjoyed the flat roads around Lindö even if the view to get there more or less was industrial areas. But as long as the road is flat asphalt, the view can be whatever, I’m happy anyway! 😉

Now I’ve had some lazy days back home, but the stay is short, tomorrow I’m going north again for the second precamp. 4 days of training and the last preparations in the forest will be set. Yepp, it’s* getting closer for sure…

*by it i mean WOC. Yepp, I felt I needed to explain that one… #ornot

Photos: O-ringen / Peter Holgersson / Private





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