Shaping up in France

24 07 2018

In the beginning of the summer I was selected to run the sprint at WOC in Latva. Or… I was selected for the middle, but Sara and me did an exchange as I was more up for the sprint and vice versa. After a successful sprint camp in Örebro I went to Latvia and our precamp. Had some good sprint days and also spent some time in the forest as I am substitute for some of the forest disciplines.

After some days at home I went to France for a training vacation with Karro and Tove. We didn’t want to spend the whole summer at home or in Latvia just training for WOC, and France seemed like a good option to still get good training but in nice surroundings and to feel some holiday vibes as well.

I arrived some hours before the others and went for a long run up Crêt de la Neige, outside Geneva. Perfect start of the trip, and the Jura mountains are wonderful. Then I picked the girls, and we drove to our first destination: Chamonix. We had rented an apartment in town with a great view of Mount Blanc. Then there were days with training, both track intervals, flat thresholds and long runs up up and up! It is crazy how you can trick your mind to not feel tired just because you drown in the amazing views.

When we were in Chamonix France celebrated its national day. However, it may been too many tourists in town as we did not see that much of celebrating. Or perhaps everyone was waiting for the next day, the World Cup final in football? How great to be in France when France is playing for gold? I was looking forward to this and we planned the day to be in town at 5 pm when the game started. Before that we took the bahn up to Aiguille the midi, 3842 masl. Not the best way to recover after a threshold session, and it was a bit cloudy, but still cool to visit that place (together with half of Japan)… Then it was time for the game and the athmosphere was awesome as France played well and later on won. Me and Karro had dressed up in French jackets and tried to hang on with the celebrations as best as we could! Felt a bit French for a while ;)…

france 2

The morning after we left Chamonix and did a sprint and track training in Saint-Julien-en-Genevois before heading to St Jorioz south of Annecy where we had an apartment just by the lake. Now it was Tour de France time in town and the 10th stage passed on the road outside our place which meant the road was closed from early in the morning. Therefore we couldn’t take the car and go to one of the TDF-climbings as we wanted, and instead we ran up a mountain close to where we lived and then continued to the starting place of the tour. It said swosch, and then all the cyclists had passed, but still it was interesting to take part of the big tour de France circus. Now we had got an enough load of testosterone sports, so the following day we went to Chambéry to show the city people some sprint orienteering. We simulated a WOC day with qualification and final and I had two good runs. The city was perfect for sprint and we could feel the vibes from the Swedish success at the WOC sprint 2011 with Linnéa, Helena and Lena top 3 and Anders as 2nd. Way to go!

The last days in Annecy was spent with a spectacular long run up La Tournette (2351 masl) with a panorama view that could make anyone crying of happiness. We also tried a Via Ferrata (first time for me and Karro). Hanging on this mountain wall also almost made us cry, but not due to happiness, but longing for mama (due to fear of hights…). At friday we ran a last sprint in Annecy town, which is just beautiful and with lots of nice coffee and ice cream places. Before heading home on Saturday I had a great threshold session along the biking road by the Annecy lake. Just flat and straight – when did I start to love that? Would have been great to do a 10k race there. Probably a good way to set a record :).

Thanks to Thierry and Göran who fixed maps and planned some courses to us, and thanks to the french people who helped putting out controls for the sprints. Valuable for our sprint preparations towards WOC. Merci beaucoup!

Now I am home again, and it is just 12 days until WOC starts at the 4th of August.


Could it BEE more beautiful?

2nd at Venla with #gmokbabes

19 06 2018

The Jukola weekend in Finland is over for this year and once again it was some memorable days. As usual the surroundings were great: sunshine, a nice staying by a lake in the forest with the club and a cool competition terrain!

We went there on Thursday and got out in the forest and realised it looked like we have expected. ”Just as Tibro”. Then eating dinner and preparation meeting with the whole squad (4 venla teams and 2 jukola teams). The night ended with a movie task where we in groups of 4 made a short movie with the theme ”anything”. The result of the filming was going to be shown the day after…

At Friday we once again went out in the forest. A bit more tricky area, but still I got a good flow. The last runners arrived and after a relaxing afternoon and evening with team photos and team meetings we watched the movies from the day before. So much fun and the team spirit was on top!

Saturday – relay day! 4 venla teams on the starting line (for the first time in GMOK history). Line for our 2nd team showed the zebra legs were fast that day by being in the lead to the starting point. Lisa was running for my team and she followed our tactics by being in control all the time. There were some really fast runners pushing hard on the 1st leg (smahing the estimated times by far) so Lisa sent out Anna on the 2nd leg as nr 33, +2:42. Line for the 2nd team was 84 (+5:58), Marcia for 4th team 146 +8:16 and Jolanta for 3rd +8:20 at 152nd spot. A stable start!

Anna is the 2nd leg specialist and she overtook many positions as usual. I am also always very confident when Anna runs as she almost never do any big mistakes. She kept it together this time as well, just a small mistake at one control. She sent me out as number 13, +2:55 after leading MS Parma. In our 2nd team Moa E did a fantastic race (having the best time on the 2nd leg) and passed 67(!) teams up to position 17, actually only less than 40 seconds behind us in the 1st team. So cool! Viktoria for our 3rd team had a tough day, but Moa P for the 4th team did a nice comeback after an injury and changed over as 99th.

anna venla rönnols

Finally it was my turn. Had some runners going out both close before and after, but never saw anyone of them after the starting point :). It meant I pushed hard from the start as the course was so short. I used my very restricted finish vocabulary to ask the slow runners from earlier legs to get out of the way towards the first controls, and it worked out quite well. The flat area in the beginning was a bit scary. Was a bit unsure towards the 2nd control as it was a lot of forking in this area. However, I stayed in control and got it nicely. Was still all alone towards the 3rd, first common control. Afterwards I saw that my forking was the only one giving the opportunity to go left around the big pit and therefore I did not see anyone else and this was also a bit longer. Towards the TV-control on 5th i saw SNO and thereafter also Stora Tuna who had been going out 1:15 ahead of me. Perfect. The 8th control was the only one really tricky, but I was in full control and did not have any problems with that. However, I stressed a bit out of the 9th, not checking where I passed the track and Tuna passed me again. However, I realised it fast and could run up her back close after. We then pushed hard towards the finish, and I could send out Judith as nr 7, 3:03 behind the leading OL Norska, but in the back of Tuna and Tove. I was 3rd at the 3rd leg, so it was a good run! Runa for our 2nd team did well, and sent out Kristine as nr 21 very close to IFK Göteborg 2 who was the best second team at that moment. Kerstin for the 4th team picked some spots to 96th and Hanna for the 3rd picked some teams up to 125.

It was then awesome to follow Judith on the last leg, smashing through the field, passing team by team when they were doing mistakes. Tove was running incredibly good for Tuna so the victory was unreachable, but it was a great feeling to jump the fence and wait for Judith to come to the last control as 2nd!!! She saw us waiting before entering the run in, and was so surprised. We showed and screamed we were 2nd, and she could almost not believe it! Finally we succeeded at Venla as well after being 2nd two times at 10-mila and 3rd once the last 5 years, but ”only” 5th as best at Venla. It was also great to see how our 2nd team continued to run so well and ran in as 21st team, and the best second team, with only young runners who really have the future ahead. I am very proud of how we all stuck to the plan and how we ran during the relay! The 3rd team ended as 110 and the 4th team unfortunately DSQ, but still good performances by these girls.

After the prize giving we celebrated with some prosecco, sauna and late night swim in the lake by our house. A great end of an awesome day with the fantastic gmokbabes gang! You are the best and now we will go for the victory for sure!

Thank you coaches for all your help before and during the weekend. GMOK is well organised as always. Also thanks to the men teams who were cheering, supporting and running well themselves! The future looks bright.

Photos: Robbie Anderson, Mikael Eliasson, Moa Gustafsson, Lars Rönnols, Jukola 2018

giphy (3).gif

EOC 2018 – 2xSilver

17 05 2018

I went to Ticino in southern Switzerland with no expectations at all. This winter/spring has been a completely mess and I was just happy to get into the championship bubble together with some of my best friends.

The achilles problems which I got in the middle of february gave me one month without any running at all and then two weeks going from 5 min running up to 30. Then I was able to start pushing a bit and running orienteering again. In the middle of april I was ready for 2 of our 3 selections races. I had to skip the long distance as I wasn’t ready for running 3 days in a row. The sprint and the middle races went mostly as planned even though I lacked bit of a speed. A 6th and a 4th place gave me selections for sprint, middle and forest relay (2nd team) at the EOC.

The following week after the selection races I felt that my shape became better and better for each running session. However, my throat got sore 4 days before 10-mila. 2 days with no training and then two days of jogging to feel if 10-mila was possible to do or not. The body felt good, but the virus had hit my vocal cords and I lost my voice completely. It meant running 10-mila was okay, but talking not okay. (Not the easiest task for me…) ”Luckily” we weren’t fighting in the 10-mila top this year and I could avoid interviews… 😉 GMOK-babes team 1 will come back stronger on Venla, but our 2nd-5th team delivered!

However, the problems with my throat the last 2 weeks before the EOC sprint gave me no possibilities to do any tapering sessions. Once again nothing went on as planned. Well, all in on technical performances and no other expectations.


14th in the sprint after a really relaxed qualification in the morning where everything went smooth, both technically and physically. However, the increased summer heat in the afternoon (almost 30 degrees) and the lack of sessions where I pushed it to the maximum the last months made the final very tough. The breathing didn’t work as it is supposed to and it gave me really sore legs and feeling of dizziness. This was probably related to the coughing I’ve had the last weeks, but luckily it disapperad the following days. Technically the final was okay, except from one bigger route choice mistake to the 5th control and also a very defensive start. The result and the distance behind Tove (1.33) is far from what I’m aiming for and what I am capable of. But, it has its explanations. Accept, and move on.

Middle distance. 26th. Both the qualification and final was tough fights against my mind who didn’t feel prepared or ready for pushing hard in the forest. I got too defensive and not in championship competition mode. This made me very disappointed at myself. I mean, the last thing you do is stop fighting. In the qualification I made one huge mistake in the slope, but kept it together the rest of the course and could qualify rather easily on 8th spot. In the final I tried to be more aggressive, but the slippy slope mastered me and I lost my plan and did many mistakes. I just wanted to go home for some months to train properly and get back at it, and not do this again this week. Why run and feel totally unprepared. What will it give? It felt that I had hit the bottom.

Some hours later. ”Lina, are you up for the sprint relay tomorrow?”

Eeeeeh??? Say what?

Tove had twisted her ankle during the middle final and didn’t know if she was able to run. Probably not. I was asked to be the substitute. Okay. I felt in my badest shape for a long time. My self confidence was at the bottom. I was the substitute for the worlds best orienteer who some days before had smashed the sprint final with a 24s win. Okay, I had some (mental) work to do the following hours, because of course I said yes. I mean, this may be my only chance to run in a team with Emil, Jonas and Karro. Let’s do this!

The morning after I got the information that I will run for sure. A nice team jog, some relaxing hours in bed, some music, some hair styling and then entering the quarantine. I realised I was super nervous, but there was nowhere I would rather be than there, with my team.

The start of the race didn’t go as planned. I lost my focus for some seconds and didn’t see my first control so I got far down in the group. Then the hill started and I could see Judith disappear in the front. I didn’t want to push too hard in the uphil with a big risk to hit the wall. This was smart, but still I didn’t keep it together technically and did some mistakes. Luckily I could see all the top teams except from Switzerland and I was able to push really hard the last loop and gain many positions. I changed over to Emil as 3rd, but way behind Judith and Switzerland (+1.08) and the chances for a win was already lost. Not happy with my technical performance, but still an okay first leg compared to the others. Emil ran increadibly good, and Jonas and Karro did also well and we could run in at 2nd position. Way behind Switzerland, but way ahead any other team. A stable team effort, and I was very happy to be at the podium together with these three freaks getting a silver medal! What a bonus! The whole day was so much fun!

The morning after I felt a bit hung over because of bad sleep and many tough races the last days. I was on my way down to the breakfast when I once again was met by the question. ”Lina, are you up for the first leg in the first team tomorrow? Tove is not able to run.” Let’s go with the flow. Yes, of course. I felt ran over by a tractor or something, but getting the opportunity to run the first leg once again in a great team – the chances are not that many – so of course I will do that!

Once again, some work to do to get some forest self confidence. Running sprint relay first legs is something I am very comfortable with as I’ve done it very good many times, but in the forest I didn’t feel as sure of myself. But as I want to run it at WOC – the best preparation for that is do to it at EOC.

Thierry helped me to get a relaxed attitude towards the challenge, and once again I managed to enjoy the day completely. Even the warm up was kind of fun. I was defensive right in the start, but with full focus on getting the first control. I got it nicely and had a good position at the 3rd control which was the first common. Then I had the same forking as Judith and it felt very comfortable with her in front of me #gmokbabespower, even though the speed was high. Then it was many unforked controls in a row which suprised me, but I managed to hang on to the group led my Judith. The speed was very high on the road down to the arena passing, and the group extracted. I lost the sight of Judith (Switzerland), but passed some teams who was more tired than me. I lost some time on the longer and trickier forking after arena passage compared to some other teams, but I realised it was perfect that I had that forking as I was able to close the gap again to the teams having the short one. I could sprint into finish as 5th, only 29 seconds behind. I was totally exhausted, sending out Sara, but so happy with a well executed first leg, doing what I wanted to do.

Sara did a stable race which was impressive after having a tough EOC, and Karro got a nice hunting challenge. Karro ran an incredible race and passed the arena as 3rd, but on silver medal position, which a big gap behind. Sara and me prepared for celebrating in the run in, but then we heard she is doing a mistake. We heard that the big chasing group has passed her and that she is 15 seconds behind on 7th position. Oh my god, NO! This is not happening… I was so nervous, but I know Karros abilities to push so hard after a mistake and that no one will beat her in the sprint. Next live pictures from the 2nd last control and we could see her in the position right behind Maja (Denmarks). Holy moly. And the rest is history… 😉 What a sprint finish and what an awesome feeling to win a silver medal like this! With Sara and Karro! I have never felt so vigorous as when I jumped all the fences from the VIP area to get acess to the finish area to crash at Karro behind the finish line. So many emotions and so much joy! We decided that this relay day should feel as a party and if we do as planned and if it gives us a medal, we should CELEBRATE! A medal at EOC is big! I could watch those scenes over and over again… 🙂

I could not dream of ending this championship in another way. It felt in many ways like a win, even though we got beaten big time by the Swiss. But, after this spring (which more or less has sucked completely), it was just awesome to drown in those happy emotions for a while.

The last day of EOC I ran up a mountain with Lilian, Jonas and Eric just enjoying life. Then cheering at the long distance and then hiting the splash and spa banquet. This was so wierd, but so much fun!

As always. Big thanks to the team and coaches. It was a roller coaster for the most of us this week, but still I enjoyed it completely. Swedish team ❤ I can put another memorable week into my back pack. And two relay silver medals. Who would have thought that?

I caught a small cold after EOC which wasn’t a surprise as many in the team felt some kind of illness. I am eager to get back into training and build up some running shape and also some running style (it didn’t look good at EOC…). I cross my fingers I could start up already this weekend as there are just a couple of weeks to our WOC selections.






Back to the bike

7 03 2018

After Alicante I continued with a lot of training at home. The broken hand was not a big problem (except in the gym), and I could complete many sessions both in and outside the forest. I felt strong on my threshold sessions and felt ready to soon start up with some speed sessions. However, the snow arrived and I forgot how sensitive my lower legs are, as I started to feel some stiffness in my left achilles. I stopped almost immediately from running and I thought one week of rest and massage was enough. I went to the MOC Camp in Berga (Spain), but started to feel pain during my first sprint jog and the pain increased during the run. After I felt pain just by walking, which I’ve never experienced before. I realised that no more running was possible that week. I got some good alternative training sessions at the Berga Resort gym before I flew home some days earlier than planned and without completing any of the speed sprint sessions that I wanted. Since then I’ve spent many hours on the spinning bike, in the water or at the gym. I have not dared to try the achilles for running yet, as I believe it needs some more time to recover and build up some strength.

Well. One step forward, two steps back. It has been some struggeling during the winter. First the inflammation in my foot, then the broken hand and now the left achilles. It aint easy and once again my mental skills must work hard. At least the weather conditions have been on my side as it has not been so motivational to look outside (because of the snow and ice), as the indoor choice not has been too bad, but still… I am in it for the running, not for hour after hour on a bike which doesn’t move a millimeter… I keep my fingers crossed that the pain will disappear with the snow, and I hope it will be soon!


Wetvest party in South Africa #suitup #likeaninja

Alicante & a broken hand

16 02 2018

After coming home from South Africa I wrote an exam in a Sport Medicine course and then began my pedagogical studies which will last for  three(!) years. (The studies are only offered as half time studies as you are supposed to have  a work in the side.) I take these courses to be able to get the teacher identification which is a requirement in Sweden if you want to work as a sport coach in a high school/college or similar.  This means I must stay at the university for some more years even though I actually finished my bachelor in sport coaching this passed autumn.

Well, after two campus days I was free to go abroad again. This time to join the national team in Alicante. The others had already been there for a week when I arrived and I had seen plenty of photos showing great training sessions, so I was eager to take part.

I started off with three sessions the first afternoon, two contour courses (one at night) and one strength session. It was nice to get back to the sand dunes and the demanding terrain if you lose focus. The day after we travelled into the mountains to run some good sprint sessions. Qualification and final one day, and a sprint relay simulation the next. The villages were hilly with many narrow streets, just as sprint should be. I was not into it in the qualification, but managed to do it much better in the final, where I performed a good race. The nexy day’s sprint relay was demanding, and I did not find the sprint relay flow I had the last season, but my team mate Gustav ran well and we took the victory anyway… Then back to the dunes and many more sessions with lots of controls. I tried to put my focus on some special tasks for each training, and thanks to many follow-ups by Thierry I felt that I developed quite a lot during the week. It was for sure a good starting-point on my technical development for 2018.

We trained a lot, but as always there are some time for some fun inbetween. This time go karting. It was so much fun and as close to Super Mario Kart as I’ve so far been. Except from a big hit from behind and a very cocky face (no name mentioned) it was a great time!

The morning after, I went for the usual morning jog. 8 minutes slow jog down to the beach, some core exercises and then back to eat breakfast. The exercises became competetive and after a hit, I suddenly I felt pain in my left little finger. I thought it was just a hit, and ignored it for some minutes and tried to focus on some photographing in the sunrise. However, the pain got bigger and bigger and I got really dizzy realising something was wrong when I watched my finger pointing a bit to the outside and pulsating. I asked our physio what may have happened, and we thought that I may had sprained a joint or something. I know that if you sprain your ankle, it can hurt as hell for some minutes and then you can run again, so I thought it was the same now. We jogged back and I eat my breakfast only using my right hand as it still hurt big time. Then I looked at my hand and realised it now was very swollen. (Not the finger, but at the finger bone in the middle part of the hand.) I showed it again to the physios and they could easily say that there must be a injury on the bone…. Shit. Off we went to the hospital and after many turns there, and in total 8(!) hours of waiting I could get the plaster I needed. The x-ray showed the 5th metakarpal bone was broken in two parts… However, I managed to get back in time to be able to go for the night training, so off I went, with the plaster, but with my thumb free so I could put on my compass and actually also hold the map in my left hand so it was almost as before. The day after was the day for travelling home, but as it wasn’t until the afternoon I still got the possibility to run two training sessions this day as well.

So, in the large perspective a really successful camp with lots of hours, but still with a lot of qualitative technical sessions. I am eager to continue working on my technical skills which somewhat have been priority number 2 for the last two years.

The broken hand was for sure nothing I needed as I have now spent 3,5 weeks with a half plastered hand. However, the running have not been affected from this, apart from that I’ve needed to be very careful in the steep parts of the forest as I have only been able to use my right hand if I fall or if i had to drag me up somewhere. Though, I have completed a training camp in south Halland/north Skåne (last Thursday to Sunday) and also been running a night cup masstart and a long distance on the 10-mila map, so I have still been able to get proper forest training. The biggest challenge have been the strength training as I use the barbell a lot and this type of strength training is my favourite as it’s the most fun to do, but also the one that gives me the best result. Instead I have been working on basic core stability and been using the gym machines as the leg press et c to compensate from what I can’t to with the barbell. Yesterday I got rid of the plaster (after 3,5 weeks), and the bone looks good, but is not completely healed. I must wear a hand orthosis for 3 more weeks (and therefore not lifting a barbell during this period) and then continue to be a bit careful the next 3 weeks, so this will for sure take some time… A silly, stupid injury which in the big perspective not will have a large effect, but restricts me in some small manners which sometimes is demanding.

The last week I have also had some small achilles problems (due to running at the snowy and icy ground), but I hope that this will disappear quickly as I’ve stopped running some days ago. On Sunday I am leaving for the next training camp, the MOC camp and championsship in Berga and Tarragona outside Barcelona. I cross my fingers (the healthy ones) that I will be able to run all quality sessions to continue working on my sprint skills.

Ps: And you must ask me IRL about the true story about how I actually broke my hand…



Photos 3-4: Göran Winblad



Altitude camp in South Africa

13 02 2018

I am starting to catch up my blogging. Last post was meant to be published in November, and here comes the one which should have been published in January. Just one month behind now… 😉

Between the 16th of December and 3rd of January I was training on altitude in South Africa. First 11 days in Dullstroom on 2000 m.a.s.l and the following week at Big 5 O in the Limpopo province (1500-2000 m.a.s.l). Two weeks before departure I felt some pain in my right foot and I was afraid it was the start of a stress fracture. However, the day before going to RSA, I got positive results from the MRI, which meant I could start up the running again, however slowly. That meant some MTB training but as Albin also had some foot problems I had good company. In Dullstroom the life went on as train-eat-sleep-repeat which suits me very well. 🙂 I also celebrated my 29th (25th?) birthday and christmas with BBQ (braii) and nice company. We really had a good time at Rose Cottage in Dull!

Between christmas and new years, we moved to Haenertsburg, and on our way we passed the Kruger national park and said hi to some animals. Cool as always! (Been to both Kenya and Tanzania before.) Between 29th of December and 3rd of January we took part in the 5-days orienteering of South Africa. The 1st stage was held in a national park among wilde beasts and giraffes. The 2nd and 3rd on 2000 m.a.s.l in a nice pine forest. The 4rd on 1500 in a rather green area and the 5th and last, a sprint at Limpopo University. My foot had recovered well in the heat in Dullstroom as I was able to run all stages (even though I walked/jogged the long distance to safe up a bit). It was cool to do orienteering in South Africa and the organisers did a good job! We celebrated New Years in our rented house Misty Crown by the Ebenezer Dam and made some new friends, and got to hang out on their boat in the nice surroundings. Unfortunately we were caught by a thunder storm which made it all quite dramatic. Then the electricity was gone and we had to make the complete new years dinner old style on the BBQ, but it worked out well and we could celebrate a new year ahead.

It was awesome to spend three weeks in the nice climate of South Africa and to train in really good conditions. However, it was also something to experience the social culture of South Africa with their history of apartheid. It is still so very segregated.

I have put together a short movie from parts of our camp. (There are some inside jokes you have to deal with.) View the video here.


Better late than never – Review of 2017

27 01 2018

I wrote this months ago, but forgot to publish it so here we go – a look back at my best orienteering year so far!

First some training data:

Total amount of training: 548 hours – This is 10 hours less than 2016. However, my illness during August destroyed one month of training, so the training load was actually higher than 2016 the first 9 months.

  • Running 69 %  (47 % of the running was orienteering)
  • Alternative training 21 % (crosstrainer 50 %, wetvest 33 %, biking 16 % and roller ski 1 %)
  • Strength training 11 %
  • Rest days: 62 (33 days of illness. 2016 I had 4 days of illness)

Best results:

  • WORLD CHAMPION sprint relay (ran the first leg, changed as nr 5, + 7 seconds)
  • BRONZE World Games sprint
  • 3rd World Cup sprint Finland
  • 3rd World Cup middle Finland
  • 2nd at 10-mila with Göteborg-Majorna OK (ran the 3rd leg)
  • 1st at the 1st leg at World Games sprint relay
  • 27:56 at the grus8an (7,8km) track in Skatås (PB with 23 seconds from 2016)

Summary: During 2016 I had many successful relay performances, but 2017 I finally succeeded individually. 3 times 3rd at international competitions is way better than ever before! (2013 I was 3rd at a Nordic Tour Sprint in Oslo). On top of this I got the chance to run the first leg in our sprint relay team at the World Championships which ended up with a victory and a GOLD MEDAL. So cool! Unfortunately I did not succeed individually at the World Championships, and my autumn season got destroyed by 4 weeks of illness. Although, I look back at a great year, where I also got to succeed at home ground 10-mila with my team in Göteborg-Majorna, where we ended at 2nd position.

November 16’

After the 2016 season I was very tired and took a long rest. In the beginning of November my plan was to hit the road to 2017, but once I was suppose to start I got sick for one week. No worries, but I was not able to go to the national team camp in Örebro, where I was supposed to lead the OL-gala once again together with Maria. I got healthy, and started with the basic training including “nattcup” and 8 times 1k around the grus8a. Just great.

December 16’

Quite high amount of hours, and during this period a running technique project was started for the national team runners in Gothenburg. Each Thursday we gathered in Friidrottens Hus (house of track & field) for a special session with Per & Palmas, two track and field coaches. The aim was to develop our running skills and speed. So much fun and I experienced a fast improvement. December was a really good month with basics at home ground. At the New Years Eve I ran my first 10k road race in the centre of Gothenburg “Sylvesterloppet”. I flat race, with a lot of turns and some windy parts. I finished at 37:15 which was a bit better than expected. A great finish of the calendar year, but a great start of the training year!

January 17’

The training continued with basics and I had a good flow between running intervals, distance, alternative sessions and strength. However, the weather turned a bit bad with some days of icy tracks which led to a small irritation in a muscular attachment on the inside of my knee. I stopped running for a week. At the same time I visited Stockholm and the Swedish Sports Awards Gala. I was there due to a scholarship (for the ones who combine university education with elite sports career). It was so much fun to dress up and be a bit star struck! Some days after I went to Playitas at Fuertaventura, with the national team, for 11 days of training. I did mostly alternative training due to my knee, but as it became better and better I could participate at all the high intensity running sessions. This camp was so great with a lot of fun with some of my best friends and an incredibly high training load (all time high!). It is easy to do a lot of training when the weather is fine, company is awesome, buffet three times a day et c…  At the end of the camp my pain in the knee was gone! Hurray!

February 17’

Tried to get back into home ground training, but it was tough compared to Playitas. However, I got back into basics, and also I did some work in school – the last semester of my Sport Coaching studies! However, I was not at home for a long time, as I went to Alicante with my club only 1,5 week after coming home from Playitas. As it was a lot of focus on physics at Playitas, I could now focus on my technique in Alicante. The camp was fun. We were a nice mix of people from the GMOK squad and spent 4 days in the beach terrain and 2 days in the mountains (doing 3 sessions these days). Except lots of training the camp consisted of relaxing, eating oranges and scratching my arms from the caterpillars poison.  Then back home, and not surprisingly, back to basics (Easy Monday (running and/or alternative/or strength), interval Tuesday, easy Wednesday (running and/or alternative/or strength), running Thursday (running technique, indoor intervals and night orienteering), easy Friday (rest or short running), orienteering Saturday (relay training and some alternative boring shit in the afternoon) and long run Sunday).

March 16’

I still aimed for a high training load so I went on another training camp, the MOC camp in Italy. It was time to focus on sprint which I did not put so much focus on during the previous months except from the running speed training at Thursday indoor session. Some days into the camp it was time for the first hard session. A short qualification in the morning and then a knock out in the afternoon. It was long time since I pushed hard on a sprint, and I did a huge mistake in the quail, but made it to the final as nr 26 or so (of 30 qualifiers). Some kind of luck and an important reminder to put on the focus. The semi final went on well. I had a much better plan, and my legs felt good so I could finish 1st and got the free spot to the final. In the final we were 6 girls on the starting line, and 4 were Swedes. That is always nice! In the final I got into the map quickly, but Helena had a little bit higher map reading speed and took the initiative and I could follow her most of the time. She had some advantage into the last controls, but I decided not to give up and found an extra gear and cached her rather quickly into the last control and it was a very tight sprint and a photo finish, which I won! Juhu! Lots of fun and pasta as prize! The chasing start training become tougher due to my bad qualification, but these trainings were very important and I improved my head to head orienteering skills. And when the others went to MOC competitions, I drove my Fiat back to Bari and flew home to compete in the yearly running competition around grus8an. I had no idea how the legs would feel after the sprint camp with a lot of high intensity trainings, but it turned out they felt good and I finished at a new PB with 23 seconds and below 28 minutes! So unexpected! Then I was in the flow for the rest of the month. I ran my first competitions of the year in Gothenburg, a middle and a long. The long distance was a very good preparation for the long leg at 10-mila which I expected to run one month later.

April 17’

I started this month with a national team training camp in Estonia.  Eva & Kalle did a good job with the training sessions and we did 3 competition like sessions where two of those (long and relay) went on very well. I pushed hard through this camp and continued some days at home with running two smaller competitions, where the technique worked very well. However, I started to be tired after months of high training load without any break. I decreased a bit, but should have put some extra resting days. During the Easter relays I felt very tired, but was able to keep it together at Kolmårdskavlen and bring our team to victory. During the following weeks all focus was put on 10-mila. GMOK-babes were among the favourites and we felt the pressure. I was selected to run the long, unforked, 3rd leg which would suit me fine. However, I did not feel the physical shape was as good as one month before. The tiredness after the camp in Estonia was still there. Though, I managed to catch the 3 teams who went out in the clear lead and change over in the big leading group of 14 teams. I had full control on my navigation, but had wished for a better body to be able to split the group. Next time! I was then very nervous following Judith on the last leg. She did great as always and brought out team into 2nd position, just behind Tuna who won. Of course it was close to the victory, but I was very happy and proud with what we achieved that day. My last three 10-milas we have finished 2nd, 3rd and 2nd. Soon time for the 1st?

May 17’

Now it was time to shape up, individual competitions was soon about to start. In the beginning of May I did some lactate and VO2-max tests and my improvement from December was huge. Lab tests as these do not tell everything, but successful tests are always good for the self confidence! I went to our sprint and middle test races in Bollnäs even though I already was selected for the world cup in Finland. The sprint went fine, but the middle did not. It was an important reminder for the forest races in Estonia the coming weekend, which were part of our selections for the World Championships. The long distance test race went fine. A 2nd place after a tough race in the warm weather. My legs were destroyed the day after, but recovered quite well. Unfortunately I did some mistakes in the beginning of the middle test and ended 5th. I went directly from the test races by ferry to Finland and the first World Cup races of the year. It started with sprint relay and I ran for the Swedish National team with 3 girls and Gustav. I ran the first leg and changed over in the lead, but unfortunately I had missed punched at one control. However, that sprint finish was so cool, where I felt even stronger than during the MOC knock-out. But of course it was a huge disappointment to disqualify the team. The next day it was sprint qualification and final. The quail was solid and I should have won it if not the punching unit at the last control was gone when I arrived and lost 5 seconds. In the final I did a good technical job except from some small route choices and was strong in the end which meant I ended up 3rd and on the podium! Awesome! The success continued by repeating that on the middle distance one day later. That course fit me well. Short course and not so many controls. So cool to be up there once again and showing I’ve improved this year! I went out as number 3 in the chasing start and did my best, but the power was gone after many races in a few days… Great success over all but a disappointing end.

June 17’

Some days of recovery and then Sprint-SM to get one more chance to compete at sprint before world championships. The final course (signed Regborn) was very tricky and even though I had no good feeling I kept on pushing and focusing on the next route. It turned out everyone had problems so I ended up 3rd, about 15 seconds behind Tove and this was my first Swedish Championship medal in sprint. Then I was selected for all individual disciplines at WOC but chose to run sprint and middle and aiming for both relays. We went to the precamp, but during this period I pushed a bit too hard as I was very tired after the WOC test race/World Cup/Sprint-SM competitions. I finished the precamp by running Venla relay which was a personal disappointment as I did too many small mistakes due to not being focused. Two weeks left until the World Championships and tapering period. Always a mental challenge, especially when the precamp went quite bad due to a tired mind and body. Went to Estonia and as always great to get to the WOC, and my final session of 3-2-1 of high speed went well.

July 17’

Sprint qualification and final. Was surprised by how steep the hills actually were during quali, but ran through it without any big mistakes and ended 2nd in my heat. Before the final I felt relaxed, but actually I was a bit stressed focusing too much on the physical feeling. I had no clear tactics for my race. I had some parts which were very good and after 2/3 I was in the fight for the medals (among many others as it was tight). But I lost it all in the end and dropped to 12th. Very disappointed as I also thought that the spot for the relay team was gone. However, I got the chance and as last year I was able to turn a bad feeling into something good. I was scared of the hills in the sprint relay area, but had a clear plan for my race and I felt confident by running the first leg. I controlled it well in the start, but lost some time by choosing the wrong route to a forking. Though, this did not make me stressed and I stuck to my plan which was pushing hard after the arena passage. But I was disappointed when I saw the second loop looked very similar to the first loop and I thought that it was going to be hard catching the teams in front. But, I almost made it and changed over as number 5, only 7 seconds behind. I felt the race was stable, but was a bit disappointed I had been too passive. However, the others stuck to their plan as well and when all other teams did mistakes we were suddenly in a big lead and could cruise towards the gold. WORLD CHAMPION. A dream coming true. The middle distance went bad with some mistakes and therefore I was not selected to the relay. The WOC week ended with a great party with the greatest outfit. An amazing week in so many ways. After WOC I went to Gotland for one week, mostly sunbathing as I had two days with a sore throat. After that I had some pain in my knee again and my tapering plan to World Games changed into some bike  sessions.  I went to Poland with the small Swedish team and that week was one of the best ever. So much fun racing and that I was able to win the bronze medal in the sprint was an amazing feeling and a great revenge from the World Championship sprint some weeks earlier. On the middle I did one huge mistake, but otherwise it showed my speed and navigation was good enough. Something to keep on working on. The competing ended with the sprint relay where I once again could change over in the lead with 5 seconds, after a solid first leg. Then a lot of dancing which is the best way to end an incredible week and my best orienteering month so far!

August 17’

After being high on life during July it was the opposite in August. Well, the beginning was great. Starting up some basic training again and going to Eva and Raffaels wedding in Mora, which was very nice. Unfortunately, three days later, I got sick. And it did not let go until 4 weeks later. I had problems with my throat, my sinuses, my ears and my eyes. I had to cancel the world cup races in Latvia and the following training camp there… Not as high on life…

September 17’

Started to get better, but had to cancel the WOC 2019 training camp as well. Started to train with 3 weeks to go to the world cup final. Well, let’s try. 5 weeks after becoming ill I ran my first high intensity session. It felt terrible. One week later it felt a little bit better, but the summer’s shape was totally gone. I chose to not run the Swedish Long distance championships, and ran two small competitions at home, trying to find some orienteering speed. The next weekend I participated in the national Middle championships, and after a technical stable race I was 14th… The best I could perform, but not what I aimed for. I was thinking of skipping the World Cup final, but was eager to get an opportunity to finish the international season of 2017 and also eager to go to the EOC training camp the week after. My goal was to do stable technical races and not focus on the physical shape. I did not make it during the long distance, and quit the race feeling totally exhausted. The day after I performed as good as I could in the middle, and ended up 21th, + 5min. Happy to change the negative approach from the day before. As my shape was bad I ran the last leg in our 4th team (together with New Zealand) at the sprint relay the day after. After finish our coaches offered salami pizza which tasted so good. Direclty after we went up a mountain and my legs were killed. However, it was great to be back in the team, even though my shape was everything but good.

October 17’

We went directly from Grindelwald to Tessin and trained for next year’s European Championships. It was steep, but the training sessions were well planned by Thierry, as we ran quite a lot of downhill. It started to feel a bit better in my legs and I felt I was able to push a bit again. The terrain, however, is special and I need some specific training during this coming winter’s training. From Tessin, directly to 25-manna. I ran the 2nd leg and did an okay race, but with one mistake, otherwise it would have been almost perfect. It was just great to run in the flat Stockholm terrain after those hills in Switzerland. The day after I ran the middle and performed well. The rest of October was more or less about finishing my bachelor thesis in my Sport Coaching studies. At the moment I am waiting for it to pass and then I am a Sport Coach. High five! As I had quite a training break in August I felt I did not need it once again, so the last weeks of October I trained, but without any specific plan. The last days I felt eager to start up the training load and hit the road towards 2018! Let’s go!