Time to get back up in the saddle

25 09 2017

It took 4 weeks to get rid of the illness. Looking back it sounds kind of insane that I was concerning going to Latvia. But, at that time before potential departure, I’ve had 3 days with a feeling that it gets continously better and better. Though, I somewhat realized that it wasn’t possible as I still hade quite big problems with my ears. I turned in my cancellation, and some days later it got worse again. And then better, and then worse… It continued for 2,5 more weeks until it finally starting to let go. During these four weeks I was able to take a couple of very very very easy jogs for my well-being, but mostly all physical activity was about some short walkings in the evening to get some fresh air and some very easy movements for my legs.

At the 6th of September I was able to start jogging again. One week later I dared to go for the first hard intensity session, 6×3 minutes. The speed was over 20s/km slower than it use to be during a normal basic training session and the recovery was very bad. I had some weeks earlier decided not to participate in the Swedish Long Champinships. Instead I ran two minor competitions at home ground with a victory time of 50 minutes each with the aim to get some proper technical training and to get the body going in the forest again. It felt okay and much better than during the interval session, but still way below a proper shape. I managed one more short interval session (3×3+3×2+3x1min) the following week and the speed on the 3mins was some seconds better than one week before.

I went to the Swedish Championships in middle and relay. For the middle I had accepted my physical shape and tried to perform proper runs technically. I managed this quite well throughout both qualification and final. One 30s mistake on one control in the final and some small hesitations on my way to some controls. The final result was 14th, 5:46 min behind Tove. A huge distance, but at that moment I was not able to perform so much better.

The day after it was time for relay. We won last year, but almost all of #gmokbabes have had quite much troubles since summer with illness or finding the shape. Anyhow, we went out there fighting and knew anything can happen. It is all about perform as perfect technical orienteering as possible. Viktoria and Anna started well and handed over to me at 6th position, a bit over 3 minutes behind. I started out stable, but felt quite early that it was going to be really tough physically today. Until arena passage I kept good focus on the orienteering, but the longer the course went and as more tired I got I had more and more trouble to keep it together. I started to do some smaller mistakes. My mind wasn’t able to cooperate anymore as almost no energy was left. It is interesting with the mind-game during this kind of challenges. My body screams ”STOP”, and for one second my mind says the same. ”Give up, there is nothing to do today. You can’t win or reach what you want. GIVE UP”. The next second it tells me to keep on fighting. ”You should always do your best. Come on! Don’t dare to walk. RUN. Do it for your team mates at least. It is never okay to give up!”. I tried to do as the last little voice told me to. Though, I got passed by Alfta and Järla who had ran double as fast as I did. Later on I also got passed by Orion when I did a mistake on the 3rd last control. On my way towards the 2nd last I got caught by IFK2 and Tullinge. Thanks to the important prestige between the Gothenburg-clubs I found some power to be tactical and to speed up after the last control and keep them behind me. IFK1 was way ahead this year (congratulations!), but there was no chance they should have 2 teams ahead – but I had to dig deep, very, very deep… Thanks to the organizers – the height of the fence behind finish was perfect – I hung there for a while… We finished at 8th position, 15 minutes behind (which is what I lost on the last leg).

Afterwards I was disappointed I couldn’t keep the technical part together. I knew I couldn’t do anything about my physical shape, but start doing mistakes was not okay. Though, the best result within reach with yesterdays shape was a 7th position, so for the final result the mistakes didn’t matter so much, but I guess it mattered more for me as an individual.

Well, at least I got some hard workouts during this weekend (which been the plan since I got healthy again) and with a lot of recoveries during the following days the shape at the World Cup final should be a bit better. I have not been able to prepare for those hills waiting, but it is how it is. I am looking forward to get a proper ending of the international season with some cool competitions where I hope I can perform as well as possible. Time to get back up in the saddle for the last important competitions of 2017!


Photo: Calle Thorell

For the ones interersting in GMOK-statistics: the 8th place the ”badest” result for GMOK1 in D21 during the last 9 years of SM-relays. We finished 8th also in 2010, but with a different team with different capacity. This is the results from 2009-2017: 4-8-7-4-2-6-4-1-8. During these years 8 different gmok-babes have participated. I have ran the last leg all years, but two where I ran the 2nd (2013, 2015), some last legs was really god runs (2009, 2010, 2011, 2016) and some not (2012, 2014, 2017).




23 08 2017

Unfortunately I’m still caught by the cold. Everything got a bit worse again some days ago and I still suffer from swollen bronchis. There is nothing to do, but to leave my spot in the team to someone else.

lång 2.jpg

I was looking forward to the races in Latvia. Partly because I had a good chance of a good position in the World Cup overall (7th at the moment). But, mostly because Latvia is the place for next years World Championships. I am already a bit eager to start up the preparations for that, and those races (and the following training camp) would have been perfect. Though, the fact is now that I won’t take part and as the optimist I try to be, I think that even if I’m sad I can’t go, it will do me good to load even more motivation by not taking part. After my injury during the whole 2015 I learnt that standing aside actually can be quite motivational and it will also help me develop some more grit.

So to sum up: sometimes plans must change. Now I must continue trying to recover. It’s my 15th day with illness and it will for sure take some more time…

And, when you can’t go through with something you’ve planned for a long time it feels like…

giphy (2).gif

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19 08 2017

As an elite athlete you do a lot to not become sick. Of course all training and high level competing stress the body, but the immune system most often manage to reject it.

Not this time.

The night between Tuesday and Wednesday 10 days ago I realized my throat was starting to be swollen and hurt.

”Oh no. Oh no. Stay strong. Recover. Recover”

i am strong


carrey host.gif

A cold was a fact.
(Wish is bad enough for an elite athlete…)

But. I am not often sick for so long. So best to put myself in bed, realizing the cold is true, handle it and recover quick. Though, it was worse than in a long time…

feel like shit.gif

4 days without leaving the house. Must try to get out on a walk…


Sore throat, stuffy nose, ringing ears, a cough from hell and at day 5 I woke up in the night and…

cant see.gif

… couldn’t open my eyes. Eye inflammation – check ✓. #highonlife #not

Day 6 I got my period including the monthly stomach & back pain.

skjut mig.gif

Add that I was in Switzerland and got the whole week spoiled by sickness.

bury me.gif

Day 7. Not so much better.



Day 8. ”Lina, how are you? Are you feeling better?”

fuck u.gif

Day 9. Okay. It’s getting better, but had to cancel the visit on Helenas & Gustavs wedding.

giphy (3).gif

Day 10. Getting some energy back, but still not healthy. But bored. So bored.

let me out.gif

Less than a week to next World Cup. It will be great! So great…

giphy (4).gif


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World Games – just awesome & first individual medal

31 07 2017

I am sitting on a train from Stockholm back home to Gothenburg with so many emotions and impressions. I don’t even know where to start.

I have finished my first World Games trip and it was completely awesome.

After WOC I got some time to make reflections about the races in Estonia. I realized some stuff I had done wrong and made a new plan which I of course was eager to try out at the World Games. Two days after coming home from WOC I went to Gotland, but got sick in 2 days and then I got some small pain in my knee. My plan of doing some fast orienteering sessions and also some intervals which were supposed to fix the shape, changed into some road biking, extra rest and some really sweaty indoor bike intervals.

“Det är som det är det” (“it is the way it is”), as we always say in the Swedish team. No worries. The knee felt fine again and I must just believe in my completed training and that I can do well even if everything not always goes as planned.

Before going to Poland, the whole Swedish WOC team gathered in Arvika for the O-ringen opening ceremony. Nice to get a small part of the O-ringen atmosphere and be able to sign some autographs for the kids (it still feels weird to be writing signatures on photos of myself). Then the team split up. Some went to their accommodation in Arvika for running O-ringen and Helena, Jerker, Gustav, Martin, Håkan and me got into the car, driving to Oslo and then the next day fly to Wroclaw in Poland where we met up with our amazing naprapath Martin Holth.


It was a bit strange to be so few in the team, when we normally are around 20 athletes. Though, I loved the feeling of being such a small and tight group as it soon felt as a family trip.

World Games was a special competition in some ways. One thing which made it special, was the fact that a low amount of athletes were allowed to run. All are then staying at the same hotel, eating together and also using the same organized transports. Kind of like a charter trip for seniors. 🙂 This meant much more possibilities to hang out with other teams which I really appreciated.

But, we were not just there to hang out, but to compete.

The first race was the sprint race in the old town in Wroclaw. There was a flat and fast course with some additional artificial fences which made it a little bit trickier. I started the race and got into it well without any hesitations (even if I actually picked the little bit longer route to 2nd control). On one longer leg on the first part I started to feel a bit tired in my legs, but continued to push even though thoughts came that it was too early to feel tired. I passed the arena and heard I was at a 6th position, but that it was a tight race, as I was only 7 seconds behind. My plan was to be able to push harder on the second half, but I continued to feel tired. Though, I stack to my plan to focus on the map. I made a small mistake in the end, but gave it all physically.

I finished the race and felt directly that I was happy about my performance. After that I heard that I was in the lead, which felt like a relief. “My performance was good and it will also lead to a much better result than at the WOC which was a disappointment” (12th place after many mistakes). I got passed by Elena Roos and knew that Maja Alm would take over the lead and get the victory when she finish. It then looked like Galina Vinogradova should take the bronze, but looses time in the end and suddenly Håkan shouts that I got the bronze. Oh. My. God. The race was still the same, still as good as when I finished, but the feelings turns greater realizing it will be a medal. I will get the chance to step up the podium, getting some nice metal around my neck, a material memory for life. Loved it. Just love it. That is for sure addictive.

Less than one hour later Jerker finished and took the victory. We celebrated the medals with the whole “family” by enjoying the food life of Wroclaw, by eating at a nice Indian restaurant and dessert at a really cool Ice roll-place. Visit Wroclaw ffs!


The next day it was time for middle distance. My race was good in many parts. Some small struggling right at the start, but I worked myself up to a medal position after almost half of the race. Then the 10th control came and I realized it will be tricky. I tried to understand the vegetation, but stopped when I saw a small track which was not on the map and somehow I thought I was too far. I turned, even if I should have continued some meters. I searched for it for 3 minutes. The race was lost, but I continued fighting and was able to perform well in the last part of the course, not losing too much time on the top runners. I ended up as number 11 (4:19 behind).

The race was of course totally destroyed by the big mistake, but the rest of it showed that the potential is high. And once again it was amazing to be able to celebrate another Swedish gold medal, this time through amazing Helena Jansson. This time we celebrated at a polish fish restaurant where we made the worst order ever… Poor waitress, but I guess we were too hungry and too tired to be able to act in a proper way. Or maybe we are just that freaky… 😛 “More or less”. At least, we almost got everything we wanted.

The World Games week turned into Thursday, the last competition day. The morning came early as the start for the sprint relay was at 9 am. I was once again selected to run the 1st leg. It is amazing how I have turned from being totally frightened of first legs to actually love it! My plan was set and the start went off and the whole pack went towards the zoo. Orienteering is a magic sport in so many ways. I mean, in how many sports are you able to visit a zoo while racing? :’D

The leg to the 1st control was tricky. I doubted myself to not measure that beforehand as it was expected to come. But, my plan was to trust myself and as I found it hard to see what the best was I thought that the difference was really small. I stayed with the group as all went on the left route. Half of us had the longer forking and must continue and we were some seconds behind towards the first split and as I wasn’t in the front position in this group I was 9 seconds behind. The forkings continued and often I saw Denmark and Finland in the other group a bit ahead of my group. I tried to gain some positions and try to push a bit harder after half of the course. At one spot my group took a little bit longer route as we missed a short cut. The course turned back towards the arena, out of the zoo. Denmark had a longer forking before the bridge which gave me a position closer to the lead. Some then did a small mistake at the control after the bridge. I saw my chance taking the lead and then I tried to start to push hard as there was not so many minutes left. Went through the arena passing and then out on the last part in the park. Chose route, everybody followed. I had a small gap, but made a 2-3 seconds mistake not seeing the control by the bush. 2 controls left and now it was about giving it all. I love when it is some straight running in the end, being able to get all out and run as fast as I can. I managed to get back those seconds lost and change over to Martin in the lead with 6 seconds down to Russia and 9 seconds down to Switzerland and Finland, 10 seconds down to Austria and 11 down to Denmark.

All favourite teams within 11 seconds. This will be a tight fight, I thought. At the same moment I was very satisfied with being able to once again win the first leg in a sprint relay. During cool down I went through the race again and realized I’ve actually seen some animals. The zebras ran amok while the whole pack entered the zoo on the first leg, so it just felt like a normal training with gmokbabes ;). Then I think I saw a giant tiger somewhere and this was confirmed by other runners afterwards. Not as common. Crazy.

The relay continued. Martin kept the lead and send out Jerker in a good position. We are spoiled with good runs from that guy, but this time he hadn’t the day, picking some longer routes and did one more minor mistake. He lost some positions down to 5th position, 33 seconds from the lead, but just 7 seconds to the bronze. Though, it was a tough challenge for Helena on the last leg as Swtizerland, Denmark and Russia performed well. On the last loop Helena managed to pass Great Britain and we became 4th. Not a fun result, but sprint relay is a tight race and this showed that all races must be close to clear to be up there fighting for the medals. I was impressed by many teams who did that and also reached their full potential. Sweden will give it a new try at the World Cup final in Switzerland in the end of the season.

Now the competitions were over and luckily we had one more day at the World Games before going home. After the race we went to eat some pancakes with ice cream and then an additional ice cream as dessert. A power nap later (which was needed as I slept very bad before the sprint relay), and then off to watch some lacrosse. Canada against Australia. It was a cool game to watch as the girls were quite skilled. We met some other orienteering teams there and joined them afterwards for watching squash. Though, we weren’t let inside as it was sold-out, so it ended up with that lacrosse was the only other sport we had time to watch.

The evening went on with really good pizza and then the orienteers’ banquet at a local pub. Then it was dancing all night long, being high on life together with so many great people who I am lucky to spend time with when we are out on all those international events.

Thank you organizers in Poland for a great event, competitors for being friends and my Swedish team for being as a family. You are all awesome and if I don’t stop writing now I will be too emotional.


From Poland I took the flight to Stockholm and spent some days at Karro’s place. A wetvest long run with her and Helena at the outdoor pool in Eriksdalsbadet, and then some lunch and fika with some more friends. The day after we surprised Helena with her bachelorette/hen party. It became an incredible good day with bubbleball, bubblebath (playing with those big bubbles in the water), barbeque, singing and dancing and just hang out with a great gang.

Somewhere during this enormous long text (ooops, I did it again – well done if you’re still with me!), I have got back home to the apartment in Gothenburg. Now it’s back to reality. Back to training and back to school work. It is time to write at my bachelor thesis to try to finish my Sport Coaching studies. Yee…eee…ey…

Hm. Not as awesome.

WOC 2017 – colorful!

16 07 2017

It’s a little bit more than one week since WOC ended. WOC 2017 in Estonia which gave me a great success, but also lots of frustration.

I was selected to run sprint and middle and with aim for both relays.

The week started up with the sprint. Qualification on friday in heavy rain and on a quite hilly, but technical easy course. My run was okay. Two mistakes, but the body felt light so the result became good as I finished 2nd in my heat, 30 seconds behind Maja Alm. Job done.

Saturday and time for the final. Always nervous, but it is as it should be. Quarantine time and warm-up went through as normal. Some stress during the final 5 minutes due to that I had to change Emit-tags as mine didn’t work. Though I felt relaxed standing on the start line. Knowing what to do. Or did I? I ran away and followed my plan. Executed the first long leg good and it continued okay to control 5. Towards next I was searching for the best route for a long time, but became stressed I couldn’t find a route to the right and just took something left, which became the one which was a bit longer. Lost time, but had a strong part after arena passing gaining positions again. With 4-5 minutes left I was at position 5 in the very tight field. Though, I did a big mistake to the next control, going right one street too early and I loose a lot of time. I got tired and continued doing bad the last legs towards finish, dropping down in the results and end up as 12th, +1:20 behind amazing Maja Alm.

A sprint is interesting. It is so much preparations and build-up before the race. During the race the intensity is extremely high both physically and mentally. After passing that line which says the race is over, there is suddenly place to let go of the focusing and instead just leave your body out for feelings. This time there was a huge emptiness that caught me. So much work and this was it. 12th and, what it felt like, miles away from the podium, which was the goal, and the realistic position for me. 12th, just as in Finland 4 years ago… Emptiness brought frustration, disappointment and sadness. Yes, I know that I can do so much better, but what does it mean when it never shows during WOC? Yes, it is easy to put a stamp on the race as it is – somewhat – your whole life. Thoughts like I am DONE, I never have and never will succeed in ANYTHING – just due to 15 minutes of what should have been your dream come true, but instead was another failure.

This is what is going through the head the minutes after finishing a race that was a disappointment. Of course I have tools to handle it. I know that it isn’t EVERYTHING in the longer perspective, but in that moment it is and it must be. It is a part of the game, the game that I love. I must open the tap and let it fluid to have a chance to process it in time for the next challenge.

The next challenge. The odds to run a relay for the Swedish team after a bad race is not good odds. Though, I had the ”luck” on my side, and got selected for the sprint relay the following day. I have done many good performaces on first legs on sprint relays the last year, which gave me the spot together with Jerker, Jonas & Helena.

Sunday, relay day. I have got some experience and I am grateful that I’ve done the job. Though, I had some respect for the steep hills that we should meet on the course. I didn’t want to push too hard from the beginning, with the risk to loose it in the end. My job on the first leg is not to win the relay for the team.

Running  world championships is something awesome and I decided to enjoy it. It is so freakin’ cool to stand on the start line for a relay.

We started and went of in a, as always, high speed. I got a good position up the first hill, but Great Britains Cat Taylor already got a gap in front. No stress, just focusing on where to find my control and the next one. Suddenly I was first to the 2nd as some did mistakes. Got the opportunity to choose route to the next one and also set the speed in the hills. Searched a cutted track in the high grass towards the 3rd control, and lost some positions. No worries, perfect to be the chaser on the long leg into town. Girls pushing really hard during this section of the course and I didn’t manage to close the gap, also due to some seconds longer forking. Did some intense map reading  towards the 7th control and lost some seconds compared to just following. I didn’t want to miss any route choice, but I was a bit too defensive. I am now 10 seconds behind. I am then not taking the best route to the forked control before arena passing and looses more time. Now it is 22 seconds which starts to be a lot. I am not aware that it is that much and still feels strong physically. I am ready for a really tricky and tough last loop. I turn the map and realize that the seconds loop is more or less the same as the first 3 controls at the first loop. I realize that people wont do any mistakes and I need to start pushing really hard to close the gap. I succeed quite well as I am only 7 seconds behind at finish as number 4.

And the rest is history… 🙂 The whole team stuck to our plan and do our own orienteering through-out the relay and suddenly we got the gap. The gap came on the 3rd leg where a lot of teams did mistakes and due to that Jerker had the way longer forking on the 2nd leg. But it was a big surprise that the gap became that big. 40 seconds down to Czech Republic and an additional minute down to Switzerland, Denmark, Russia and Great Britain. Helena runs solo the whole last leg and the victory is never in danger. We get the possibility to cross the finish line together, the whole team as WORLD CHAMPIONS. Swedens first ever gold in sprint relay.

As it was a lot of emptiness and frustration after the finish line the day before, it was energy, relief, joy and happiness this time. About my own performance I am happy that I once again can deliver a stable first leg, and change-over not in the lead this time, but very close to it. I have realized that the team ”must” be in the leading group after the first leg for having a big chance to be in the chance of winning, so I am happy that I can deliver that.

After the sprint relay I had 3 days of rest from competing as I wasn’t running the long distance. First I could enjoy the gold medal and color the ends of my hair in pink. Helena went all the way, while the boys banged. I also took a jog from our house in the forest, full of self confidence about my sence of directions. You know, I had jogged on those tracks the day before… At the moment when I start the jog, the great idea of going the opposite directions came up. Splendid – go for it! I went out, with the aim of going 20 minutes. I am high on life. But suddenly I have no idea where I am. Shit. Doesn’t my watch have a ”find your way back-function”? Yes, but without a map, just with a compass. Okay, in what directions is Tartu? And where do we even stay? There is just a forest somewhere south of Tartu. At the same moment I am clumsy and happen to delete the current jog in my watch and the chance to see the direction back to the start is lost. Well, I am still quite high on life actually. At saturday, after the sprint final, everything was a problem. Now, with a gold medal in mind, nothing is. I’ll find the way. Yes, I did, but it took some time and some extra kilometers… It goes fast from floating up the clouds to be brought back to earth. A gold medal yes, but life continues.

Middle distance time. Middle distance is a tricky one for me. I nailed it at the World Cup in Finland, for the first race in a long time. That gave me the WOC middle ticket, but I’m afraid I didn’t use it on the right train. It’s like my first Jukola trip 11 years ago. Instead of taking the fast x2000 train from Gothenburg to Stockholm where the ferry goes, we took the bus which went via Trollhättan and other small towns in Västergötland and the trip took 8 hours instead of 3. At least my middle race felt like taking the wrong and long way instead of just going for it. Why make things complicated? How hard can it be? Okay, the terrain was tricky. I have done too few comparable trainings, to be honest. I must do a proper technical job in the future to be able to handle this kind of course. Hat off for Tove who showed how to do it. I ended up as 13th. Not that far from top 6 actually and ”only” 2 minutes from medal. But, you shouldn’t be there with a bad race, so I can’t expect more. The good thing is that instead of all the empty feelings as after the sprint, I was filled with motivation of doing the work to next year. It aint over til it’s over.

Due to my bad performance I wasn’t selected for the forest relay team. Of course tough to handle, but Emma had shown a higher level than me, so there was nothing wrong with that and I could feel happy about their gold. They had earned it, but once again the motivation grew even bigger to do the work to become a part of that hopefully already next year.

The WOC week ended as always with the banquet. Before heading in to Tartu to the official party we had some time with the team at our house, which was great. Time to eat Libanesian barbeque and preparing outfits. Karro & Lilian (and a little bit of me) did an awesome job with the outfits this year. We went for hair up and colors, inspired by the ”penntrolls” and color run. It is an incredible feeling, looking like a freak, but just the same as 18 other freaks, and enter a dance floor, and then just keep going for several hours. Taking a break is not existing when putting a bunch of world class trained endurance athletes on the dance floor. I guess the DJ realized it after a while…

To sum up my performances I am not happy with my individual races. Too many mistakes and not reaching my potential which was my goal. I have stuff to figure out. My race at the sprint relay was good, and as it should be on a relay. The race itself doesn’t feel like a world champion race, but in relay there are other rules, so of course I am happy about it and more than happy about the final result.

Thank you all for a memorial week. As always it goes to history. This time I became world champion in sprint relay. That, and spending time with the team and hanging on WOC races is for sure addictive, so let’s go for doing it again next year! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Special thanks to
– Holth, Håkan, Kalle, Henrik & Björn for serving me with all I needed to perform.
– Emma for being my roomie (2nd year in a row) and always being so calm
– Lilian for giving so many hugs and big smiles from the tough position as a reserve
– Helena for being an awesome team mate, you should never stop
– Tove for being so down to earth and showing the way what is possible, and of course giving our team the 4th spot once again
– Karro for being the most humble person I know and for being one of my best friends, even if we always have to be competitors, fighting for the one spot we both want. We will win a relay together in the future!
– Jonas & Jerker which I always will share a gold medal with
– the rest of the boys in the team, Gustav, Emil, Albin, William, Martin, Johan for being everything from nice friends to professionals
– my sponsors Icebug, 2XU and Maurten for letting me use the best products on my way to this and future success






GMOK söker klubbtränare / GMOK looks for a coach!

24 06 2017

Jag har sprungit för GMOK under hela mitt liv och har ett stort hjärta för klubben. Det är också hjärtat som ligger till grunden för hela klubbens och framförallt elitkommitténs arbete. På hel ideell basis har man klarat att jobba ihop ett damlag som 3 av de senaste 4 åren varit topp 3 på 10-mila. Under samma tidsperiod har dam- och herrlaget tillsammans tagit 2 SM-guld och 3 SM-silver i stafett.

Under det senaste halvåret har några herrlöpare valt nya färger för nya utmaningar, men kvar finns ett stort gäng hungriga grabbar som är beredda att ta nästa steg mot kommande stafetter. Damlaget är intakt och jagar den åtråvärda förstaplatsen på 10-mila & Venla under kommande år. Det finns också löpare som jagar en utveckling individuellt med internationella mål.

Under våren har klubben gjort ett omfattande organisationsarbete inom elitgruppen och identifierat de olika roller som behövs för att ta nästa steg på både dam- och herrsidan. Där identifierades ett behov av en tränare. Sagt och gjort, vi är beredda att satsa! Nu ligger en annons ute där du kan ansöka om att vara med på tåget och jobba som klubbtränare för GMOK!

Mer information om hur du ansöker här.

I’ve been running for GMOK my whole life and I have a big heart for this club. The strong feelings is the fundament for the big work which is put into the elite group in GMOK. Through complete non-profit efforts GMOK created a women team who during the last 3 of 4 years made it into top 3 at 10-mila. During the same time period the women and the men team won 2 gold medals and 3 silver medals at the Swedish relay championships.

During the last 6 months some male runners chose to leave the club because of new life circumstances, but there are still a big group who are hungry for new challenges and ready to take the next step.  The women team is intact and is chasing a victory in future 10-mila and Venla relays. There are also runners who want to develop individually with international competitions in sight.

During the spring the club has made an extensive work by identifying different roles and work which are needed to take this next step. The need of a coach/trainer was identified. We are not afraid to venture, so now there is a possibility to apply for a job as a coach for GMOK.

Read more about the job and how to apply here.

Photos: Personalsportfolio / Robbie Anderson / Anna Wallin

Sprint-SM 3:a och VM-uttagning

9 06 2017

Efter världscuprundan i Finland var det bara några dagar hemma innan det var dags att packa väskan för årets första SM-tävlingar för min del. Efter världscupen tog jag en vilodag och sedan 3 dagars lugn mängdträning. Fokus återhämtning, men också att komma igång med lite mer tid igen för ett litet mindre mängdblock inför VM.

Vi kom upp till Ånnaboda, i Kilsbergen utanför Örebro på torsdagkvällen. Kollade avlysningsområdena för höstens skogs-SM och tog en joggingtur åt andra hållet. 30 minuter uppmjukning vilket var nödvändigt efter förmiddagens styrkepass och 3 timmar bilkörning.

På fredagen var det kval. Endast en handfull personer skulle slås ut så det var, relativt sätt, en enkel väg till final om man bara stämplar rätt. Jag vill dock ta varje chans jag får med bra tävlingsbanor för att träna skarp sprint inför VM så därför sprang jag som om det vore ett VM-kval och inte ett SM-kval. Vann mitt heat med 23 sekunder och kanske var lite väl het. 🙂 Banan var dock lätt och jag kunde undvika misstag sånär som på ett vägval, så det var ett bra genomförande. Resultat.

Efter loppet åkte vi in till Örebro Centrum och åt en glass vid slottet. Fantastisk fin stadskärna i Örebro som givetvis gjorde sig extra fin i det strålande vädret. På kvällen blev det sedan en magiskt fin löprunda på knappa timmen i Kilsbergen igen. Storskog, stigar täckt av barr, kvällssol som släpps genom granarna och vindstilla sjöar. Läckert!

Det blev en tur till på dessa stigar på lördag morgon, men då låg regnet i luften. Det hann dock avta till eftermiddagens final. Såg på definitionen vid start att det nog skulle kunna bli vida vägval, men var inte riktigt förberedd på det som komma skulle. Det var lite av en labyrintkänsla om än inte i Imatra-klass (världscup i finska Imatra 2014, där de hade förvandlat staden till mer eller mindre en labyrint av staket). Jag gjorde ett par felbedömningar i vägvalen längs banan, men inga stora grejer och även om jag de gångerna inte valde det bästa så valde jag inte det sämsta heller. Tog väldigt god tid på mig i några vägvalsbedömningar, så jag är nöjd över att jag inte blev så stressad. Kom in i det allteftersom, men hade lite negativ känsla mentalt då det känts som om jag sprungit så himla långa vägval många gånger och ”säkert tappat tid”. Krigade dock på, och blev förvånad när jag såg 1 minut före startande Helena Jansson framför mig på en väg. Det där var inte en minut, snarare 20 sekunder. ”Oj, hon har haft det värre än jag”, var tanken och givetvis kändes det som om chanserna växte. Jag hade ju också gjort en hel del bra där ute, så jag visste att chansen säkert fanns. Kanske att det blev lite väl mycket tankar här då jag slarvade med att läsa in slutet av banan vilket gjorde att jag tappade någon sekund här och där i att jag inte var förberedd samt att jag valde det, visserligen, kortare vägvalet till sista kontrollen, men det långsammare. Här tappade jag sekunder mot silvret som istället blev ett brons. 13 sekunder från guld, 1 sek från silver, men 12 sek bak till 4:eplatsen, så det var stabilt. Jag är nöjd med min första sprint-SM-medalj och kan också bjuda Karro på att slå mig med 1 sek eftersom jag lyckades passera henne på världscupen med 2 sek. Nu fick vi båda stå på pallen så det var gött! Resultat.

Dagen efter var det sprintstafett och första gången jag sprang det i SM-sammanhang. Det var också första gången jag sprang sistasträckan, vilket var skoj! Moa inledde finfint på sträcka 1. Jonas tog vid och höll bra halva banan, men tog några för långa vägval och tappade lite. Robbie sprang sedan tekniskt bra och jag gick ut som 18:e, dock lite för långt efter (+3:18). Jag sprang väldigt bra mestadels, men blev lite för trött efter varvningen och slarvade på sträckan till K13 där jag krånglar till vägvalet, men inte genomför det och springer runt ett helt hus för mycket och tappar drygt 30 sek. Där ryker också chansen på 10:eplatsen som var mitt mål. Är 40 sek efter Tove på sträckan, så fram till missen hade jag sprungit bra. Synd på den avslutningen. Jag var faktiskt riktigt förbannad på mig själv. 🙂 Nyttig lärdom, dock, så det är bara att kriga vidare! Resultat.

Efter SM-helgen blev det sedan officiellt att jag är uttagen i den svenska VM-truppen till mästerskapet i Estland 30.6-7.7. Ska bli fantastiskt skoj!


Foto: Lars Rönnols

Efter sprint-SM har jag fortsatt träna på vilket kommer hålla i sig 1,5 vecka till ungefär. Har genomfört ett tröskelpass runt grus8-an och ett fint löpteknik och banintervallpass med Lilian, Josse och Sara. 2x600m+2x500m+2x300m+2x200m genomfördes i hög fart trots lite trötta ben. Gött. Nu väntar några dagar i Estland för de sista förberedelserna och därefter Venlastafetten i Joensuu, Finland, innan det blir lugn laddning hemmavid inför VM som drar igång i månadsskiftet juni/juli.