The WOC story pt. 5 – Summary & gratitude

11 10 2019

This week was of course a big achievement for me with my first individual medal and a relay gold, where I performed a super run. (Approximately half a minute better than anyone else one on first/second leg, but with reservation for the different forkings of course…)  I can still feel some disappointment about the middle distance, as it was far from what I know I can do. But these seven seconds would have been the difference from success to absurd success, so it’s still something I can deal with. 🙂

My two coaches
There are two persons I want to mention as these two play a big part of my achievements this WOC.

First, Thierry. It’s indescribable how you have supported me during the road to WOC. You know every part of international elite orienteering and all the challenges one face when choosing the way to become a world champion.. I have learnt a lot from you and what is needed to take the next step. How you have challenged me during my specific preparations is what made the big difference to why I succeeded this year. You know what to tell me the day before a race, the morning before a race and the last minutes before a race. It’s your voice that I hear in my head during a race, telling me what to do, even if it is about keeping the grip or just to push harder than ever before. Merci beaucoup.

Second, Ola. My coach who sets my daily training schedule. The one I have been in contact with almost every day the past year. Also you have challenged me during the winter, just what I needed to build a more stable shape. The work we did during the winter, was what I could rely on and surf on for the entire season. The schedule also saved me in periods where I doubted my shape before important test races. I always feel you care and that you always do everything to create the best possible schedule. I also appreciate that you give me Kudos on Strava for each part of my training. 😉 I have full trust in you and I am looking forward to the coming winter. Tusen tack!

Thanks for all support
I am also thankful to all the physios who have helped me during the past year and the other coaches in the national team (from you who have put several controls, to Henrik as the master chef in the kitchen!). I am also happy to represent Göteborg-Majorna OK and I’ve got a huge cheering support from you. It was cool to see how many of you who travelled to Norway or followed by TV! What also makes a difference is the support from the closest friends and family, both the emotional, economic and materalistic support.


Gratitude to my few – but valuable sponsors

IcebugShoe perfection. Other brands stole the slogan about the best grip – but your shoes are the ones with the truly best grip! And they are comfortable for my sensitive heels. Nothing more to say.
MaurtenEnergy perfection. Without your 320-drinks I wouldn’t have survived this training load up to WOC. And you are the coolest company ever. I want to work at Maurten just to hang out with you!
Restaurang FeliciaFood perfection. I am so thankful for the opportunity I got with complete lunches and food boxes from you. You really saved my spring, when the energy levels were low, but thanks to this cooperation I managed to keep up the good work.

Thank you all for this year. Due to my foot injury (stress oedema in my left fore foot), I had to cancel the two last World Cup rounds. I felt it was sad as I was looking forward to sprint again and to see how far I could have reached in a specific sprint race but also in the World Cup total. Well, that’s for next year. Now I have a smaller season break and then I will start up the work for next year. So long!





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