Icebug – the climate positive footwear brand

14 05 2019

[In cooperation with Icebug]

I have been using Icebug shoes for ten years and been following the development of their shoes and especially the ones made especially for orienteering, the OLxSpirit. The first years there were some ups and downs, but the last five years those Icebug shoes have been the best ones on the market when it comes to grip and durability, one pair have most often lasted for a whole season without loosing any of the spikes!

This spring Icebug released some news – they have become the first climate positive outdoor footwear brand in the world. Climative positivism means to first measure all emissions, then reduce them as much as possible, and then capture at least 110% of the existing emissions (by investing in projects that absorbs the CO2 and projects that are certified by the UN).

As long as I will do orienteering (which probably will be the rest of my life) I need orienteering shoes, and from time to time I must get new ones. Therefore it feels good to use Icebugs, which are produced from a company who I know take responsibility for the production and make is as sustainable as possible.

At the moment I use OLxSpirits when I compete in forest. Acceleritas when I compete in park sprint races. Oribi and DTS when running on tracks in the forest or up a mountain (with spikes if it is slippery). I walk everyday in the Eli sneaker, which is so comfortable and breathable. Perfect during summer!

So, if you are thinking of buying new shoes, either it is for running in forest or walking in the city – check out what Icebug offer in their web shop! –> [Click]





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