The WOC story pt. 1 – The road to WOC

6 10 2019

Almost 2 months since the World Championships in Norway. I have been thinking of this blog post for a while, but I didn’t really know where to start. It is emotional in many ways, both when it comes to the races and the way up to the championships. However, this is a week I want to remember forever, why I now try to put some words down, to save the memories… It ended up in lots of text, why I divide it into different posts. So here comes the WOC story pt. 1 – about the road up to WOC!

One year to go
The 2nd of September 2018 I ran the first leg at the World Cup relay in Norway. First time in a team together with Karro and Tove. We were in the lead from start to finish – we won clearly! We decided that this should be repeated one more time; at the World Championships relay a little less than one year away. From that day on, the WOC relay of 2019 had been in my mind almost every day.

The winter, 8-4 months to go
From mid November up to end of March, I followed a precise training schedule with one mission: develop my physical capacity to be in the game for the individual medals at WOC and the gold for the relay. I was so determined and did the hard work. Some days it was a tough fight to head the treadmill for 3 times 10 minutes of uphill intervals, after been running 30 minutes of threshold in the morning. Or challenge myself with a 25k long run with 8k of threshold after 60mins. A lot of these sessions were new to me, but I felt how I developed, why it still was quite easy to go through with the tough schedule. I also went on several training camps where the kilometers and time was easy to collect. The South Africa camp was like a dream, and the orienteering camps in Alicante and Portugal with the national team gave me important feedback on my shape. It was better than ever before, especially physically and mentally. Those two orienteering camps with the national team also gave me the opportunity to work hard with the technique as I barely didn’t run any orienteering when at home. It takes hard work to be as sharp as needed. Both Ola and Thierry, my two coaches, played an important role during this period.

The spring, 4-2 months to go
The determination in training started to be a bit lost and the sessions went heavier. I was tired I had pushed the limits during a long period, and this time I stepped over the line. I went home from a training camp and skipped competitions and rested instead. Some weeks later I started up again, and was quick back into the flow. I won my first Swedish League middle and did one really good middle run during a training camp in Norway. However, one more time I stepped over the line, this time more mentally than physically. I was not in the game for the first World Cup round in Finland. I ”lost everything” during the middle, which meant I had to start way back in the chase the day after, and even if that run was better, it was far from where I wanted to be. Then I got sick for a week, and went home questioning everything. This was three weeks from the WOC test races. Tove and Karro were pre-selected for all races, so there was only 1 spot left for the middle, 1 for the relay, and 2 for the long. Most probably these will be shared by only two girls. My goal for the season was to run all disciplines. Will I manage to take 3 of those 4 spots? Even though I felt a bit low in life, I decided that there is only one way to do this, and it is to get into the fight and take what I want. My dream of winning that relay with Tove and Karro is still alive, and I can decide if this will happen by doing my shit properly during the test races.

Test races 1,5 month to go
The long test race was for sure a super smash! I won it clearly, and the performance was solid. This was for sure a relief, and now it was just about one more race to finish my mission. This race was however a bit more defensive, but well enough, 2nd of the Swedes. Check – I did the job, the 3 spots were mine – I was selected to run all races at WOC. I had now done the pre job which was needed to be able to fulfill my dream: to run for a medal at both the long and the middle, and once again; the gold at the relay.

1 month to go
As always, the last month before a big goal is not an easy month as it more or less is about searching for signals if a shape is coming or not. However, My focus was most on the technical part and I trusted my set physical plan up to the championships. I performed very well at some middle distance- and relay training sessions during pre camps, and I felt comfortable about these challenges waiting. My physical shape ahead of the championships was nothing extra, but I trusted my basic shape, that it should be good enough even if a super compensation wouldn’t show.

Now, everything was done. Now it’s not about preparations anymore. Now it’s about the performance during each race. Bring it on!




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