Injured and a new job as a coach

26 10 2019

This summer I quite spontaneously applied for a job, which I got just before WOC. It was a half time job at the orienteering high school in Gothenburg. The reasons why I wanted to start to work are shared between the fact that I need money, and some practical issues about my studies. I am studying pedagogies (50%) and have one year left (to get a specific sport teachers’ license). Though, one big part of these remaining studies is practical work, which I am now able to do in combination with a real job.

So, I started at 2nd of September, and got into it really fast. I am working together with Fredrik Bakkman (which is an awesome colleague) and together we try to offer the students/runners the best possibilities to develop during their junior time. A cool challenge, and an exciting and multidimensional job! Read more about our school here [In Swedish:]

However, as many already know, I suddenly got injured right before the World Cup races in Switzerland in the end of September. I had spent a week up in Hälsingland running both SM-weekends. It was tough and crazy stony. I had 48 hours of rest after the last SM race and the evening before going to Switzerland I jogged 60 minutes on gravel road at home. However, I started to feel some pain in my foot during the last 15 minutes. However, it was not that bad as I could run back home without trouble. However, when going from the sofa after having dinner one hour later, I was limping. A little bit better the morning after, but I still felt pain when walking. I went to Switzerland this morning, as I had no time to visit a doctor before departure. I discussed with the physios, and did a test jog for 10 minutes at Thursday morning, but the pain increased during those minutes and it was an easy decision to skip the races as I clearly wasn’t able to run. I flew home, got an MRI and discussed with doctors and the result was an oedema in the 3rd metatarsal bone in my left forefoot. No stress fracture, but it could have happened if I had tried to run in Switzerland. So, at least it was good there was no fracture, but still the foot needed completely recovery for 4-6 weeks. This meant I had to cancel the World Cup final in China as well.

So, the last month have been about resting. As the season was over for me, I decided to take the season rest immediately as this also was the best for the foot. I have done some core strength and easy indoor biking (but only 3-4 hours a week). I have also not been able to walk that much, so I have been a bit restricted of what to do in normal life as well. So, it’s been a bit of a challenge, as I mentally wasn’t ready for a season rest. My mind was completely focused on changing into sprint mode and finish this season properly. Now, I didn’t get the chance. Luckily I have put this energy into work instead, which have kept me busy. But I had so much wanted to be in China competing at the moment, and it is always challenging to follow races you want to run from distance. But after those races, the season is over for everyone, and then it is all about 2020.

Now it was 4,5 weeks since I became injured and my foot is ready to handle a little bit more of alternative training. This means the off season is over and it is time to start to build up a higher training load including some intensity sessions. But I will wait a couple of more weeks before I start with some running.

I am looking forward to go into a new training season. This year it will be a new challenge to combine it with both work and studies. But, with a good plan, I hope this will work well, as my main goal is to continue develop and take one more step next year.

Memories from competing in China at PWT last year:

And, as everything isn’t as it looks in holiday pictures, Gustav Bergman have wrote and linked to important stuff about what you don’t see in all runners Instagram photos from China:




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