Update March-May

13 05 2019

Two months have passed since last time I wrote and as always a lot of training have been done, but also some competitions.

In the middle of March I went to Portugal with the national team for 9 days of training, but we started with two competitions, by taking part in at NAOM, two middle distance competitions in the Castelo de Vide area. The terrain was fast but technically difficult. I didn’t manage to avoid the small mistakes, but all in all it was two good races where I managed to push hard physically and it ended with two victories! A great start of the individual competition season, even though it still was some time to the more important spring races.

After the competitions we trained hard for a week, mostly three sessions per day, in the area of Aguiar da Beira. As I haven’t done so much (any) orienteering sessions at home ground during the winter, I like that the camps offer many opportunities to work on the basic technical routines. The third training of each day, the night masstart in the evening is always one of the best. Demanding technically, but always in a great atmosphere. However, the forest in this area was not just great to run through as the caterpillars had overtaken the bushes and trees. My skin didn’t like running into those three times a day, so I got a lot of itchy rashes which disturbed my sleep during the whole week. I still managed to keep the training load high during the week, but after the camp I felt that the recovery hadn’t been the best. I also had developed a bothersome neck- and shoulder pain after so many nights with itching and bad sleep…

I came home and it took some days until the rashes disappeared, but still I had many days with easy training planned. I started up training again and performed the sessions with good speed, but with a little more tiredness than usual and still with the shoulder problems… As I’ve been very consistent with my running during a long period I have learnt how the sessions “should” feel like, and therefore I also feel when it is not normal. Especially I felt that the recovery after each session was extended. I took some more days with easy training and tried to get going again. I then ran a 10k race. This was planned for a long time to get a confirmation of my physical development during the winter. I ran a PB with 24s (35:26), but I was a bit disappointed as I still felt that my body didn’t respond as it should, and my goal was to go below 35. The following week I had some semi-rest and I went to our national team camp in Norway. I ran a middle distance race which went okay, but one more confirmation that the body didn’t manage to work all out. I went home and realised I had to accept that I most probably have some overreaching, and that some days of rest here and there wasn’t enough. I decided to take a longer rest than those 3-4 easy days that I had tried several times during the past three weeks. I skipped the two first Swedish League races and stay at home resting or just jogging. However, it is the best motivation to not be able to take part in races you want to take part in, so all in all it was a good decision also for my mind. I managed to get rid of the worst neck/shoulder problems and I also felt that my legs started to feel better which I also confirmed during my first harder threshold session which I ran with a normal feeling. I had to accept that I had missed some weeks of training and racing and that I now must work my way back into it with some patience to not get back in the shit. I ran 10-mila which was the first hard orienteering session for 3 weeks, but it was a good start up. GMOK-babes team 1 didn’t have a successful 10-mila this year, but I had a great weekend with the club anyway (6 women team on the starting line!) but we must accept our first team weren’t performing good enough this year.  New chances will come.

To run the last leg at 10-mila was a good slap in the face to get back into orienteering competition mode. It never comes easily. Ahead were the Swedish League final and selection race for the World cup in Finland.

The weekend consisted of three races, a sprint, a middle and a long chasing start. The sprint was okay, fast legs, but I wasn’t sharp enough during two of the long legs. One, I did a bad choice, but the other I wasn’t good enough to understand where to run, and I also didn’t carry out my planned route well. So, I had some bigger time losses, but still some good stuff so I ended up 3rd, 47s behind Karro who performed an impressive race. The day after it was time for the middle distance. I ran very consistent and my legs responded well. I just did a 35s mistake on one control, and I won the race with 1.11 before Alva. Very satisfiying, and a good confirmation that the rest some weeks ago was needed and that the body and mind are back on track.

As I didn’t run any of the previous three Swedish League competitions I missed points from one race, so I went out as 7th in the chasing start the next day, 3.42 behind the lead. I did a bad start with many smaller mistakes, and lost time on the leading pack, but still managed to catch Alva after a good route on the first long leg. In the end I managed to nail the last controls and perform some top speed running towards the finish and take the 6th place. A tough race with some stomach problems, but happy to run a long distance again – it was some time since…

Now my plan is to get back into training routines and on Saturday it is time for a new national team training camp in Norway. Looking forward to get back there with a stronger body than last time, and do some hard work before it is time for the international competition season to start, with the World cup races in Finland 8-11th of June.




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