So far, so good.

7 03 2019

Winter is running in high speed as always and already it is March. I started up my basic training in the middle of November and a lot have happened since, or at least many training sessions have been completed. Over 200 actually. And around 2300 km of running. And sometimes it feels like I’m doing nothing… Holy shizzle.

The first month was just about getting back into routines with strength training, to find the right threshold paces and to build up a fair amount of hours.  I went to a short orienteering camp in Östfold together with my Swiss clubmates Lisa H and Jonas E, otherwise it was not much technical training.

Some weeks later it was time for this winter’s highlight – the altitude camp! In the middle of December I packed my big bag and traveled to Karro in Stockholm and the next day we met up Emil and took the flight to Johannesburg in South Africa where we rented a car and drove to Dullstroom. After 5 days Jerker arrived and then we spent our days running, eating, sleeping and socialising for 3 weeks. In other words, living my dream life! Until 2nd of January we were in Dullstroom at 2000 m.a.s.l and then we moved to Potchefstroom for the last week (1400 m.a.s.l). I catched a cold the day before departure so the first two days was spent in bed, snoring, coughing, eating and sleeping. However, it disappeared quite fast and at day 3 I could start to join the others for running. Finally! Then a very successful camp started. The first complete week I ran 195km and the next one 175km. It is for sure a high amount of running and it also included some high intensity sessions which all went fairly well. And the best was, for sure, that I didn’t have to do any session alone. I am happy about this trip and that training went on so well. I also got into a very good routine with strength training. It is so easy when the weather and the company is good… Not so easy to keep this routine back home, but I try.

When Jerker went home, Karro, Emil and I continued straight from South Africa to Alicante in Spain where the national team training camp started one day before our arrival. Then it was time to put on the map focus after more or less only ”brain dead” gravel road running for the past 3 weeks.  I felt I got into map reading quite fast, as long as it was a “normal” map. It took some more time to nail the night contour trainings or the 1,7mm narrow contour corridors… Or the corridors were always a bit troubling, but it’s good with some true challenges… We spent the first 3 days in the mountains outside Murcia, and then we moved down to the beach by Guardamar. Always two or three sessions a day, and mostly orienteering even if we were a small group who one morning headed back up to the mountains for a long run. “A very nice route”, coach said, but it turned out it was one part which was very steep and it would have been good to bring some climbing equipment… It took us half an hour to move a couple of 100 metres, but except from this, a very nice route. ;). The last days I was tired after almost 5 weeks on camp, but I managed to keep it together and kept the focus until the last day. I got some good feedback technically, but still there was some work to do to get back into competition speed orienteering… [Watch a nice movie from our camp made by Göran Winblad.]

I took the flight from Alicante to Stockholm and joined Karro to her place as we, the day after arrival to Sweden, went on the Swedish Sports Gala in Globen. We were invited due to the scholarship that the Swedish Federation of Sports offers us who combine elite sports with studies. I am thankful for receiving that for the 3rd year in a row! Quite a contrast to the camp life during the previous weeks…

Then it was time to go HOME. I hadn’t been home for five weeks and I hadn’t been in my apartment for five months. So it was nice to be back and to have some easy training days to recover from the past period. As always it doesn’t take long time until I miss everything that has been before, as it was awesome in many ways, but still it is important to just be at home, reload the batteries a bit and spend time with family and friends at home ground. I also took the opportunity to do some renovation in the apartment… Thank you dad and mum for all the help with this.

Since Alicante I have spent all weeks at home in Gothenburg and it’s been a lot about improving my physical shape. I have had a very nice consistency during this period and it has shown some progression. Some weeks it was very snowy and icy conditions which meant all my faster sessions were on the treadmill or at the indoor track to avoid achilles overload or other problems with my heel. To run indoor at the gym works for a while, but I was happy when the weather conditions became better and I was back at the gravel track “grus8an” in Skatås where I do most of my sessions, actually both the ones with high and low intensity…

The past weekend was spent in Skåne for a 10-mila camp with GMOK. We were a big group going and completed two easy sessions in terrains around Glimåkra, one masstart training (set by Pan with ~80 girls at the start) and on Sunday we ran a competition relay in the sand dune terrain south of Åhus. However there was one control which was put out with the wrong code which affected 1/3 of the teams on the first leg which meant the relay results is not really fair… Luckily my team wasn’t affected and I ran a stable last leg, but I realised it was some time ago I tried competition speed orienteering… However, it was fun to join the club again and that we put five GMOK-babes team on the starting line (zebras all over!) and many did impressive runs!

Tomorrow I am leaving for Portugal with the national team so it doesn’t take long until i do competition orienteering again. We will take part in NAOM and then we will stay 7 more days to work on those routines. Looking forward! And yepp, it is already March, but still 5 months to WOC, so even if a lot of work is done, it is much more coming ahead…

It’s so much about consistency and dedication. To keep it minute after minute, hour after hour and do it session by session, day by day. Count in one week after another and make sure there is a progression. Sometimes it flows, sometimes it is really tough, and most often it is somewhere inbetween. But no matter what, it is about getting it done. And getting it done in the best way you possibly can according to the plan and the daily conditions. To tense your barriers, but not go over the line. To create a weekday where everything is in line with your way to become a world champion, but still not to lose yourself in the controlled way of living. To be able to do everything towards the goal, but still live the journey towards it.





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