Later than ever – a review of 2018

12 02 2019

2018 has been a crazy year in many ways with a lot of hightlights, but also some deep downs. Let’s take a short summary with some training numbers and results, but then a longer summary of each months with some more details for the one who is capable of reading a lot of text…

TOTAL AMOUNT OF TRAINING: 605 hours (10 % more than 2016 and 2017).

  • Running: 64 % (29 % of the running was orienteering and mostly competing or sprint o-training)
  • Alternative training: 27 % (of this 53 % was biking, 26 % was crosstrainer and 19 % wetvest)
  • Strength training: 9 %
  • Rest days: 37 days (5 days of illness)


  • WOC sprint 5th
  • EOC relay and sprint relay 2nd
  • World cup forest relay Norway 1st (1st at 1st leg)
  • World cup middle Czech Republic 3rd
  • World cup sprint relay Czech republic 2nd (1st at 1st leg)
  • 2nd at Venla relay
  • 1st Swedish Championships middle and relay
  • 35:50 at 10k road race

November 17’
After an autumn with a lot of sickness I was starting to feel okay to be training more again. Usually the beginning of November consist of a quite low amount of training, but this time I felt I’ve had my rest so I was eager to start to build up. During this time we (elite runners in Göteborg) started up with a weekly threshold session in Skatås, where we measure lactate. Interesting! I trained a well the whole month even though I was a bit exhausted mentally since handing in my bachelor thesis in the end of October. However it felt good to get my bachelor exam in Sport Science/Sport coaching. I also tried curling for the first time during a club camp in Jönköping preparing for SM. Always fun to try out new sports. One weekend was also spent with orienteering youngsters. First in Halmstad together with Falkenbergs OK where I had a lecture and then also joined two trainings to do follow ups! The day after I organised GMOK’s O-training day for 13-16 year old runners. Always very meaningful days and I am happy to share some experiences.

December 17’
In the beginning of the month I ran a traditional GMOK-run, a long run from one place to another. It was 27k along a small and very muddy path. I was not used to this and it resulted in pain in my front foot. I did an ultra sound and you could see some fluid, why the doctor said it could be a pre stadium to a stress fracture. I became scared of course and sad as I had planned to go to South Africa on altitude camp some weeks later. Then I did a MRI but it didn’t show anything at the bone, and they said that it probably is just a small inflammation in a tendon. Much better! I went to South Africa (Dullstroom) with Karro, Emil, Albin and Rune, but as Albin had the same injury as me, we joined each other during alternative sessions, mostly biking. After 2 weeks in Dullstroom we went via safari in the Kruger park to Haenertsburg where the big 5 O was held, a 5-days orienteering competition. Here we met up with the Tisaren-gang and lived together with them. Luckily my foot had recovered so I was able to run all stages. It was a cool experience, especially the first stage where we ran in a park among giraffes, wildebeests and antelopes. So, when it comes to training it was a lot of alternative training this month, but I was happy to end up with running again during Big 5 O.

January 18’
The first days was spent in South Africa and new years was a special when it comes to wheather. The beginning of the day was hot and sunny and then, during a boat drive at the lake (together with our house rental owners) the sky opened and it was the worst storm I’ve ever been out in. Thunder and hail. Then the electricity went out, but luckily we had the barbeque so we could still make dinner. Another memory is an unintentional long run. Lilian, Karro and me was going to run to see a waterfall and then back. Most probably 14k in total. All the way to the waterfall it was downhill, and it was long… But, we really wanted to see the waterfall so no turning back (hey, it was downhill and life is good!) But, it’s always a way back. It was uphill and long. And it became dark. It was a rain forest in east south Africa and you can imagine what’s in the forest there. At least we imagined a lot… And heard a lot of noises. Well, finally we reached the car, 22k later… Another crazy training session was my wetvest runs in our small pool by our house. 60 minutes = 180 laps… Round and round I go… Some memories from RSA. I went home and started up my pedagogical studies. If I want to work as a sport coach at Swedish Sport schools I need a teachers ID which means 1,5 year full time studies to complement my Sport Science studies to become a teacher in “sports for athletes”. However it is just offered as half time studies, which means I have some  stuff to do some more years… Then I went to Alicante and our national team training camp. A lot of orienteering training and tricky sessions at the sand dunes set by Thierry. I went home with a lot of maps and a broken bone in my hand after a tough fight at the beach during one of the last BBA’s….

Feb 18’
So, my hand was in a plaster during the whole month, but no problem to run or do orienteering as it was my left hand and my thumb and forefinger were free. I went to a training camp with the club in Halland/Skåne, but as usual during these camps the snow arrives and I guess this was it (together with a lot of sand running in Spain) was enough for getting a sore achilles during the first day at MOC camp outside Barcelona. I did one session, and then I was put back on the bike. Just when the hand started to heal, I got a new injury… I booked a new ticket to get home before the camp officially ended and back to alternative training.

March 18’
In the beginning of March I travelled to OLGY Sandviken and had a lecture before spending some days in Stockholm with friends. I love to have lectures and to share experiences, so feel free to ask if your club/group may be interested in listening to me! When it comes to training I had a high training load, but almost no running. It was mostly indoor biking and wetvest running, but I was happy to have company during most of the sessions. In the end of the month I started up the running again as the strength exercises I did for my achilles seemed to help. I started with 5 minutes and then increased with 5 minutes every second day up to 30 minutes. At that day I travelled to Madrid in Spain with the national team for 1,5 week training camp. However, it was much alternative training for me there as well, but still I could to orienteering every second day (in the end up to an hour), so it was a good choice to join. The first days we spend in Pequerinos and it snowed. I did a biking session which was the coldest ever and after that I spent some hours on the crosstrainer in our house, but this was perhaps the worst crosstrainer machine I’ve ever seen, and it felt that it should break every move. But it worked out for some distance training so I was happy but, yes, very bored… Training is far from fun all the time, but the work must be done…

April 18’
Back home from Madrid it seemed like my achilles had recovered well, so I could start up with some high intensity hard surface running again and also the first orienteering competition; västkuststafetten. It was a relief to do these runs and I felt the tendon is fine, so it looked bright to enter the season as uninjured, even though it felt tough that I more or less, during the whole winter, have had some kind of injury even though they were rather small and short-lived. I ran two of our three EOC test races and placed 6th and 4th, which was enough for qualifying for the sprint, middle and the forest relay (2nd team). In the end of the month I ran 10mila after having a small cold the days before where I also lost my voice. So not so much talking on 10mila for me, and our performance was not the greatest as we ended up 16th. More to come next year… But it was still a great weekend as it was a complete joy to hang around our camp as some guys in the club made some great work by fixing prints (including a huge zebra) that decorated all our tents. Amazing! So, I was happy the injuries got better and that I had managed to complete quite good training during these last months, but it was also a very tough period as my relationship with my boyfriend ended. It gives you some perspectives of life, and then an inflammation in an achilles tendon isn’t the most important stuff anymore…

May 18’
I went to the European Championships in Ticino, Switzerland with a mix of feelings. Happy to compete internationally again, and that my body was healthy from injuries, but with a physical capacity lower than planned and not so many high intensity orienteering sessions as I wanted to have done. I ended up 14th at the sprint and 26th at the middle. Both results are the one of the worst for each discipline and I did some minor or bigger mistakes in each race, but the big problem was that I had no confidence, and also not a full fighting spirit as I was not having the capacity I wanted and aimed for before the season. After the middle I felt that I had nothing to do at EOC. But, some hours later I was selected to run next days sprint relay if Tove’s injured foot wasn’t healed. Six hours before the race I got to know that I will run so I had to shape up mentally. I ran the 1st leg ad fought trough the hilly course. Unfortunately did some 2x10s mistakes, but I fought till the end and even though I fucked up our chances to win as team Switzerland ran away, I could send out Emil as 3rd, with all the other medal favorites behind. We ended up 2nd with a silver medal. Two days later it was time for a new relay and again I was substitute for Tove and was moved from the 2nd team to run the 1st leg in the 1st team. This time I managed to enjoy it more and got all out in that run. I couldn’t do it better with the shape I had, but I was proud I was able to get it out when it really mattered. Sometimes it helps to run in a team. I changed as 5th, but only 30s behind the lead. We (Sara, Karro and me) ended up at silver position after the famous sprint by Karro. Great memory and it felt as a win for all of us! The EOC ended with a crazy banquet in an indoor aqua park. EOC was not what I hoped for, but it ended well and with a reminder of that I have to get back to work to be able to reach what I aim for. So the 2nd half of May consisted of basic running and orienteering training to build up again. The biggest non-training related thing that happened was most probably that I started up drinking coffee. All thanks to Maria who bought me an espresso as she wanted some coffee company. She also bought me a chocolate cake, which was a good move… 😉

June 18’
Summer started and WOC test races. 4th at the sprint, 2nd at middle and far from a solid performance at the long. Enough to qualify for the middle, but I changed with Sara so she got the middle spot and I got to run the sprint. I felt that I had the biggest possibility to create something good towards the sprint in Riga and was more motivated to that kind of training than to work for the middle…  I had now had one month of good training and started to feel more and more into normal shape. The best thing in June was most probably the Jukola weekend where we succeeded with a 2nd place at Venla. Y race was super good and my team mates also did very well. So happy to finally succeed at Venla. GMOK-babes had no chance against Tuna this year, but we will continue our work towards a big relay victory in the future. I feel it will soon come… Midsummer was spent in Örebro with the other sprinters and I did some important work towards WOC 6 weeks away. I also started up an old collaboration with coach Ola Jodal and together we set a daily training programme towards WOC. Excited and very comfortable with this! As always when it goes towards WOC, it is more and more about training and less about something else… In the end of June I went to Latvia for the second, but last time before WOC.

July 18’
It started with the pre camp and focus on sprint. A good mix between high intensity sprint o-sessions, but also some running sessions and of course also a bit of forest orienteering as I was selected to be first substitute for both the middle distance and the forest relay.  (I was also substitute for the sprint relay). I felt very happy about my decision to chose sprint before middle as I really enjoyed the sprint sessions we did, but not so much the forest sessions… During one forest training I saw a snake and after that went straight out to a gravel road and ran there for 40mins instead. The Latvian forests were not so enjoyable at that time… After the precamp I was one week at home before going abroad again. I went to France with Tove and Karro and had 1,5 week of super good training. A perfect mix of mountain runs, track interval sessions and Riga relevant sprint orienteering sessions. We were first in Chamonix and then in Annecy. A great vacation that also consisted of a lot of cosy evening BBQ’s, breakfast at the balcony, celebrating France winning the football world cup, watching Tour de France and swimming in the lakes! Back home and only a couple of weeks until WOC. Last preparations should be done and so far everything had gone more or less exactly as planned. The weather was extremely hot in the end of the France camp and also back home in Gothenburg, which meant I may have ran myself a little bit too much into exhaustion during some of the last hard sessions. I started to feel as I was going to be sick and had to reschedule some of the trainings the last days before leaving to Latvia for WOC. However, it’s also always a lot of nerves before a championship so it is hard to know what is nervousness and what is actually sickness…

August 18’
WOC time, finally! I felt fresh the days before and was so happy with the sprint day! I did what I planned and could also enjoy the day completely from the morning to the evening. A lot of thanks to my team mates and Thierry who helped me feel relaxed when needed and focused when needed! I ended up 5th, which is by far my best individual result. During the rest of the week I was substitute and ready to run if someone got sick, but it didn’t happen. My shape became better and better during the week so it was strange to not run anything more, but still I could enjoy the week with some late night runs to swim and a trip to the beach with the others who were done. I also challenged myself by running the middle distance course and thanks to Thierry it felt like a real race as he had put out controls and built up a start and everything. I ran very well and beat Gemperle’s winnig time from the WOC race some days before. Even though you can’t compare completely this was so important for my self confidence and this was the first time I really believed that I have or soon will have what is needed to win an international race. So cool! After WOC I spent some time at home, really motivated to do good during autumn’s competitions. I also travelled via Karro in Stockholm, to Idre where I ran 2XU Idre Fjällmaraton, the short course of 12k. I won and my body still felt really good after WOC. Then it was time for a new World Cup round, and pre WOC 2019 in Norway. However, the day before the first race I woke up with a sore throat. Eat, sleep and repeat for one day and it disappeared again. So relieved as I was very motivated to show what I got in the forest, after not getting the chance at WOC.

September 18’
The pre WOC/World Cup went very well. 6th in all individual races (long distance, prologue and pursuit) and then it was time for the last race fo the very tough weekend (4 races within 48 hours), the relay with Karro and Tove. I ran the first leg and changed over in lead, which we kept all the way so it ended with my first world cup victory. So yes, the motivation until WOC 2019 became very high after this! 😉 After these races I packed my bags and moved temporarily to Hallsberg and the orienteering school there. I had 10 weeks (5 full time weeks) of practical work as a part of my pedagogical studies. Therefore I had rented out my apartment back home in Gothenburg. I lived together with the students and I felt young and fresh again ;), back to OLGY-time! I decided to skip theSwedish long distance champs due to mental tiredness after Wcup, and spent the weekend with friends at home instead. Therefore I was extra motivated for the second SM-weekend where I managed to win both the middle (for the 1st time!) and the relay for the 2nd time, this year together with Lisa and Viktoria. An awesome weekend where I did almost everything right with the map in my hand. I am impressed by myself how well I managed to keep focus during these races. The work in Hallsberg continued during the weekdays and my work there was a mix of some student talks, follow ups in the forest, coaching during strength sessions, joining different kind of meetings or just drinking coffee at the office. (YES, during the last months I’ve become a real coffee drinker and most probably it is this which explains my good running shape that just continued and continued the whole autumn… ;P). As always in September it is a lot of competitions. I went to Euromeeting and pre woc 2020 to prepare for the sprints at the world cup final some weeks later. Some tight fights with Karro, but always some steps behind…

October 18’
The world cup final in Czech with the coolest forest orienteering area ever! 3rd at the middle distance competition and back at the podium individually. However I am most proud of my first leg at the sprint relay where I managed to run away from everyone else and change in a 25s lead. The feeling when you run just behind the lead in an uphill, you feel they are tired, but you feel you barely not had started pushing yet… You start to push hard and suddenly you have a lead and the other disappear behind you. Continue with good navigation and a sprint and you see your team mate waiting for you and no other team is ready. THAT is something. I will work hard to do it again and again. 😉 However the end of the world cup was very disappointing with a disqualification which destroyed a personal best in the world cup overall, and also a new top 3 run. So it was with a lot of frustration I closed the season. The autumn had been more or less perfect with a good running shape for two months, some awesome results, but also a waste of a big chance to win an individual world cup race. So, even though I was mentally tired after all the competitions during the autumn I entered a 10k race the weekend after the competitions in Czech Republic. I had some energy left and some frustration to use. I ran a quite lonely race but still a time of 35:50 which I am very happy with. I continued the work in Hallsberg and also started some weeks of unplanned training. Then I went to China to run the PWT races. It ended up with 3 victories, all in the flat sprints. 🙂 It was a great social trip which I enjoyed a lot! However one must remind yourself of China as a country and what you see in the modern city centre of Beijing is not the whole picture, as the liberty of the people in many ways and places are very restricted. 1,5 week later I was back in Hallsberg again, saying good bye to the coaches and athletes there and move back to Gothenburg and start up the theoretical studies again. However, I continued to rent out my apartment until middle of January as I planned to be abroad quite a lot during December. Therefore I moved my stuff to my brother’s house where I lived together with him, Elin and my niece Mira, when I was not in Hallsberg or in camps. So grateful for this!

So that was it. (Guess no one is still with me…)

But, I want to say thank you to all who have followed me this year and special thanks to Icebug and 2XU Sweden who serve me with the best equipments. Also thanks to Thierry and Ola who really have helped me reach some of my goals for the season. Of course also big thanks to my family who are the best and biggers sponsors of them all. Last but not least, thanks to my club Göteborg-Majorna OK and my national team mates and competitors who share all the trips with me and make them memorable. ❤






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