Back to the bike

7 03 2018

After Alicante I continued with a lot of training at home. The broken hand was not a big problem (except in the gym), and I could complete many sessions both in and outside the forest. I felt strong on my threshold sessions and felt ready to soon start up with some speed sessions. However, the snow arrived and I forgot how sensitive my lower legs are, as I started to feel some stiffness in my left achilles. I stopped almost immediately from running and I thought one week of rest and massage was enough. I went to the MOC Camp in Berga (Spain), but started to feel pain during my first sprint jog and the pain increased during the run. After I felt pain just by walking, which I’ve never experienced before. I realised that no more running was possible that week. I got some good alternative training sessions at the Berga Resort gym before I flew home some days earlier than planned and without completing any of the speed sprint sessions that I wanted. Since then I’ve spent many hours on the spinning bike, in the water or at the gym. I have not dared to try the achilles for running yet, as I believe it needs some more time to recover and build up some strength.

Well. One step forward, two steps back. It has been some struggeling during the winter. First the inflammation in my foot, then the broken hand and now the left achilles. It aint easy and once again my mental skills must work hard. At least the weather conditions have been on my side as it has not been so motivational to look outside (because of the snow and ice), as the indoor choice not has been too bad, but still… I am in it for the running, not for hour after hour on a bike which doesn’t move a millimeter… I keep my fingers crossed that the pain will disappear with the snow, and I hope it will be soon!


Wetvest party in South Africa #suitup #likeaninja




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