Alicante & a broken hand

16 02 2018

After coming home from South Africa I wrote an exam in a Sport Medicine course and then began my pedagogical studies which will last for  three(!) years. (The studies are only offered as half time studies as you are supposed to have  a work in the side.) I take these courses to be able to get the teacher identification which is a requirement in Sweden if you want to work as a sport coach in a high school/college or similar.  This means I must stay at the university for some more years even though I actually finished my bachelor in sport coaching this passed autumn.

Well, after two campus days I was free to go abroad again. This time to join the national team in Alicante. The others had already been there for a week when I arrived and I had seen plenty of photos showing great training sessions, so I was eager to take part.

I started off with three sessions the first afternoon, two contour courses (one at night) and one strength session. It was nice to get back to the sand dunes and the demanding terrain if you lose focus. The day after we travelled into the mountains to run some good sprint sessions. Qualification and final one day, and a sprint relay simulation the next. The villages were hilly with many narrow streets, just as sprint should be. I was not into it in the qualification, but managed to do it much better in the final, where I performed a good race. The nexy day’s sprint relay was demanding, and I did not find the sprint relay flow I had the last season, but my team mate Gustav ran well and we took the victory anyway… Then back to the dunes and many more sessions with lots of controls. I tried to put my focus on some special tasks for each training, and thanks to many follow-ups by Thierry I felt that I developed quite a lot during the week. It was for sure a good starting-point on my technical development for 2018.

We trained a lot, but as always there are some time for some fun inbetween. This time go karting. It was so much fun and as close to Super Mario Kart as I’ve so far been. Except from a big hit from behind and a very cocky face (no name mentioned) it was a great time!

The morning after, I went for the usual morning jog. 8 minutes slow jog down to the beach, some core exercises and then back to eat breakfast. The exercises became competetive and after a hit, I suddenly I felt pain in my left little finger. I thought it was just a hit, and ignored it for some minutes and tried to focus on some photographing in the sunrise. However, the pain got bigger and bigger and I got really dizzy realising something was wrong when I watched my finger pointing a bit to the outside and pulsating. I asked our physio what may have happened, and we thought that I may had sprained a joint or something. I know that if you sprain your ankle, it can hurt as hell for some minutes and then you can run again, so I thought it was the same now. We jogged back and I eat my breakfast only using my right hand as it still hurt big time. Then I looked at my hand and realised it now was very swollen. (Not the finger, but at the finger bone in the middle part of the hand.) I showed it again to the physios and they could easily say that there must be a injury on the bone…. Shit. Off we went to the hospital and after many turns there, and in total 8(!) hours of waiting I could get the plaster I needed. The x-ray showed the 5th metakarpal bone was broken in two parts… However, I managed to get back in time to be able to go for the night training, so off I went, with the plaster, but with my thumb free so I could put on my compass and actually also hold the map in my left hand so it was almost as before. The day after was the day for travelling home, but as it wasn’t until the afternoon I still got the possibility to run two training sessions this day as well.

So, in the large perspective a really successful camp with lots of hours, but still with a lot of qualitative technical sessions. I am eager to continue working on my technical skills which somewhat have been priority number 2 for the last two years.

The broken hand was for sure nothing I needed as I have now spent 3,5 weeks with a half plastered hand. However, the running have not been affected from this, apart from that I’ve needed to be very careful in the steep parts of the forest as I have only been able to use my right hand if I fall or if i had to drag me up somewhere. Though, I have completed a training camp in south Halland/north Skåne (last Thursday to Sunday) and also been running a night cup masstart and a long distance on the 10-mila map, so I have still been able to get proper forest training. The biggest challenge have been the strength training as I use the barbell a lot and this type of strength training is my favourite as it’s the most fun to do, but also the one that gives me the best result. Instead I have been working on basic core stability and been using the gym machines as the leg press et c to compensate from what I can’t to with the barbell. Yesterday I got rid of the plaster (after 3,5 weeks), and the bone looks good, but is not completely healed. I must wear a hand orthosis for 3 more weeks (and therefore not lifting a barbell during this period) and then continue to be a bit careful the next 3 weeks, so this will for sure take some time… A silly, stupid injury which in the big perspective not will have a large effect, but restricts me in some small manners which sometimes is demanding.

The last week I have also had some small achilles problems (due to running at the snowy and icy ground), but I hope that this will disappear quickly as I’ve stopped running some days ago. On Sunday I am leaving for the next training camp, the MOC camp and championsship in Berga and Tarragona outside Barcelona. I cross my fingers (the healthy ones) that I will be able to run all quality sessions to continue working on my sprint skills.

Ps: And you must ask me IRL about the true story about how I actually broke my hand…



Photos 3-4: Göran Winblad






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