Altitude camp in South Africa

13 02 2018

I am starting to catch up my blogging. Last post was meant to be published in November, and here comes the one which should have been published in January. Just one month behind now… 😉

Between the 16th of December and 3rd of January I was training on altitude in South Africa. First 11 days in Dullstroom on 2000 m.a.s.l and the following week at Big 5 O in the Limpopo province (1500-2000 m.a.s.l). Two weeks before departure I felt some pain in my right foot and I was afraid it was the start of a stress fracture. However, the day before going to RSA, I got positive results from the MRI, which meant I could start up the running again, however slowly. That meant some MTB training but as Albin also had some foot problems I had good company. In Dullstroom the life went on as train-eat-sleep-repeat which suits me very well. 🙂 I also celebrated my 29th (25th?) birthday and christmas with BBQ (braii) and nice company. We really had a good time at Rose Cottage in Dull!

Between christmas and new years, we moved to Haenertsburg, and on our way we passed the Kruger national park and said hi to some animals. Cool as always! (Been to both Kenya and Tanzania before.) Between 29th of December and 3rd of January we took part in the 5-days orienteering of South Africa. The 1st stage was held in a national park among wilde beasts and giraffes. The 2nd and 3rd on 2000 m.a.s.l in a nice pine forest. The 4rd on 1500 in a rather green area and the 5th and last, a sprint at Limpopo University. My foot had recovered well in the heat in Dullstroom as I was able to run all stages (even though I walked/jogged the long distance to safe up a bit). It was cool to do orienteering in South Africa and the organisers did a good job! We celebrated New Years in our rented house Misty Crown by the Ebenezer Dam and made some new friends, and got to hang out on their boat in the nice surroundings. Unfortunately we were caught by a thunder storm which made it all quite dramatic. Then the electricity was gone and we had to make the complete new years dinner old style on the BBQ, but it worked out well and we could celebrate a new year ahead.

It was awesome to spend three weeks in the nice climate of South Africa and to train in really good conditions. However, it was also something to experience the social culture of South Africa with their history of apartheid. It is still so very segregated.

I have put together a short movie from parts of our camp. (There are some inside jokes you have to deal with.) View the video here.





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