Time to get back up in the saddle

25 09 2017

It took 4 weeks to get rid of the illness. Looking back it sounds kind of insane that I was concerning going to Latvia. But, at that time before potential departure, I’ve had 3 days with a feeling that it gets continously better and better. Though, I somewhat realized that it wasn’t possible as I still hade quite big problems with my ears. I turned in my cancellation, and some days later it got worse again. And then better, and then worse… It continued for 2,5 more weeks until it finally starting to let go. During these four weeks I was able to take a couple of very very very easy jogs for my well-being, but mostly all physical activity was about some short walkings in the evening to get some fresh air and some very easy movements for my legs.

At the 6th of September I was able to start jogging again. One week later I dared to go for the first hard intensity session, 6×3 minutes. The speed was over 20s/km slower than it use to be during a normal basic training session and the recovery was very bad. I had some weeks earlier decided not to participate in the Swedish Long Champinships. Instead I ran two minor competitions at home ground with a victory time of 50 minutes each with the aim to get some proper technical training and to get the body going in the forest again. It felt okay and much better than during the interval session, but still way below a proper shape. I managed one more short interval session (3×3+3×2+3x1min) the following week and the speed on the 3mins was some seconds better than one week before.

I went to the Swedish Championships in middle and relay. For the middle I had accepted my physical shape and tried to perform proper runs technically. I managed this quite well throughout both qualification and final. One 30s mistake on one control in the final and some small hesitations on my way to some controls. The final result was 14th, 5:46 min behind Tove. A huge distance, but at that moment I was not able to perform so much better.

The day after it was time for relay. We won last year, but almost all of #gmokbabes have had quite much troubles since summer with illness or finding the shape. Anyhow, we went out there fighting and knew anything can happen. It is all about perform as perfect technical orienteering as possible. Viktoria and Anna started well and handed over to me at 6th position, a bit over 3 minutes behind. I started out stable, but felt quite early that it was going to be really tough physically today. Until arena passage I kept good focus on the orienteering, but the longer the course went and as more tired I got I had more and more trouble to keep it together. I started to do some smaller mistakes. My mind wasn’t able to cooperate anymore as almost no energy was left. It is interesting with the mind-game during this kind of challenges. My body screams ”STOP”, and for one second my mind says the same. ”Give up, there is nothing to do today. You can’t win or reach what you want. GIVE UP”. The next second it tells me to keep on fighting. ”You should always do your best. Come on! Don’t dare to walk. RUN. Do it for your team mates at least. It is never okay to give up!”. I tried to do as the last little voice told me to. Though, I got passed by Alfta and Järla who had ran double as fast as I did. Later on I also got passed by Orion when I did a mistake on the 3rd last control. On my way towards the 2nd last I got caught by IFK2 and Tullinge. Thanks to the important prestige between the Gothenburg-clubs I found some power to be tactical and to speed up after the last control and keep them behind me. IFK1 was way ahead this year (congratulations!), but there was no chance they should have 2 teams ahead – but I had to dig deep, very, very deep… Thanks to the organizers – the height of the fence behind finish was perfect – I hung there for a while… We finished at 8th position, 15 minutes behind (which is what I lost on the last leg).

Afterwards I was disappointed I couldn’t keep the technical part together. I knew I couldn’t do anything about my physical shape, but start doing mistakes was not okay. Though, the best result within reach with yesterdays shape was a 7th position, so for the final result the mistakes didn’t matter so much, but I guess it mattered more for me as an individual.

Well, at least I got some hard workouts during this weekend (which been the plan since I got healthy again) and with a lot of recoveries during the following days the shape at the World Cup final should be a bit better. I have not been able to prepare for those hills waiting, but it is how it is. I am looking forward to get a proper ending of the international season with some cool competitions where I hope I can perform as well as possible. Time to get back up in the saddle for the last important competitions of 2017!


Photo: Calle Thorell

For the ones interersting in GMOK-statistics: the 8th place the ”badest” result for GMOK1 in D21 during the last 9 years of SM-relays. We finished 8th also in 2010, but with a different team with different capacity. This is the results from 2009-2017: 4-8-7-4-2-6-4-1-8. During these years 8 different gmok-babes have participated. I have ran the last leg all years, but two where I ran the 2nd (2013, 2015), some last legs was really god runs (2009, 2010, 2011, 2016) and some not (2012, 2014, 2017).





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