23 08 2017

Unfortunately I’m still caught by the cold. Everything got a bit worse again some days ago and I still suffer from swollen bronchis. There is nothing to do, but to leave my spot in the team to someone else.

lång 2.jpg

I was looking forward to the races in Latvia. Partly because I had a good chance of a good position in the World Cup overall (7th at the moment). But, mostly because Latvia is the place for next years World Championships. I am already a bit eager to start up the preparations for that, and those races (and the following training camp) would have been perfect. Though, the fact is now that I won’t take part and as the optimist I try to be, I think that even if I’m sad I can’t go, it will do me good to load even more motivation by not taking part. After my injury during the whole 2015 I learnt that standing aside actually can be quite motivational and it will also help me develop some more grit.

So to sum up: sometimes plans must change. Now I must continue trying to recover. It’s my 15th day with illness and it will for sure take some more time…

And, when you can’t go through with something you’ve planned for a long time it feels like…

giphy (2).gif

#runover #totalknockout #solong #flaggstong #seeyoulater #alligator #noitsadog




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