19 08 2017

As an elite athlete you do a lot to not become sick. Of course all training and high level competing stress the body, but the immune system most often manage to reject it.

Not this time.

The night between Tuesday and Wednesday 10 days ago I realized my throat was starting to be swollen and hurt.

”Oh no. Oh no. Stay strong. Recover. Recover”

i am strong


carrey host.gif

A cold was a fact.
(Wish is bad enough for an elite athlete…)

But. I am not often sick for so long. So best to put myself in bed, realizing the cold is true, handle it and recover quick. Though, it was worse than in a long time…

feel like shit.gif

4 days without leaving the house. Must try to get out on a walk…


Sore throat, stuffy nose, ringing ears, a cough from hell and at day 5 I woke up in the night and…

cant see.gif

… couldn’t open my eyes. Eye inflammation – check ✓. #highonlife #not

Day 6 I got my period including the monthly stomach & back pain.

skjut mig.gif

Add that I was in Switzerland and got the whole week spoiled by sickness.

bury me.gif

Day 7. Not so much better.



Day 8. ”Lina, how are you? Are you feeling better?”

fuck u.gif

Day 9. Okay. It’s getting better, but had to cancel the visit on Helenas & Gustavs wedding.

giphy (3).gif

Day 10. Getting some energy back, but still not healthy. But bored. So bored.

let me out.gif

Less than a week to next World Cup. It will be great! So great…

giphy (4).gif


(This post could be sponsored by giphy.com but it isn’t.)



2 responses

20 08 2017

Hahahahah du är så kul! Men stackars stackars dig 😦 Ibland suger det ju extra mycket. Du kommer i alla fall bli frisk snart ju, o då blir det EXTRA najs att vara just frisk 😀

22 08 2017

The best preparation summary I have ever seen!! 😀 Chin up! 🙂


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