Venla 2016

21 06 2016

During this past weekend me and my great club mates in Göteborg-Majorna OK enjoyed the Venla and the Jukola relay in Finland. It is always amazing to enter the arena and feel the Jukola spirit. Over 1400 teams in each relay enter the forest in a magnificant way. To get the chance to run in a team who is in the lead is an awesome opportunity.

Viktoria and Anna started up the relay in a suberb way for our first team, my team. They did solid races almost without mistakes which was completely according to our plan. I felt in a good race mood and entered the forest as the 2nd team and was later approaching the first control in the lead of Venla 2016. Though it was a short one as I missed the 2nd control a lot. I lost my direction and for a while I ran without map contact. This led to uncertainty as I didn’t know if I was left or right of the control or how close to it I was. It took too long time to re-locate and after 2,5 minutes I found the flag. At the same time Halden and Pohjantäti hits it and suddenly I am caught. I understood some teams can be ahead of us so now it’s time to run really well. Anni-Maija for Halden put up a high speed out from the 2nd control and I got some seconds to get back into the map. Then I chosed my own paths and got in the lead of our small pack to the 3rd. Then we caught Kåre once again in the forked area around the 4th. I continued with the high speed past the 5th and on the long leg towards the 6th. Then Sofia for Pohjantäti took over and kept the speed high. The control was forked and I took mine right before Halden. We had the one which was a little bit shorter and got a small gap to the others (Pohjantäti, TP who has been in our tail for a while without me knowing it and also Lidingö). On the road Anni-Maija set up a high speed and we can see Josefine from Alfta ahead of us. We caught her at the following control 8. Control 8 and 9 was the only place where no one had been one a previous leg so this was the first time not running on paths. The 10th control was forked and the others ahead of me had an other one, but I had full focus on my control and lost just some seconds against the others because mine was a bit longer. I could still see Anni-Maija and Sofia in front, and Josefine right ahead of me. The speed is now very high when we are running down a hill towards a road. I pass Josefine on the road and tries to close the gap to the others. I’m not succeeding with that, but I increase the gap to the teams behind. I change over to Judith as the 3rd team, 19 seconds behind leading Halden, 13 after Pohjantäti and 23 before Alfta and PR. Though 7 teams within a minute.

It was exciting to follow the end of the relay. Congratulations to Halden for an impressive win! Judith brought us to a 5th place – the best Swedish team and record for GMOK (previous best was 14th).

I was dissatisfied with my start of the race where I loose too much time. I did a small action where I lost my direction and then I handled it bad. After that I did a clear race in high speed, which was very fun! I am happy that I didn’t got stressed after my mistake and was able to catch the lead I lost. It motivates me to be in a team with the chance to win this kind of relay and I am already looking forward to the next opportunity!

Thank you team mates, club mates and especially Christin, Hasse and Fredrik who were our splendid coaches during the competition! You are awesome!

GPS-route leg 3


Göteborgs-Posten newspaper



O-boken är en bok som varje år sammanställer orienteringsåret både nationellt och internationellt, med texter, resultat och fantastiska bilder. Finns från år 2005.




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