World cup round 1 in Poland

5 05 2016

It was just great to be back in the Swedish team after one season with just rehab and no fun trips with the gang. This has been part of my motivation during all alternative training and now when I was fighting at the international arena I couldn’t enjoy it more.

I had a good race on the middle distance, except from one control. I was 3rd with just 3 controls to go. Then I became very tired after a tough uphil. I realized the signals of warnings in my head, that I now need to be careful… But I had troubles understand the vegetation (for the first time during the race) and lost my direction. I was a bit too high, and then I couldn’t find where I was due to misinterpretation of the vegetaton. (Yellow-white area was low but tight birch trees and I thought it was going to be more like a cut forest area.) Then I passed the flag without seeing it due to that I was too unsure. I lost 4 minutes and finished as 31th. Too bad and too much time lost, but the rest of the race showed a high capacity and I needed to continue believe in that. The previous part of the race was good. Some time losses here and there, but mostly very distinct and smart technical performance.

The day after it was time for sprint qualification in the morning and then final in the afternoon. I’m not used to run full speed early in the morning so the body felt a bit heavy, but I did a solid start of the race. I handled the bushes on the open field well with same tactics as the day before ”make it easy to go full speed all the way”. Unfortunately I didn’t handle the change into urban area and did some route choice mistakes and lost half a minute, but still a controlled and well performed qual race. I ended 4th (20 qualified) in my heat (there were 2 different heats).

Some hours later it was time for final. This time I could keep the focus during the whole race and didn’t do any big mistakes. I chose some bader route choices and also did two minor mistakes where I had to turn, but I kept on going and my speed was good. I ended as 6th, 34 seconds behind club mate Judith and just 5 seconds from the 3rd place. This was shared between three runners which means I was the one right behind. Not my best sprint performance in the World Cup, but very happy to be so close to the top.

The last day it was time for sprint relay. Sweden always take part with plenty of good teams. I got the opportunity to run the 1st leg in the 2nd team together with Gustav, Martin and Alva. I was nervous before start, but I knew my plan. It was very tight with almost 50 teams running away at the same time fighting in narrow streets. I got a good start and got into the map in a good way. A little bit shorter forking to the first control gave me good space and time to read the map. Me and Judith was in front. A longer leg to the 5th control and when we are approaching it we meet the second group from the other forking which was much shorter. Now I suddenly was in the middle of the big group, and almost all runners were still together. This disturbed me a bit and I lost the map contact and missed an entrance through a fence and ran around, which was about 40 m longer. I lost some positions. Though I still felt strong and could push and pass some teams and still see the leaders in front when passing the arena. After the arena passing I got some more space again and could do some good map reading. I chosed my own routes and catched some metres here and there. I still felt strong and when punshing the second last control I had a very good finish and could pass some more runners and finish as 3rd, just 8 seconds behind Judith in Switzerland and first of the Swedish Teams (but not far, Tove and Karro in team 1 and 3 also did solid performances and came 8-10 seconds later). It was great to send out Gustav in such a good position even if it was a tight race. Gustav, Martin and Alva did a good job and we ended as number 4, but best of all the second teams.

The weekend in Poland ended with a nice ”banquet” together with the Norwegian team. Many fun games and a lot of big laughs!

Thank you Swedish team mates for being such a great gang to hang out with! Thank you Martin & Bodil who made my body feel prepared for each race! Thank you all nice friends in other teams who just are so nice and gave me some good peptalks! I have really missed all this!

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Foton: Stina Loman


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