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24 02 2016

With this blog I want to give you some information about the online training schedule platform running.COACH. running.COACH gives you a tailor made training schedule to reach your goal. It helps you to set realistic goals for a future competition based on your current level. It also considers your weekday plan by giving you the opportunity to suggest days when it fits you the best to do high intensity trainings or the long runs.

From now on I will be a part of running.COACH as I am one of the gold coaches. Running.COACH offers different levels on subscription and the gold subscription gives the member opportunities to get a personal coach to discuss together with. At the moment I have an offer to you… (Read more below).

Feature1running.COACH training schedules are adapted for you who have goals over distances between 5 kilometres and marathon. I believe an advantage with running.COACH is its personality in the daily messages it send you about your coming training and tips about nutrition supplies et c. It explains you the purpose of each training, which parts of the body who benefits from the session your about to do or just have done.  This is an important part, to develop understanding for what and why you perform a specific session and what it does to your body. Other training schedules are more or less developed to tell all people who want to run a 10k between 40-45 minutes to train a certain way. Running.COACH is more personal and more explaining. The training schedules of running.COACH are based on scientific theories and experiences of well qualified long distance runners. The platform is developed to give you opportunities for easy, but comprehensive analysis. There is also an app for both iPhone and android.

Feature2Perhaps some of you reading here are orienteers, but don’t forget that running is a big part of orienteering. I also know that a lot of orienteers also are frequently participating in running races over 10k or up to marathon. Wouldn’t it be inspiring to try something new in your training and see how far you can go? It doesn’t matter which level or background you have, I am convinced that all people can develop their physical ability with the right kind of training. Of course it works to combine this with your orienteering training.  Some of the sessions that running.COACH propose, contains some short hill reps which I believe would benefit orienteers as well. running.COACH is also suitable for alternative training and it also contains videos which explains stretching, strength and motility exercises.

At the moment you can register and get one month subscription for free. Use the code “LINASBLOGG” when you register. Welcome to running.COACH!

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