Training camp in Idre

25 01 2016

Yesterday I came back home after a one week long training camp in Idre. The focus was mainly on the physical ability as a lot of hours of training was planned. Though not too much and also some running and strength sessions were on my schedule to keep the balance and not change too much from a week at home.

The camp was together with the national team (junior and senior together). I enjoyed every minute as the atmosphere is great. We stayed in different cottages close to each other, just by the tracks. This made everything very easy as the training could start and stopped just outside the door, which maximized the recovery. We cooked our own food, but helped each other as we didn’t need to be in the kitchen more than a couple of times during the whole week.

I did several hours of classic XC-skiing in the tracks. I also gave the skating a chance, but enjoyed the classic style more as I am better on that and also because the tracks was so nice, hard and easy-waxed. In addition I did 3 running sessions on treadmill, 2 strength sessions and one aqua jogging. The aqua jogging helped me in the middle of the week to recover when I felt very tired. The treadmill sessions were nice as I could run in a high speed, without any risk of slippery ground or cold air in my lungs during high intensity training. This means I did 2-3 hard sessions inside and the rest was easy training on skis in the different tracks.

Now I’ve had 2 days of recovery before one more week with tougher training, partly in Åhus in Skåne where it probably will be no snow. There it will be some good technical o-sessions on the beach maps, but also in more continental terrain preparing for EOC and EOC test-races. We will also go to Blekinge for some SM-training, so a lot of different focus in a few days. I keep on with 4 running sessions a week as there will be some sessions walking in Skåne.

gänget i idre




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