Evaluation of 2015

8 12 2015

31st of October I ended my training year and now it’s time to publish some numbers and some comments.

The year of 2015 (november 2014-october 2015) has been, more or less, all about rehab to prepare for 2016. Though there have been some competing and some other stuff worth mentioning. (Yes, I know it’s a lot of text, but mostly I write this for myself to get a clue about my own learning. But enjoy it if you are interested!)

November 14′
I realized that I had to do a surgery for my right heel bone. I cancelled the World Cup trip to Tasmania and did some last running sessions. One was a grus8an test race and my time was 29:42, 30 seconds over PB.

December 14′
Surgery date was set to the 2nd so when it turned December I had one day of training left. Everyone who has done a surgery once knows that it is important to not have any scars or open wounds on the body during the surgery. I knew this as well and thought about this during the week before, but somehow I forgot about this. So the last evening before the surgery I went out on a one and a half hour night orienteering session… The love to this sport is too big sometimes, though I came back safe and without any scratches on my lower leg. I did the surgery which went fine. I got an orthos boot to wear the following six weeks. After some days I started with some easy movement and strength training. Mostly 30 minutes of lifting my leg up and down or to the side with the boot as weight. Also some situps and other easy exercises for the trunk. The motivation wasn’t that high, but I tried to do this for almost every day. During Christmas I did some longer walks outside (with the sticks) to get some fresh air. The last week I tried the rowing machine for the first time (with more pulling with the healthy leg as I wore the boot). On New Years Eve I did 20×45/15 which was my first interval session and (high) intensity training for over a month. The surgery wound finally started to heal after having some troubles with that. When lying in the sofa I could take off the boot and start to tip the ankle a but up and down to start to get some movement.

January 15′
I got in contact with the SkiERG and started to do almost all high intensity trainings on that one. Mostly 45/15 and 70/20, but also some longer intervals. In the middle of the month I got rid of the boot, but had to keep the sticks for a while as I barely couldn’t walk correct as my ankle was stiff and no muscles in the calf was left. I started with some easy biking sessions and then I got a cold and had a short break. I went continously to see my fysio at IFK Kliniken who started to give me some exercises both for movement and strength. We also started to focus a bit extra on my gluteus muscles which needed some improvement. In the end of January I went to the national team training camp in Skredsvik and it was nice to get some training company again as I could do some sessions together with Helena. I also did my first wetvests session.

February 15′
My first really good month of training. I had a good mix of sessions, but still a lot of strength training. I felt that I did some improvement and this was good for the motivation. Took my first steps of running in the middle of the month but it was so very stiff. Started up with 4 times 200m of jogging with 100m of walking inbetween. Went to Beitostölen for a week of xc-skiiing which was amazing. My first trainings outside since before the surgery. I also felt strong as I was well prepared after all the sessions in the SkiERG.

March 15′
During this month I increased my running to 5x400m/100m. Still on treadmill, but the feeling got better and better. I also went to the national team training camp in Strömstad. I didn’t follow to any orienteering sessions as I didn’t want to stress the foot by walking in the tough terrain and also that I didn’t want toget used to the maps by walking. Though I got some company on almost every session which was great. And as always it was so much fun to get to see some of my closest friends again. I had a battle with Maria on the SkiERG; first to reach 2000m. That was a great party of lactat acid!

April 15′
Kept up the good work with really good training. Did 3 interval sessions a week, with a mix of bike, crosstrainer and wetvest. I also started to feel strong on my strength exercises with the barbell so the motivation was still high. The wheather went better as I could start to do some biking and roller skiing outside. I also increased my running to  3-5 times 1 km which I was able to do on tracks outside. Hurray! In the end of the month I followed the national team to Scotland – with no aim to prepare for Scotland as I knew that the chance was gone, but to get a good training week to prepare for 2016. I did my first session on road bike with Helena which was totally great and I also did some walk-o sessions. We also got to try the Scottish Highland Games which I was surprisingly talented for!

May 15′
I realized the rehab will take a long time, but I sort of made a plan for be able to run a short leg at Jukola. I got sick before 10-mila and cancelled my coaching trip. I then increased my running to run for 3x2km and then I was ready for my first orienteering session. It was a bit shaky in the beginning but then I found the flow and it went on great. The foot felt okay, but not great for 30-40 minutes of forest running, but it was a great feeling to be back into the forest with the map. One day in school we got the opportunity to try the Wingate test on bike. You first tread as fast as you can on a indoor bike without any resistance. They measure how fast you go. Then you do it again and while you reach that level again they add resistance. We did the test twice with first 7% and then 10% of your body weight as resistance. Then you should keep the maximum speed you could hold for 30 seconds. This was some of my longest 30 seconds in my life. So tough, but great fun!

June 15′
I continued with the short orienteering sessions and realized that Jukola was possible. I got the 2nd leg in the 2nd team. The trip to Åbo together with the club was great. I did just walking as warm up, but I knew that it works quite well. I ran away and did a great run with almost no mistakes. The power was high and I enjoyed it completely. I finished with the best time on the 2nd leg which was a great indication that I’ve done a lot of things right during the past half a year. The foot also felt good during running even if it got a bit stiff afterwards. I know started to feel that the foot actually works for some shorter competitions even if it’s a long way to be 100 % back. During Midsummer Jonas & I went for a short trip to Switzerland for socializing and runnig 5erstaffel. I then managed to run my 4th relay in a row with the best time on my leg (25-manna 14, Smålandskavlen 14, Venla 15 and 5erstaffel). In the end of June I did my first interval session on harder surface (the grus8a) which also was a great feeling and I actually felt that my running step felt even better than before and that my exercises for my gluteus have made some results.

July 15′
Went to run Tjoget for the first time and it was incredibly hot. I enjoyed it even if I didn’t handle it so well to run that early in the morning. I went to visit some friends in Skåne and had som good training days. I bought my own road bike and went on a long session south to Varberg. Then it was time for O-ringen where I was a pre-runner on 2 of the stages (the sprint and the middle). The sprint ended up really well and I got the 3rd best time. The middle distance was to stony for my feet and I realized that there were parts of my o-technique in the forest that weren’t back yet. I now did about 3-4 running sessions a week and still trained quite many hours.

August 15′
In the beginning of August Jonas and I went to Switzerland again, but now for a longer stay. The wheather was amazing and we went to Beatenberg and spent some time in the mountains. I did my first long run for about 2 hours, but with parts of walking steep uphill as part of that. This was some weeks where I focused more on increasing my running amount and didn’t as much of alternative training as I’ve done for the past 6 months. This worked well and I started to trust my foot even more. In the end of the month I did my first individual competitions of the year, and once more I realized how focused I need to be to handle a course in competition situation. Both on a low ranked middle distance and on the Gothenburg championships over middle I did some terrible mistakes and lost a lot of time, though I did much better on the relay where I did a solid race and almost caught the main competitors IFK.

September 15′
I ran the local championships over longdistance and realized that it worked out well. I did a late enter for the national championships which I ran one week later. I am happy with my performances there with almost no control mistakes, but a really bad route choice on one long leg where I lost a big amount of time and the fight for the medal was gone. I also had some big troubles with a breathing muscle in my chest during the weekend, and especially the qualification race which made it a bit hard, but no worries. One week later it was the middle and relay champs. I did okay, but too many control mistakes for being satiesfied. Ended up 14th in the middle and 4th in the relay. This was too bad results for being picked out for the last World Cup round, but even if it would have been great to go the Arosa I felt that I had nothing to do there. I decided to put all focus in 2016 and having no stress to get back to the international races.

October 15′
I spent some time outside my comfort zone by starting in the local championships over 4km running. I also was picked out for the last leg on 25-manna, which was some time since I ran the last leg in a big relay. I was really nervous before the race especially as the team did so very well. We lost some time on the leg just before mine and I got to run out together with Tove for Tuna. A great experience and a great feeling that the speed was manageable. Though again, it is the orienteering technique that matters and I did one too big mistake in a green area where I lost sight of Tove. An important tactical learning as well. Once again I got to see the blue-white shirt too far before me while running towards the arena. GMOK ended 5th. On the middle distance the day after I did a solid race, finishing just one minute behind the stars Helena & Tove. On Smålandskavlen which was the last relay for the year I got my revenge on IFK as I could pass them on the last leg where we ended 4th. Once again a stable race, but with only one mistake that became quite fateful for reaching higher positions. I have kept the amount of running 4 times a week, sometimes 5, and tried to increase the lasting a bit. I started up with some of my favourite trainings again; club intervals around the grus8a. I started to feel really strong and very happy that the foot felt as good as needed for completing 8 times 1000m around the grus8an loop.

Some numbers:
Total amount of training: 518 h (an increase of about 18% compared to 2014)
Total amount of running: 89 h (17%) (I have not calculated my small running amount on treadmill in februay to march)

In words:
I have trained a very low amount of running, but increased my total amount quite a lot. The biggest increase is the strength training compared to 2014 and I’ve worked with a program continuously the whole year from January except from a break during october. The endurance training are except from the few hours of running, divided between skiing (roller skiing/skiERG/xc-skiing), biking (indoor/outdoor), crosstrainer, wetvest and rowing machine.

Hopefully I now have a foot that will help me reach my goals for 2016. Though I’m not finished in my rehab yet and need to continue the good work during a part of the training year of 2016 as well. Though this year has led to some really good results. I am stronger than ever before in both my trunk and my legs. I see it in the gym and I feel it while running. I know that my running capacity also has developed as I ran on a new personal best at the grus8:an race one month ago. I still need some more longer runs to get it all out even while running long distance courses in the forest, but I still have plenty of time. As I wrote in my previous blog I am not feeling 100% confident with my foot yet so there are still some rehab work to do.

Longest training session: Biking from home to Varberg, and after a short hamburger break I got lift to Hallands 3-dagars where I ran the open 8-course in competition speed. In total about 4 hours of training with just a short rest.
Toughest training session: 10 times 300m max on the skiERG together with Maria. Doesn’t seem that tough, but it for sure was. Afterwards I was completely exhausted just lying on the floor watching everything spinning around.
Craziest training session: XC-skiiing in Beitostölen where we went up a ski slope and then hit the storm on the ”fjäll”. 3,5 hours of fighting, but a memory.
Nicest training session: Running up the Gemmenalphorn, then towards Niederhorn in Beatenberg and finish with taking the Trottibikes down.
Best training session: 8 times 1000 meter around the grus8:a, pushing really hard together with others pushing as hard.
Most motivational training session: A long leg training at Tveten in Strömstad in August where I felt so very at home.
Best competition memory:
 Venla relay. My first competition in a great forest and in an awesome athmosphere.

And with that said: Let’s hit the 2016! But first, I will actually have  a 2 week break from running due to recover a small inflammation in my achilles.





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9 12 2015

Åh så fin bild på dig Lina 😀


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