1 year since surgery

2 12 2015

Today, one year ago I went to the IFK Orthocenter clinic in Gothenburg to remove a big piece of my heel bone and some other inflamed stuff. I woke up with a big package on my right foot and walked around with an orthos boot and sticks for 6 weeks. After that I had some disappeared muscles in my foot and my calf together with lost strength in my thigh and gluteal muscles. Since then I’ve tried to stick with a plan with the aim to get fully recovered to hit into the season of 2016 with full capacity. The season of 2016 is not here yet, but the training season towards it is. Another aim with my rehab was to be able to go into the training season with a foot that can handle tough training with quite a big amount of running.

When I did the surgery I knew that the rehab would take a long time, but I was not fully prepared that it would take this long time. Now it’s been one year and I can still feel the heel sometimes and still not be sure that I can run more than 4 times a week. At the moment 4 times a week works great and the last 2 months I’ve been able to do some really high quality runs both in forest and on harder gravel surface. I am back to run the clubs Tuesday intervals around the 8-track and I have really missed it and I really enjoy it. This training is one of the best during the week and I love the possibility I get to fight against my limits to become a faster and stronger runner. Though, at the moment, I would like to feel more confident with trusting the foot as I can’t do 100 % yet. I would like to go out for more long runs than I do at the moment. Sometimes it makes me doubt. Though, I try to focus on having patience and that there is no hurry. I can also feel confident about my alternative training as I know that this also makes me a strong runner. I will therefore continue my rehab, but I can’t say that I am injury free yet. I will give it more time, more rehab, some more visits to the doctor and hopefully get more proof that my foot will be as good as I need it to be to be able to fight in the top at the World Championships in Strömstad next year.


Hope to be on top 2016

I will write the evaluation of 2015 during the following week which will describe my year of rehab with some important experiences.




One response

2 12 2015

Starka, bestämda, envisa, ödmjuka och underbara Lina!
Du har gjort det galant hittills- du kommer klara fortsättningen likaså. Det här med 4 ggr löp/v tror jag på som vinnande koncept – det är iaf det jag kör på genom hela vintern…


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