Summer holiday.

16 07 2015

I have now had holiday for 6 weeks and it is no problem filling the days with stuff to do. Most of the days I train twice and in between I have some small projects. First it was some work with the Summertour I wrote about in the last blog (in Swedish) and then I’ve been setting 3 different sprint courses for the Swedish National Team in Scotland. A special task to set courses on maps I’ve never put my feet on, but they seemed satisfied so it was fun. I think that it’s good to sometimes set courses to learn more about the route choice tasks during a sprint race. And since it was a long time since last sprint competition for me, it’s a good way to keep up the technique.

Of course I have had some relaxing hours as well. Last week the weather turned awesome and I enjoyed lying in the sun outside the house, reading a book, listen to music and eat strawberries. Last weekend the whole family made  a trip to Hallands 3-dagars where I ran the first and the third stage, but just open courses. My foot still can not runt 2 days in a row. I ran twice a course about 4,5 kilometres in the hilly Åkulla terrain. Really nice, but tough forests. The ”middle distance” on friday was demanding fysically with a lot of climbing. Though, I felt quite strong, even though I had a 3 hours biking session just some hours before. I used my new bike for the first time and went from Gothenburg to Varberg. A nice route, even though I chosed the inner route, and not the route by the sea because of the hard wind. The trip to Hallands was really cosy and I enjoyed it completely.

I have also been running Tjoget – the 20 people relay in Småland. This was my first time at this legendary relay and I enjoyed it. After that I traveled south, to Kristianstad visiting some friends. I got a nice race bike session, a lot of ice cream, mini-golf, BBQ-dinner and shopping. A perfect stay!

Now I am back home in Gothenburg. Had a really fun Keps-OL session at the club training on Tuesday and next week I will be a pre-runner at the O-ringen sprint in Borås. That will be my first sprint in a long time, and also my first complete session on asphalt so we will see how the foot will react on that. The feeling is better. I can run a bit longer without pain, but still it’s far from 100 % good, so I need to keep on doing my job correct. I goes slow, really slow, and sometimes that makes me frustrated. But I guess, this is unfortunately a part of the life as an elite athlete (not neccesary for everyone), and I need to do the best out of it as I can. The motivation of training is still quite high. I will try to keep the high training hours amount for some more weeks and then have 2 really easy weeks in the beginning of August when we go to Switzerland for holidays. I am looking forward.

The best about training the last week has been my two interval sessions on hard surface (gravel). I have done 8 times 2 minutes and 3 times 3-2-1 minutes and it’s been awesome to run in such a fast speed again. Even if I’m been running fast in forest for some months now, it’s not the same speed as running on a flat gravel track. I really like this part of training as well!

Yesterday I was at Liseberg together with Jonas, Ines and Mätthu. It was really fun going the Lisebergsbanan and the Flumride again. Memories from the childhood came right back. Unfortunately I didn’t win the big toblerone as I wanted, but I will for sure try again in the future!

hallands etapp 1 hallands etapp 3

Maps from Hallands stage 1 (middle) and stage 3 (long) even if both courses are about 4,5 km.

2015-07-10 13.38.10

A nice ”castle” between Kungsbacka and Fjärås, which I passed during my bike trip last friday





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