Competing at 5erstaffel

23 06 2015

The passed weekend was spent in Switzerland. I wrote in my last blog that I looked forward to some Swiss summer, but not the Mittelland-terrain. It showed that it was the terrain that actually delivered nicely, since the wheather was rain and 13 degrees and the forest actually great.

I ran in OLG Rymenzburg 1 together with Jonas, Martin, Anna and Matthias. We all were satisfied with our races and ended up at 9th position, a bit over 14 minutes behind winning OL Regio Wil with two brothers of Hubmann. I ran the second leg, the ”womens leg”, 5,3 km. I had some small troubles with my o-focus since I just got recovered from a 2 days quick-illness caused of an inflammation in  a wisdom tooth. My body doesnät often be that fast after two days of complete rest, so this was sort of a chock-start as the Mittelland terrain always is really fast with all the tracks. I did my, nowadays, normal warm-up with walking and exercises, and then Jonas came to the exchange and I left out as number 4, 3,5 minute behind. Towards the 1st control I stopped to help a girl from the Kids-staffel who was lost. A perfect practice on my German, and no stress. I don’t know the time-loss here, but perhaps 20-30 seconds. I continued towards control number 1. As it was very rainy, the forest was wet and the ground very muddy where it was steep. I used my but to get down to the 1st control, but forgot to hold up my map. It was all dirty when I tried to read it out from the first post. I started to ask myself when Switzerland are going to start with plastic bags around the maps in rainy and muddy wheather? =) Though the quality of the non-plastic maps were, as usual, good, so I could use my shirt to remove the mud and the map was not damaged, so perhaps it is working anyway… I did a small mistake to the 2nd. Timeloss both out from post 1 and in to post 2. Also some small time loss on post 5 where I didn’t understand all the knolls in the cut forest area. Otherwise I did a good job out there. I was calm in my mind all the time, which is something I really want to continue to work with. I caught the teams that went out before me, and passed them just before the arena passing. I got really tired in the uphill before arena passing, and wasn’t able to push as hard during the last round as I wanted. I handed out Martin as number 1, with a half a minute lead. I forgot that the finish punching was after handing over the map, so I rested some seconds by the exchange fence before I realized to go to the finish and stop my time. Things like these are easy to forget when you are tired. Anyway. I said to Jonas before that my goal was to put Rymenzburg in the lead after leg 2, so mission completed. I won the leg, but just some seconds before a fast Lisa Schubnell. Team results.

This was my second time running 5erstaffel. Last time was 2012, just some weeks before the world championships and at that time our team came 2nd (read about it in Swedish here). It is a really nice relay with a cool mix of people in a team. A bit like 25-manna. I’m looking forward to take part again.

And back to the terrain. I was prepared for bad terrain with a lot of nettles, blackberry bushes and other kind of green stuff on the ground. Though it was almost nothing of this, and instead a quite clean hard ground. The green on the map was mostly trees with a lot of leaves, that lowered the visability, but not as much the runability.

My foot felt okay. It has to work a bit harder on the hard surfaces, but it worked out fine and no troubles afterwards. I have now had some weeks with less training, partly caused of the Jukola and Switzerland trip, but also caused of my tooth problems. Now I will be in Sweden for some weeks and get back into routines.

2015-06-23 15.36.04





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