A hidden comeback at Jukola

16 06 2015

In the middle of May I was able to increase my running amount up to 40-45 minutes for three times a week. I started to run on small paths, but felt that my achilles tendon became too sore and didn’t recover fully to the next running day. I started to work more focused with daily eccentric heel-raisings, skipped one running session that week to get some more days to recover and then just run in the soft forest, continuously 3 times a week, 35-45 minutes. I got, as I wrote in my previous blog post, some really nice trainings. The speed in the forest was nothing that restrained why I could try to speed up quite a lot compared to the jogging pace I’ve had had during all of my earlier running sessions. The orienteering technique was, of course, a bit shaky during the first sessions. Partly because of some pain in the heel, but also because of the lack of map training during the last 6 months. Though, I have a real craving for orienteering at the moment, as it is quite easy to find the focus and really want to do a good job. For two weeks of eccentric training and six soft running sessions later the achilles reacted more as it should. It, of course, became a bit sore after a session, but recovered fully and also felt stronger towards the next session. During this time I discussed a lot with myself (and others) if it was a good idea to go to Jukola and run. I spent quite a lot of thoughts about this as I didn’t want to do something stupid, now when I got this far. Yes, I could run for 40-45 minutes, but it was not without pain and it just started to feel okay after some weeks with quite a bad feeling in the achilles. Finally (with one week to go) I got some positive signals and decided to go, which I don’t regret at all!

In the middle of my decision-making to go or not to go our teams was selected. I was put on the 2nd leg, which was the shortest one (6 km). I got to run in our strong 2nd team, which was perfect for me. I was pretty unsure of my status against others, even if I knew that I was able to run quite fast after some sessions alone in the Gothenburgforests. Though, there was neither a guarantee that I was going to be able to run without any doubts, why the first team wasn’t current this time.

Our first team did mostly a really good job and ended up 16th. These runners got important experiences for the future which will be useful coming years! My team did mixed performances, also necessary experiences, and we got beaten by our 3rd team who did really good runs! They ended up 104th and we some minutes behind on 115th spot. For me, the result was the thing that was least important this year. I was full of joy when I ran out as team nr 248 on the 2nd leg (a bit later than expected). I did walking and heel-raisings as warm up as I wanted to save my minutes for the competition, but this actually works really well. My plan for the run was just to be here and now, and do splendid orienteering technique. I managed the task quite good, passed over 170 teams and exchanged as number 77th. I was very happy with my race. Just a few very small mistakes, and a good feeling in my body and foot. Not even the asphalt running during the run in was feeling bad and I could run with an okay running step all the way into the finish. I looked at my watch and noticed a quite fast time, which made me happy, but I had no idea of the times of other runners. I ran out among runners who were not on the same level as me. I passed people all the way and no one did any effort at all to catch my back. This led to the possibility to do my own race from start to finish. Though there was a lot of people in the forest, both from the 1st and the 2nd leg, and in the end when I started to be a bit tired it was tougher to choose an own track to pass runners. Especially in the marsh towards the last control, where I lost some time. Otherwise my speed showed to be really good as I, surprisingly won the leg with almost a minute! Crazy bananas!

As I said, the results was the least important stuff for me this weekend, but the fact that I, with just 12 running sessions between 30-45 minutes (among those 8 o-sessions, and about 4 in higher speed), was able to win the leg and run and orienteer that fast was a very nice confirmation. This confirmed that all hours in the water, on the bike, in the gym actually make sense.  This helps to keep my motivation and continue my rehab work.

The fact that I won the leg, perhaps made my hidden comeback not so hidden any more… Though, this doesn’t mean that I’m back for real. I still can not run for longer than 45 minutes 3 times a week (even if I will try to increase it as fast as I could). The week before Jukola I started up the work to get the tendon to accept hard surfaces again. This means training on harder surfaces now for once and then twice a week. I will also continue with my forest sessions to slowly increase the running time. It feels comfortable to not have any ”important” races in the close future, which makes it easier to keep the focus on my rehab. My wish and plan is to be able to run at the Swedish Championships during the autumn and then be fully prepared to attack the next period of winter training towards season of 2016.

The Jukola weekend was in total amazing. It was so great to be back on an orienteering competition again together with my club. We went to Åbo some days before and I got two nice sessions on map before the relay (one by running, and one by walking). The terrain is just magical and the map drawing is amazing. It is a 100 % delight to run orienteering in that kind of forests! Thank you Åbo and Finland and thank you club mates for being such a nice pack!

Coming next is a short trip to Switzerland to visit some friends and family to Jonas. I will also take part in my second competition for this year, the Fünferstaffel together with OLG Rymenzburg. I am looking forward to some Swiss summer (but actually not to the Mittelland terrain…)!

2015-06-13 08.42.31 jukola 3

jukola grabbar

jukola 2




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24 05 2017
team building

Great site you have got here.. It’s difficult to find quality writing like yours nowadays.
I seriously appreciate people like you! Take care!!


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