No 10-mila & no WOC 2015

5 05 2015

Long time since last post and a lot of training has been done. I’ve never trained as lot as I’ve done the past period (hours trained), and I’m happy that my motivation continue being this high. My running have increased to 5 times 1 km. I’ve been stucked at this level for some time as I realized my calf and my foot was too weak to continue increasing. Therefore I’ve now got some exercises to work with to become stronger and I got some results quite fast. The last sessions have felt much better, and with a bit better strength I’m soon ready for taking the next step.


Rehabilitation takes time and I’ve known for a long time that there will be no 10-mila. GMOK will compete with 5 teams in the womens relay (and several teams in the youth and the mens relay as well) and for the first time I will not be in any of those teams. Of course it feels wierd, but I’m so far from competing in maximum speed in the forest as it’s not realistic at all, and perhaps that makes all this easier to handle. My plan is to be at the arena, coaching, and try to participate in that way. It will be a new challenge. An interesting and exiciting one. The womens relay feels very open as there are a lot of teams that can fight for the top. GMOK, of course, one of them.

No 10-mila and slow(?) rehab means no spring season. No spring season means that I’m not fit for participating in the Swedish test races for WOC (in the middle of May and beginning of June). This means putting no effort for this years World championships in Scotland. Yes, this also feels wierd as I’ve been running the last three WOC’s, but again; there is no chance for me to run competitions a couple of weeks away. I’ve accepted that and accepted that there will be a summer without a world championships trip. Instead I’m looking forward to continuing my work to get a strong body ready to go all in on Strömstad 2016.

So. Yesterday I said goodbye to Scotland. I was there one week during the national teams training camp. I went there to get a good training week with focus on future WOCs, but not this years as everybody else. It was great to change surroundings for some days and to hang out with the gang. As always there is so much fun inbetween trainings as it feels quite okay mentally to be stucked on a bike when all of the others are out running in the forest. Some great moments; competing in the ”Highland games” (which actually went really good for me and my clan!), a lot of good food cooked by chef Carina, my first long tour on road bike with Helena and my first orienteering session running since 1 of December (5 times 1km on a sprint O-interval session).

Now I will have a really easy training week to recover from a tough period. After that I hope my body and mind are ready for continue the hard work and do some more running (and in the forest!). Wish the best to my club mates in all the GMOK teams who will fight on 10-mila this weekend! Let’s do this!

2015-05-03 13.41.15

[Swedish rhyme] Alla barnen var på tävling utom Lina, för hon kan inte springa på fötterna sina. Istället sprang hon vatten i skottsk simhall, där tjocka gubbar var i vägen och skapade stora vattensvall. Nu äter hon lunch i all sin ensamhet och ska snart börja på överraskningen till de andra, men det är det ingen som vet… (Det blev 52 stora chokladbollar som uppskattades mycket!)

2015-04-28 12.29.33

Biking on Scottish Highlands. Sunshine, windy and snowing at the same time.

2015-04-28 21.16.32

The awesome winning clan of Highland Games. (Photo/Groupie: Dr Alban) Missing in the picture: Roy





2 responses

6 05 2015
Mikhail Vinogradov

I don’t understand: why do people click button ‘like’ for such sad news?? Lina! Don’t give up and ‘back in business’ next season!

8 05 2015
Lina Strand

Mike> I guess people liked the fact that I though the bad news instead put focus and effort in next year. Thank you for your words. I will do my best to be back stronger than ever =)


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