Small steps forward.

31 03 2015

After Beitostolen the training continued well and I’ve had several outdoor sessions which been awesome. It’s great training outside and one of the things I miss the most with running. I had one biking session together with Maria where we left Gothenburg behind. She had her racerbike, but unfortunately I just have a MTB so it was a bit tough. We went for a round and stopped for lunch at my parents place. Pancakes and later on dessert, before we headed back to the city. The sun was shining from a clear blue sky the whole day which made the session almost perfect.

Last Tuesday there was the reoccuring spring test race on grus-8an. I was, of course, not able to run, but I wanted to participate. Therefore I put the roller skis on and challenged myself for a fast time. I succeded well and had a time of 30.20 (7,9km gravel). That’s just a little bit more than 1 minute over my running PB. The race was so much fun! I felt strong and I haven’t even been close to anything that could be called a competition or a man to man battle in 4 months so it was a lot of endorphines and adrenalin pushing in my body. The pulse curve was a also quite high which indicates that it’s a good session to do, (but the curve was a bit below running pulse). I will try to repeat that session some time during the coming month and, of course, try to beat the time!

The day after that race I went to Strömstad for the national team training camp. I didn’t even bring a compass to that camp and didn’t put any of my feet in the forest. I save the walking in forest to later on this spring and instead focused fully on the physical training. I got some good sessions done, and some  with good company. The best was Maria’s and my 2k-max session on SkiErg. It was a great battle which was so much fun. The SkiErg training this winter have been good. 😉 It was also awesome to meet all my friends again and it gave me energy for continue my fight to get back in running shape to be able to go together with the others on all the big competions again.

And what’s about my running then? At the moment I’m able to jog 5 times 400 metres with 100 metres of walking inbetween. I do it on treadmill, because it’s easier to control speed and distance. It feels good, and I will continue increasing the distance slowly. Though it’s the achilles tendon which now decides how fast I can increase my running amount and it will, for sure, take some more time. Therefore there probably not will be any competitions during the spring season which I’ve sort of known for the whole time. However, I just make plans for about two weeks at the time, which means that I don’t know what to expect further on. I let the foot decide, without any deadlines.

2015-03-12 16.15.29 2015-03-29 10.51.58

with Maria. bike vs. bike | biking – on the correct way (in Grebbestad)




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