XC-skiing in Beitostølen!

2 03 2015

Last week was spent in Beitostølen for some cross-country skiing together with Jonas, Matthias and Ines. It was great to finally do some xc-skiing again! I’ve not done it since winter 2010/2011. Why not? I’ve always been on training camps in warmer degrees during winter time (which isn’t anything to complain about)…

I was a bit worried if it was going to work with my foot. Though both my doctor and physio told me that it was no danger at all, that I almost couldn’t do anything wrong and that a little bit of pain wasn’t anything to worry about. Perhaps it just would be good with something new for the foot and to activate the muscles in a new way, they said. Despite of what they’ve told, I was a bit nervous leaving for the first sessions. Though it went fine and I got several kilometres of skiing in the amazing ski area as Beitostølen is.

I went on some sessions with skating skis, but mostly classic. I actually haven’t tried skate before, so it was a bit hard and I have some more practice to do…

There were especially two sessions that I will remember. The toughest one, and the nicest one. The tough one went on for 3 and a half hour and went up a ski slope (as the final climb in tour de ski) and i total 700 hm. Though the ski slope wasn’t the worst part of that session. It was the snow storm when we came up. It was a big fight, but for sure a memory! The nicest session was a 23 km round in beautiful sunshine, exactly as xc-skiing should be like!

And the foot? It worked out quite well. It became a bit irritated, but nothing to worry about. I tried to not do too much of skiing (11,5 hours…) and complemented with some wet vest running and rehab sessions in the gym. As a result; a well done week of training! And perhaps the best? These were my first training sessions outside in almost 3 months! What a joy!

My rehab has started to contain some running. 5 times 200 metres of jogging on treadmill. 3 months since surgery, but it’s on its way!

2015-02-27 11.54.57



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3 03 2015



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