Short update: Biceps.

18 12 2014

It hasn’t happened that much since last post. I still walk around with my moon boot and I will continue for some more weeks, so no changes there. And instead of 3 done strength sessions I’m perhaps up in 10 or 12 done. Starting to build some more muscles in my stomach and especially my upper arms. Those muscles have been, sort of, none existing before, but now they actually show. I have never trained for looking good before, so this is a new experience for me. And when I think of it a bit more they aren’t that big so they are shown just when I walk around. I have to tense them. That means that I have to walk around and tense them constantly. But even then people perhaps wouldn’t recognize them without comparing them to what they looked when they where none existing. That means I need to walk around with a picture of how they looked before so the comparision could be done, which seems like a very odd thing to do. That’s why I will leave that subject now. (A picture of the mentioned biceps would of course have had it’s place here, but I’m not so good at selfies, so I skip that and presents a classy Paint-pic instead – done 2 years ago.)

And I guess I don’t have so much more to say. Christmas and birthday is coming. That’s something.


Me in the gym (some weeks ago – to the right and in some weeks – to the left – don’t sure about the hair though…).





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