Post surgery

8 12 2014

Yupp, time to write something. A lot has happened since last blog post.

I’ve had problem with my right heel more or less the whole season but the problems increased during the autumn. After the season end I did a MR a and it showed that I had a knot of bone on the heel which outgrowth, caused of the main problem (a massive edge on the heel bone) which I am more or less borned with. I did a surgery to solve similar problems in 2006 but unfortunately they didn’t remove enough of the bone, and that’s probably why I got almost the same problem back. I realized that surgery was some kind of the only solution to solve the problem, so I took the decision quite fast and that’s why I cancelled my trip to Tasmania and the World Cup in January. I did the surgery last Tuesday and so far I mostly walk around with crutches and my ”moon boot” (see pic below). They will be my friends for a while. The training so far is 3 times 45 minutes of strength training, but as fast as the wound is okay I can start with some better training for the heart, as rowing machine maybe… (Yeaaaay!) I will contact my heel consult Helena Jansson to get some tip! She has actually more experience than me! She has done this 3 times – I’ve done it only 2! (Nothing to recommend though…)

Before the surgery I ran as much as I could – because yes, I was able to run. I didn’t had ”that much” pain while running, so the last week I was able to run I actually did two times 17km (running on small paths) and a lot of running sessions in between. To run with pain is of course nothing that I want to do and that’s why the decision to do a surgery somehow was quite easy to take. It’s better with some months with no running instead of a complete season with pain and a lot of alternative training.

At the moment I don’t know for sure how long time this will take. The thing I know is that I’m in 3 weeks (4 weeks after the surgery) can start with some movement in the ancle. Looking forward! So, have fun all of you going to Tasmania! I’m not jealous at all… 😉

These last days I’ve therefor got plenty of time to do other stuff. Like studying for my exam which I had today, or the more fun, help to arrange KAK – the sprint of all the sprints! I also made a QUIZ for the whole elite team in GMOK inspired by the Swedish TV-show ”På Spåret”. Find it here (in Swedish – for you ”På Spåret”-nerds.). Glömde dessvärre skriva i musikfrågorna där. Låtarna ser du i kommentaren längst ner på länken ovan.

Thank you all for your kindness to motivate me for the future! It’s cool to see that I have a lot of careing people around and I’m very happy for that!


Start-chefs and master chef (Maria) for KAK 2015. Me with my amazing boot!

OCH ALLA!!! RÖSTA PÅ GRABBARNA! (Jerringpriset 2015!) – Fina killar!




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