Best international performances for this year

8 10 2014

I am happy to summarize the World Cup final weekend in Switzerland as my best performances on international ground for this year. I did two good races with just minor mistakes which led to an 8th place at the middle distance and a 9th place at the sprint.  My best result for this year was earlier a 9th place from the middle distance in Turkey, at the World Cup première in the beginning of March. Since then I’ve struggled a lot with my body which hasn’t been so cooperative (actually since last summer). I guess it’s been a combination of local problems in my legs and a mind that couldn’t handle the pressure I created and put on to myself. I hope that I’ve found my way to handle this now and therefor I finally, during these races (and some more during the autumn), could do myself right at an orienteering course and perform good.

I ended up as 13th in the total World Cup which is an okay result consider to my feeling during this season. I want more, and I will do my best to take a step forward next year.


worldcupfina worldcupfinalmiddle

25-manna is coming up this weekend. I am running the 3rd leg, which was quite a time since last time I ran. I believe it will be a great weekend! After 25-manna I will take my seasonal break to recover and plan the coming year.





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8 10 2014

thumbs up!!


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