Coach at U10-mila

3 08 2014

This weekend the ”Ungdomens 10-mila” (10-mila for youth) was held in Öxabäck one hour from Gothenburg. I was there as a coach for our two teams in the girls relay.

Two teams in the relay with 5 legs. Kajsa, Elvira, Moa, Agnes, Ella and Kerstin in the first team and Alva, Frida, Linn, (Klara), Fanny, Julia and Sara in the second team. I am very proud of all the girls. How they attacked the challenge to run the first leg, to run as a favourite, to run against older girls or to run more difficult and longer courses than they are used to. And also to take responsibility for themselves to get early asleep to get up in the middle of the night and prepare for the run to be its best.

I found it awesome to be coach and it was great to meet the girls before and after their races. Mostly happy but also a bit frustrated over a mistake or very very tired. As it should be.

The first team finished in 9th spot and the second in 67th. A little ”hidden” goal for the first team was to get among the first 7 team to get the opportunity to go to the prize giving ceremony, and even if we didn’t reach that (it was just some seconds away), I am very happy how they fought all the way (even the 2nd team of course!). With some patience to do the work for one more year I am sure that the club record (8th from last year) will be beaten big time.

The most important thing is as always to have great fun – which I had and I hope and I believe that all the 13 girls enjoyed the weekend.

I am also sad for the girls in OK Tranan who took a clear win, but the last leg girl forgot to punch at the one of the passing controls. Everybody saw she was there, but with one missing punch they got disqualified as the rules say. Sad, but true. Anyway, big congratulations for 5 great runs during the relay!






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