Past WOC

14 07 2014

WOC is over. Or for me it’s been over for a while since I ran my races the first day of the WOC-week at the 5th of July. I haven’t been writing or Twittering anything about it. Mostly because there is not that much to say. 17th spot. A race with too much mistakes because my mind was everywhere but focusing on the map. Sadly. I felt that I could do better than that, so yes, I am disappointed. It’s time to once and for all figure out how to move on and take the next step. It’s a while since I felt really strong and could handle a race mentally from start to finish. I miss that feeling.

This years WOC was a bit special with the first, and my only, distance (the sprint) in Venice. My both races was an extra ordinary experience with the qualification at the coloured Burano-island and the final with all the people cheering, running and passing all the bridges over the canals, struggeling with the navigation among the narrow streets… Really cool (except from the struggeling part.) And then after the race direclty in the car driving up to the mountains in Lavarone and then it felt like a totally new trip. The place, the climate, everything changed and it felt like the sprint-day for real was in the past – almost as another WOC, and not just a couple of days ago.

So the rest (or most) of the WOC-week I spent with the team, cheering and training a bit and not competing (except from my challenge against Jonas at the public race one day which I of course lost – but it feel quite okay to loose against a World Champion…). As always it’s amazing to be a part of the Swedish team as it every day happens so much fun stuff. Of course it would have been great to take part in some more races, but this time I didn’t feel physically prepared for it, so it wasn’t that bad to stay at the side watching those who could do it so much better for this time. And of course it was amazing to first see Annika take the gold after a year focusing on (the last?) one race and the day after watch Jonas, Fredrik and Gustav get the relay gold after three really good runs. A perfect end of a WOC-week!

Some memories:

– The banquet entering
– The cutest dog puppy I’ve ever seen at the prize giving ceremony for the longdistance
– All the ”bullshit” during playing cards
– The girls feat. Holth-show
– The water-rugby after the sprint final

Now I’m home for some days before I go to O-ringen in Skåne. Looking forward to a new week with great company and then it’s time to start up project Scotland 2015.




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