MOC pt 3

16 03 2014

Written Saturday 15/3:

MOC 2014 is now over and I am sitting on a train in Switzerland. I will be here for some days before I go back home to Sweden.

The last stage of MOC was a longer sprint with chasing start. I started as number 4 but over 3 minutes after the leader and with almost 40 seconds up to 3rd place. It was a bit more tight behind me with runners just 10 seconds  after.

The course was in a flat park with mostly straight on route choices. The bad thing (except from the none-saying area) was that the map was in 1:5 000 and that means it was even harder to see which green which was passable or unpassable. It was also hard to see the really small gaps between the bushes. Some things in the ISSOM is not easy to figure out in full speed orienteering. This means that most of the runners went too much around at some places just to be sure to not to anything forbidden. I don’t think that it’s fair when the one who takes the most risks earns time and could win because of that. At the race today the gaps between the top runners were rather big from the beginning so I guess that the bad map didn’t affect the result, but anyway it’s not fair with a map like this.

I kept my position as the 4th all the way to the finish. Thank you Italy for this time. I am sure that I will go back. 😉

I am glad that I took the chance to take part in MOC and get 3 competitions in a row because that is how it will be on the European Championships in Portugal in April where I am selected to run the sprint and the middle distance. Though I hope that EOC will show better terrains than MOC did this time, but it was fast during MOC and it will also be fast at EOC. The following weeks I will focus to increase the speed and hopefully go well prepared to first the World Cup in Spain and the EOC in April.




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