The trip to MOC pt 2

14 03 2014

At 11:40 yesterday I got on the plane. Almost 5 hours later than planned. Instead of going to Copenhagen I flew to München (not Frankfurt as I wrote to my mother…). In München I changed plane and went further towards Florence. The flight was amazing. A clear blue sky over us and a ”carpet” with Alps below us. I wanted to sleep, but it was impossible because of the wonderful view.

At 16.15 (10 minutes early) I landed in Florence. I guess that this was the time when the price giving ceremony at the competition was over. I got happy when I saw that it was a small airport, but I guess that it’s more because of the luggage-men that it ALWAYS takes such a long time to get the bag. 30 minutes! I got a bit stressed and texted with Viale who gave me 45 minutes to get there.

Finally I got my bag, ran to the taxi station and jumped in the car together with my bags in the back seat. I said the address to the driver and that he should ”drive as fast as he could, but not too fast”. He did it well and I got to the park in Montecatini Terme at 17.15, ready to start. (I changed clothes in the car…) I met the fantastic organizers for MOC who continued to help me with everything. They explained what I needed to know and also gave me the handicap that there was just my controls left out in the park. 🙂

I did some short warm up and then start. I started fast, but got tired quite early, and also scared of some dogs, so I started to do several direction mistakes even though the course was rather easy. After a bit less than 13 minutes I crossed the finish line. Tired but happy. Happy that I finally made it to the competition and that I was allowed to run. Results. But I think that I’ve got about 15 seconds too long time in the results. I compared to my own watch which said 12:48 and I started it just before I punshed the start unit and it also make sense when you look at the splits. I ran really fast the first controls and on the legs between control 2 and 6 I am 3-1-2-1-1 and to the first I am 26th, 20 seconds behind the fastest time. I noticed that during the evening yesterday, but I didn’t think that it was anything to complain about after all the help I’ve got. 😉 I guess it happened because of a wrong time programmed in the start unit I used.

The MOC-organizers! I guess that you are the only organizers who would do this such thing. I am very thankful to you, Gabriele Viale and the other in the organization team!!! Very much thanks to all of you! The story got a happy ending for sure.

The evening went through without any bigger problems and I got dinner together with the others and then the bed felt very good after this long day with a lot of trouble, but nothing is impossible! I made it to the race and that was the important thing!

Today there was time for stage 2, a shortened middle distance in an area which was mosly green and with paths just by the sea. I must say, not a very interesting area, and even if it actually was quite easy I did a bigger mistake in the beginning before I got into the map with the paths and the green. I think that I do one stupid thing in each race at the moment, but I will try to change that behavior tomorrow. I ended up at 5th place around 2;40 behind Sabine Hauswirth. Results.

I felt more tired today than yesterday and I guess that yesterdays travel wasn’t the best for performing this weekend. Though I get very good training anyway. It’s a challenge to do good orenteering even if the body and mind are tired. I haven’t succeed yet, but tomorrow is a new chance. The 3rd and final stage. A longer sprint, in a park area with chasing start. I’m actually 4th in the total (beacuse some of the top runners yesterday didn’t go full speed today), but I’m quite far behind Sabine in the lead. Total results.

After the race we went to see the leaning Tower in Pisa. A nice one! We also got a pizza and an ice cream. Also nice ones!

startStarting at the middle distance


Beach at the beach after the race

2014-03-14 12.45.32

Todays arena, just by the sea

2014-03-14 15.03.32

A touristic picture by the Pisa tower

2014-03-14 20.46.39

My bathroom at the hotel. The toilet  is in the shower. I wonder what they were thinking when they gave priority for the bidet to be outside the shower instead for the more useful toilet?




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