The trip to MOC pt 1

13 03 2014

Got up early and 15 min later I sat in the taxi (it came 15min too early caused of some trouble in the booking system. I asked if he could wait but had to hurry anyway because he had no time to wait too long). Anyway, I had a nice trip with the driver who wanted to challenge me in running. He said he was quite good back in the days in Somalia where they used to run everywhere. I said no. 🙂

I arrived to Landvetter and checked in and had plenty of time. Got on board. We got into the air. The engines made some noise and then the captain said we had to go back. We circled in the air above Gothenburg for 30min before we were back on the ground. (The flight to Copenhagen should have taken 35min…) Though the problem was that we couldn’t reach as high as needed thats why we didn’t continue to Copenhagen.

We waited a looong time before we got the message that the flight was cancelled. Waited even more for the luggage and I started to check all the opportunities to get to MOC (the 3days sprint- and middlecompetitions in Toscany, Italy which my goal for this early Thursday trip is).

The plan from the beginning was to arrive in Bologna 10.30 and there be picked up by the boys and drive 1,5hour to Montecatini Terme, where the 1st stage is. I realized that it will not work after the cancelling so I told the boys that they didn’t need to pick me up. Then I searched for new flights. I found one to Florence, which is closer to the competition and with a little bit of luck I should have manage my start time a bit after 15 o’clock. But…

The queue to the re-booking disk was long because all the people without luggage came before me. I started to get a bit stressed because my planned next flight would soon leave. I found a free SAS-woman and explained my situation and she was helpful. But…

The flight was full from Frankfurt to Florence… No place for me.

We checked all opportunities and it ended up with a booking to Florence with arrival a bit after 16. A bit after the latest starters. Shit. I should also say that I somehow was lucky that she helped me re-book to an other destination which usually not works.

So. Now I at least had a ticket but a ticket that takes me there when the competition is over. To not run the first of three when there is an overall competition is just crap. Especially when I only go to Italy for these days. That means, if I can’t get a flight that takes me there in time the only thing that is left is to move my own start time and to keep the competition open for maybe 1-2 hours more… Challenge accepted.

I tried to get in contact with the event director Gabriele Viale and after a while he answered me that it could work to start that late and that we will see how to do it when I get there. The light of hope came over my head. I really hope
that it will be a happy ending of this story.

Until then, wait for part 2.



One response

13 03 2014

Nice(but sad) story! – Can’t wait to hear if you made it!
Atleast good luck with stage 2 & 3


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