World cup stage #1 – 9th

1 03 2014

As I wrote yesterday the course fit me better today at the final. A lot of controls and not as hilly as the qualification. I started a bit stressed and did some small mistakes at the first two controls in the green, but realized quick that I didn’t follow my plan and therefor I decided to slow down a bit to find the flow. After a few controls I got back on track and the biggest problems was the two thorn bushes I got totally stucked in (on my way to 5th and perhaps 13th control). I just hanged there and saw my team mate Alva who I’d almost caught run away. But I guess everyone got stucked somewhere today… My body felt a bit better than yesterday even if I felt that I didn’t have the chance to increase the speed during the parts with better runability. Though the split times show that I actually had a higher speed than expected and at the third last control I was at the 3rd position, so it could have been a really good result today. Unfortunately I lost my head and just passed the ruin where the second last control was because before I lost my map contact for a while and read the map wrong and just new that I shall run at the path till the green area ends, and then the ruin shall come. I saw a green area in front of me and just ran there, totally blind of the huge ruin at my left side, and not realizing it neither when the runner before me turns into it. I lost over a minute(!!) and I can’t still understand why it could happen. The result became 9th and my feelings when I crossed the finish line was a big disappointment, because I had a good race except from that stupid mistake. Shit happends. There is more to come this year and I got to have patience and perhaps it feels a little bit better that an other GMOK-runner got the 3rd place instead of me (or if i wouldn’t have done that mistake it would have been a hard fight between us two), so it looks good for the 10-mila relay later this season.

It was a successful day for the Swedes today (and the Swiss!). We where 4 girls top 9 and a doubble victory by Tove & Helena. Just great!



The top Swedes at todays arena which was over 2000 years old.





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