A short update from Turkey

28 02 2014

Now I’ve been in Turkey since Monday together with the national team and today we ran the qualification to this year’s first World Cup race. It was a shortened middle distance in a terrain which was hilly, quite stony ground and some bushes. I did several mistakes during the course and I ended up at a 22nd position (30 qualified for the final), about 2 minutes behind my team colleagues Lena and Helena. I haven’t seen the map after the race and neither any splittimes so I don’t know how much time I lost.  The thing I know is that I became very tired after the tough beginning of the course which was mainly uphill and did some mistakes because if that. I guess my body wasn’t really awake yet after last week without any training because of my illness even if I, of course, feel totally healthy at the moment. I hope that the flatter course at tomorrow’s final will fit me better and that my body will give some positive answers. But it’s a course with a lot(!) of controls so the focus should definitely be (as always…) on the technique which means I have some work to do to until tomorrow to get into my plan and really hit the controls in the right way. So, I didn’t do as I planned today but it was good enough to qualify and that was the most important thing. It’s nice to get a new chance tomorrow! I’m looking forward. Tonight there will be an opening ceremony in Kemer and then the daily buffe with plenty of everything…

During the other days we’ve been training in some relevant terrains for both this World Cup and for the European Championships (flat and fast terrain) in Portugal. Just easy sessions for me except from a sprint relay training on Wednesday. A tough one, but necessary for the sprint relay competition on Sunday. An unofficial relay World Cup, but it is important because of the sprint relay on the World Championships in Italy in July. It will be interesting to test this kind of competition (for the first time!).

Yesterday we did the model event training in an amazing area just by the sea. Clear blue water, cool cliffs, caves and beaches with white stones. I really love the opportunity I get to come to these places around the world. Of course we had to take a swim, and yes it was a bit cold…

bad i turkiet

Tomorrow: World Cup stage 1 final, middle distance
Sunday: Mixed sprint relay (unofficial relay World Cup)

Information can be found here http://www.wcup2014antalya.com/




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