More running!

27 12 2013

I have now celebrated my first christmas in Switzerland and it was nice to exchange the Swedish traditions to the Swiss, even if I of course celebrated a Swedish Christmas at home with my family before I went. The Swiss Christmas holiday has been very nice. Fondue Chinoise as Christmas food was a big hit! I’ve also celebrated my 25th birthday with a perfect tasting Aargauer Rüblitorte. Vielen Dank!

At the 24th I did my first intervalsession in a long time (3rd fast running session since 25-manna in the middle of Ocotber). I did 4 times 4 minutes and I got totally exhausted. My body is not used to do fast running at the moment. Today I did 6 times 3 minutes and the feeling was a bit better. I’m now running 2 days (once a day) and then take one day with alternative training and it works good. I will soon try to increase with some longer runs. I’m looking forward!

Todays second training will be a strenght training in Aarau with Ines and then dinner and perhaps cinema. Ich freue mich!

linabeatenbergSnowy Switzerland two years ago.






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