Wintertraining mostly indoor.

13 12 2013

My training started a while ago, but after just one and a half week with training after my illness my left knee started to hurt and I spent all weekend on the national team camp in Skövde at the gym (one month ago). I thought that it was going to be a small thing which disappears in a week, but it showed it was going to take more time than that. I started quite hard with alternative training like crosstrainer and roller skies, but it was showed this wasn’t the best for the knee (a small inflammation, likely caused of a stiff tendon), so it didn’t get any better the first weeks totally off running. I tried running 20 minutes, but it still hurt. I took one week with easier training and just pool running and strength. It became better quite fast and I could do two 20 minutes joggings with no pain, just a little bit stiff afterwards. This week I will run 20-30 minutes every second day and we will see what happends, but I am positive! In between I continue with pool running and strength and perhaps one or two trainings with my roller skies for variation. I hope that I can be back to some more running hours soon. This alternative running is not so time effective. To do one hour ”morning jog” which takes just one hour running when I’m running from home, is much more easy than now when I have to go to the pool, also shower before the training and then the transport back after the training is done. This takes in total almost 2,5 hour. The positive thing is that I’ve found some new training friends because in the water the speed at normal running doesn’t matter any more so even if someone usually is faster or slower than me, we can do pool running together – I like it! Once a week I’ve also done an interval run in this thick carpet (as you can find in the sportshall). This works good for my knee so it’s nice to do some really intensive trainings while running even if I’m not allowed to to it outdoor, on the hard ground yet.

Looking forward to do a long run outside again. Todays 2 hours in the pool actually went really fast (thank you Agneta & Frida!) but it’s so much more nicer to enjoy the terrain. I’ll keep you updated. Now: ”På Spåret” on TV! Tschüss!

1474390_622005257864780_1336609394_n (1)Enter for this cool race in Stockholm and Göteborg!







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