Time to end 2013.

18 11 2013

The orienteering year of 2013 is ended.

My calender always start with 1st of November and ends with 31th of October and so it does even this year so now it’s time to sum up a year in a few(?) words and numbers.

We can start with the numbers. My 2012 was good compare to 2011: ”More training hours, more km, less rest days, less days of illness, no injuries.” My plan for 2013 was continuing the good work with ”more hours, more km, still no injuries & not more days of illness”. ”Because ”there is more to come even after 2013”.  I managed to make that quite good. More hours (and I guess also more kilometres), but unfortunately more days of illness. This year about 24 compared to 7, though 20 of these was in the beginning or the end of the year (5 days the first days of November 2012 and 15 days in the end of October 2013 – I got sick the day after my season was ended and the first day of my real resting period). Therefor I can be happy with just 5 days with some tendencies of having a cold during the whole training och competition period.

When it comes to hours I’ve been training ~436 hours 2013 compared to ~432 hours 2012. The biggest amount of this is of course running in different intencity, mostly slow/moderate. I’ve been running quite a lot of competitions but less than 2012. 47 @ 2013 – 51 @ 2012. Most of the races have been WOC, WC’s, SM’s, Silva League or O-ringen.


2012 I was really happy with my year. I took a big step and got a ”safe” place in the national team and ran my first international championships. I also took my first gold in the Swedish Championships. I was also very happy with 11th and 12th place on WOC, and 8th place and the relay medal at EOC.

This year, 2013 I don’t have this happy feeling after struggeling with a tired mind and body since the summer, but when I really think about it I’ve still done a lot of good things.

I continued running on a very high level which I showed during spring with Silva League (total 3rd (4th 2012) and this year more international runners participated). I also became 6th at the Nordic Tour overall and got my first top 3-race in thw World Cup (the sprint in Oslo). My best result before was a 4th place.  I have also two medals from Swedish Championships (bronze ultralong and silver relay). Add the 8th place in the World Cup overall. So yes, there is a lot of good stuff.

But I didn’t manage to succeed as I wanted on the World Championships in Finland. I became 12th at the sprint after a race with a lot of small mistakes. At the middle distance I still don’t know what to say about that performance, but I guess that my shape already had started to turn down, and it just continued the months after.

My body didn’t feel good for quite a long time and because of that bad feeling my mind stoped to cooperate. Some races at Nordic Tour was the last races for a long time, where it felt ”normal”. But I got very tired after NORT and during my short training camp directly after in Joensuu (where I had planned to take it very easy) I got a small feeling of having  a cold in my body, but it didn’t show. After that I ran the Venla relay and went to the final pre camp for WOC. After this period it was just a  couple of weeks left to WOC. During the last 4 weeks into WOC my body felt tired and I got quite unsure of myself. I still thought that a lot of rest the last weeks should change the bad feeling into a good WOC-shape and I really tried to believe in it, but after I have realized that my shape wasn’t as good as planned. Also I had done to less high intensive trainings in middle relevant area which made my self confidence for the WOC middle rather low and therefor my performance became bad. A hard, but  a good lesson to learn.

The best for me after WOC had surely been some weeks rest, but then there where O-ringen. I ran and had an okay feeling for two races, but felt quite tired the other three. Though I enjoyed the week with nice terrain together with my family. Some races I did quite a lot of mistakes and that’s a sign of a tired mind. After O-ringen I went back home to Gothenburg and I wanted to start training for the autumn season with national championships on home ground. This is where I actually needed the break I first needed direclty after WOC, but now it was harder to take it because I’ve already ”moved on” since WOC. I started to train a lot for 1 week, got really tired, but continued one more week. I ran a small competition in Kinna where I stoped in the forest and for real started to realize that something must be wrong. And I realized that I, lately, had completely forgot how it should feel when it feels normal. Normal for me now was to start every single training with really heavy legs. I took it a bit easier for a week, went to Switzerland and then further on to our national team training camp in Italy – WOC 2014 area. I had actually no energy for doing orienteering but it worked okay the first easy days, but when the intensity of the trainings became higher I had no chance. I had no speed at all, got heavy legs and the biggest problem: I couldn’t find any joy. Had some tough sessions mentaly, and decided to take  a real break after the training camp. Did so, went to the Swiss mountains for 4 days, just lay in  the hammock, reading books, watched the Alps and tried to calm down. This was actually harder than it seems. I had  a long period with sleeping really bad which still is a little problem, and also just to relax during day time. I guess that there has been some stress following me from the start of the season.

My plan for 2013 was to train harder for a longer time and not to get in shape for the Silva League – now I wanted my shape for the WOC. The problem was that I competed all the tough competitions on home ground anyway. SM Ultralong, Silva League’s and in between I trained hard. I continued training for NORT and after NORT I was exhausted. Should have needed rest and especially when I got some first signals with this ”having a cold-symptoms” but I wasn’t smart enough to listen to those because it was hard to not run Venla or not to go to the last pre camp for WOC. The bigger amount of training became sort of a stress: the focus was more on ”train more” maybe than actually train or rest, what and when I actually needed it. I also focused too much in results. I knew that I had to beat some runners, and had to become better to get to run what I wanted on the WOC. There is just 3 spots on each distance and as it showed I was like the 4th runner. I focused too much on the wrong things and mentally this became stressful.

After those relaxing days in Switzerland I realized that this will take more than one week. I had to take a hard decision to not run the SM longdistance in beautiful terrain, that suits me (normaly) so well. And I also needed to run the SM middle and the relay feeling not physically or mentally prepared for it. Luckily I’m still good in Gothenburg terrain and on the relay it meant a medal! I am happy about that. I am also happy with my last World Cup race, the final sprint in Baden where I managed to to a technically good race after struggeling a whole autumn. My last competition weekend was 25-manna and I did two good races and finally I got some speed back. My recovery since the summer had gone well and it finally started to point a bit up again, I think.

As a conclusion of 2013 I can say that I’ve continued to delelope, but I havn’t succeed on the most important competitions and I’ve had too few races where my body, just physically, have felt good. I have, in periods, trained too much and not had enough energy to do the hard trainings in periods where it should have made my shape better. I have also had too much things around training and work: responsible for trainings in the club, responsible for ”Motionsorientering” in Gothenburg and  lot of other stuff. Add problems at work and bad routines for my self with work time/rest time. I have allready started to sort things out and make it better for me so I have more time to rest inbetween training and work.

Soon I want to start train for the next season so I really hope that I am off my physically problems. First I need to recover from my over 2 weeks of illness since 25-manna, therefor I have no idea if the good feeling I got at 25-manna races have continued, but I hope so and I can just believe that it is so. Now I will start to do the planning for next year. There will be some changes, and I’m looking forward to it. My goal is to focus on myself, minimize days of illness and injuries and have a lot of fun! The last sounds like a cliché, but i can’t help it, it’s so true.

2013(Click on the picture for a bigger size)




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