A look-back.

4 11 2013

I have already written a post about my 2013, but I haven’t posted it yet. It’s all about my sport. This post will tell about my year excluding all orienteering.

In the beginning of the year I went to New Zealand and had this great caravan vacation together with a bunch of fun people. Paddling with kayaks among seals, swimming with dolphins (and getting the worst sea sickness ever!), getting lost in the New Zealandish jungle, lying on the beach getting the perfect (red?) tan, crashing Josefines ”super cute send-to-my-boyfriend-photo” ;), laughing about Juicys hair becoming Jerkers mustache, totally wierd discussions in early mornings at breakfast, driving on the wrong side of the road, swimming in the waves… It was LEGEN…. wait for it… DARY!

In February this project started. This will be us (in some years)…. The choreography is NOT easy. In February it looked like this. You have to wait for a movie. We are not really there… yet…

In March I ran the absolutely wierdest running competition ever. Survival Run in Thun, Switzerland. Over 16 kilometres with about 50 wierd obstacles during the way. You had to jump over 15 1.20 metres high walls made of hay, or 15 tree trunks, or wading in dirty water, running up and down a really steep hill, crawling through concrete tubes, running through a bunch of car tyries and all those stupid things the organizers wanted to unite with running. I became 3rd and got a small pig made of rubber. It’s nice to see that running competitions doesn’t have better prizes than orien…. the sport I shouldn’t write about. But yes, I have to admit, it was kind of fun.

In May I ate 0,5 litres of Ben & Jerrys Chocolate Fudge Brownie all by myself, sitting all by my self watching the sun over the fake-sea on the east coast of Sweden. As I say in Swedish ”Mumma för själen!”. Translation: ”Mumm for the soul!”. Just the smell of salt that was missing!

In July I went out to the one and only coast – the west coast – fishing crabs with my partner in crime since I could walk and the best mussel collecter I’ve ever met. Janni. SHE IS AMAZING. And you know what? She dares also to put her hand down in the bucket where we kept all the crabs to bring up my lost mussel. She did it when we where 5 and she does it when we are 25. My hero! (I will never touch any crab. Why? It can bit me!) This is what happens when you put your finger where you shouldnt. It really hurt!!!

In August I played some soccer together with Bern-guys. Well, you can say I’m not a Zlatan, :), but I read his book during this time and sometimes I got so mad of him and the world of soccer (spoiled players and stupid trainers with no sense for team building!) but I couldn’t stop read. Of course I also got totally impressed, both by players and trainers mentioned in the book. It was interesting to read his own words. It made me understand and get rid of some of my prejudice of the soccer game. Worth reading, absolutely! And I actually think soccer is a fun game: to play for real, on FIFA and to watch. But the poor little animal doesn’t?

In September I watched the Alps. No more words needed.

In October I was at the greatest gala for this sport that I do, that the world have ever and will ever see. It was a lot of humour and I must add that I didn’t understand everything because it was in Swiss German, but I found it great anyway! After it was dancing. The date for this gala was the same night as the time change and what does that mean? The clocks goes one hour back and one more hour on the dance floor!

It’s nice to not do orienteering sometimes.





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