16 10 2013

After the world cup final i stayed some days in Switzerland continuing my body rehabilitation. Some easy jogging and one interval training (10 times 1 minute) and I was ready for one of the funniest weekends during the year – the 25-manna relay.

I got the opportunity to run the 2nd leg, my wish after running the 1st last year which was so much fun. GMOK had even this year a great team – even if some of our strongest runners couldn’t make it because of sickness and injuries we have others that take their places and they did it splendid! Andreas ran the first leg and was in the leading group all the way until the end of the course where he together with a big group did a huge mistake on their forking control and lost a lot of time, so instead of going out almost in the lead which I had prepared for I went out for hunting a lot of teams! Luckily there were another good teams in the same group as Andreas so I went out together with Tisaren and Lidingö. They set up a high speed and I could run behind, feeling the speed, read the whole course and we passed a lot of runners. Before the arena passing I ran a bit smarter than the others and suddenly I was first in a bigger group, but then I did a small mistake, running too much left (wasn’t really used to the 2 metres contours) and the whole group passed me again. But then I did good orienterring together with Lilian and Maria (Tisaren and SAIK) in the technical ”burned forest” area and I crossed the finish line and ran to the changeover as the 9th team (from going out as 58th or something…).

I am very happy with my race and felt that I did what I could except for the 30 seconds mistake. It’s important to be among the strong teams going out for the 3rd and 4th leg, because it’s so much easier for they who run these to have a little less, but strong runners around. It helps a lot with the speed, especially maybe for our youngsters on the 4th leg who, together with the girls on the 3rd, did a  great job and lifted us up to a top 3 position. Everything went well untill the last controls, for our last runner on the 5th leg. Unfortunately he did a huge mistake in the green area and lost a lot of time. This meant that we had one man far behind on both 6th and 7th leg, which is a tough starting position. We lost a little bit more time and where around 10 minutes behind when it was time for the 23rd-25th leg. Some great parts, but some mistakes and we ended up as 8th team, but because of the big result problems, the final result list arrived today and unfortunately the first team OK Linné was disqualified for a missing punsh somewhere during the relay and therefor Halden won (again!) and we become 7th. (6-4-2-7th the last 4 years).  This was a result we where both happy and not happy with. Of course we had hoped for more and we knew that we could do it much better, but being so high up in the list even if some runners are far from satiesfied, it’s good. And it gives a little perspective of last year’s achievement with the 2nd place for the 1st team and the best 2nd team. A relay without any big mistakes gives an amazingly good result.

Thank you to 25-manna organizers for choosing an area with demanding orienteering!

The day after it was time for 25-mannakorten (middle distance, world ranking event). I have, during the last (10?) years done a lot of great performances on this competition, and I don’t know why, but I think the terrain always suits me well. A mostly straight-on course in high speed, with some technical demandings. This year I managed to do a good race with some smaller mistakes (maybe 75 seconds in total) and I became 3rd after Tove and Simone. This, and the relay-race, was  a good acknowledgement for me that my body has turned from feeling quite bad into feeling rather good. This was the first races for quite a long time (maybe since NORT?) that I could set up a high speed in the beginning and then keep on pushing the whole way and also have some energy for the sprint. Taking some weeks off with easy training during August and September was obviously a smart thing to do.

Now I will have a break with no or easy training for a couple of weeks and evaluate this season and start to prepare for the next one. Therefor it feels good that I got a good last weekend knowing my body have started to cooperate again! But the weekend did also bring a cold, though it’s a good timing – the season is over!

Results 25-mannakorten

Map 25-mannakorten middle distance WRE

Map 25-manna relay 2nd leg

Results 25-manna (first 26 teams)





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