Back to training.

6 08 2013

After an intensive period with some of the biggest and important races of the year it felt really good to come home and to stay for a while. I always get bored the first days (as I wrote in my blog after O-ringen), but after some more days I like it more and more.

I’ve not been lazy! I recovered very well after O-ringen (thank you to Dala Massage who helped me after each O-ringen stage – that helped me a lot to not get totally exhausted after that week) and I was looking forward to get out in ”my” training areas at Getryggen again. This past week I’ve got some really nice sessions both on track and in forest, with and without a map. As I also wrote in the previous blog I was disappointed of my orienteering technique – and I realized that perhaps it wasn’t a surprise since I’ve been focusing quite much to increase my physical skills this last years so from now on I will try to do some more high intensive orienteering sessions with good quality on maps and courses. And why wait to start?

During Friday I planned a training day for this past Sunday – of course with some very appriciated help – then it’s rather easy. Me and 4 club mates drove 1,5 hour south to Halmstad where we trained two really good trainings. One long distance on Nyårsåsen where stage 5 of O-ringen last year was held. Quite hilly, but nice and with some different forest types. It was quite a long time since I could run orienteering for 1 hour 50 minutes without getting too tired. We became very well taken cared of as we started and finished the training from Ingela and Uffes house. That meant we could just go straight into the jet from the water tube in the garden and then sit down and eat an incredible lunch (with dessert!). After some hours of socializing we packed our bag, drove 10 minutes to the beach and started with training number 2 in Vilshärad, at the beach map where stage 3 of O-ringen last yer was held. We had made one o-interval each and put out tapes, and then we had 5 tricky and fast loops with markings out. Perfect! Unfortunately the training become double as long as planned (about 55 minutes fast) and we all got totally exhausted after so it felt really good to go straight down to the beach and take a relaxing swim in the sea. It all finished with a pizza in Gullbrandstorp. A perfect day was ended.

Really much thank you to Ingela and Uffe who hosted us for a whole day and served us with everything we needed! And of course to the map professor Kennet who helped us with the training maps.

And when I’m not training I am working. Hopefully we soon can release two Hittaut-maps in the Gothenburg area.

Map long distance training – mostly good, but some bader realization of some longer legs
Map o-intervals – really bad at loop 4, but it was sometimes hard to see the tapes in high speed (next time try to bring real flags). Really fun to run with so high speed again (and I have to admit it: without the Gothenburg grass up over my shoulders!





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