O-ringen, the Giant!

29 07 2013

O-ringen is finished and after almost 1300 kilometres in car I am back home in Gothenburg where I will stay for quite a long time for once. Long time = over two weeks. I am not going to Euromeeting and niether to World Games. I’m sort of caught in the middle. After having people around  24/7 during a period it always feel so very strange to get back home to a lonely apartment. I always forget how it is to just be together with myself. Am I this boring?! No, just kidding. Actually I like to be by myself. For a shorter while. Or… I have to cause I need it. I need to be by myself to get time to think and to catch everything that passed me this last weeks. The World Championships and the fact that I’ve missed a lot of controls lately. I think I don’t know me anymore. 😉

But well. O-ringen is over and let’s say that I actually enjoyed the races from the start to the finish. I am not satisfied with all of my races. Two was bad and unfortunately that’s not durable for a successful O-ringen result. But as I’ve already written: I went to O-ringen without a plan – which actually also isn’t a good way to reach success, but I have learnt to follow my feeling and my feeling was to find the joy of orienteering after a WOC where I couldn’t make myself right. Perhaps I was afraid of getting disappointed again and didn’t dare to set up a goal which could be hard to reach. I dont know? I have no energy to think of that at the moment. One thing I will figure out to the next time I stand in front of a start line for a race that means a lot to me is how I will do to feel the things I want to feel and to b-e-l-i-e-v-e in myself (how hard can it be?). But that is another story which I surely will come back to.

My O-ringen week was quite even. 8-7-7-8 and 4th on the last stage. I managed to catch one position during the chasing start. The terrain was awesome and it wasn’t hard to move on during a course after a big mistake because I was so curious over the next leg which always followed – except from after the sprint during the last stage – then I was quite happy it was over and luckily it was! What a coincidence! And yes, the body is quite tired after a week like this. For some hours I must say. As it always is free space for a dessert after feeling completely full after an amazing main dish there is always energy for some dancing after a week of competitions. Thank you Juciephine and other friends for a great evening at Western Farm! And my feet actually hurt more after that evening than after the competitions. Obviously running among stones is better than wearing open-toed sandals on a crowded dance floor… Lesson learned!

And well… If anyone wants to know how the competition between the giant and the dwarfs ended, I could tell you that the giant became 7th.


(Am I really that tall?)


Map from stage 5


Now I’ll be home for a while and work, enjoy the summer and do some good training for the autumn.




2 responses

29 07 2013

Om du är ensam och vill träna och äta i Alingsås är du alltid välkommen!

30 07 2013
Eva Jurenikova (@evajurenikova)

Haha, jag bli alltid förvånad när jag ser mig på bild/i spegel bredvid andra människor. Uppfattar mig inte som en dvärg direkt.
Om du har tråkigt under nästa helg så kan du följa med mig till norska fjällen och springa Fanaråken Opp http://www.fanaraaken.com/ Har tänkt att åka från Halden 8/8 och tillbaka på måndag 12/8.


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