WOC Sprint 12th

10 07 2013

During Monday I did my first WOC appearance. Qualification in the morning where I struggled a lot with the direction and lost a lot of time between some controls, but I did qualify to the final even if it wasn’t the rehearsal I was hoping for.


An early starttime in the final felt quite good. I had a plan and it felt amazing entering the arena – so crowded and a lot of people cheering! I ran my course and felt during the way that I’ve taken the wrong routes at some places, and the course ended so quick, but it felt quite okay when i finished. But the more I looked at the map afterwards I realized that I’ve been taken wrong route choices almost everywhere. All the time a little bit longer. Why I got into the wrong flow, I don’t know. It was  a really tricky sprint with a lot of more fences than we’ve met before. It was also a lot of fences in some ”unrealistic places” so it gets harder for the eyes to find them and to see the small openings, just by taking a quick look at the map. And maybe I was too defensive and careful in some places because I was quite unsure that I’ve ran myself total empty as it felt the course ended too fast? Or maybe it was because the course was so technical the speed became limited.

I got angry and disappointed with my race. 12th. The same places as last year when I came 11th at the middle and 12th at the long and I now that I’ve become much better than that and it was a really realistic goal fighting for top 6 and I wasn’t even close. I was oceans of time behind. But thats the fact when you loose time always running a bit longer. I’ve seen that I’ve got good splits on the routes where I’ve chosen the right or where there where no route choices… I’ve got 6 splits top 3 so that’s a good sign of high speed and I will bring that good feeling to the middle distance which starts tomorrow, thursday, with qualification.

Results with splittimes

The Swedish team has got a really good start with 4 medals: Annika and Jonas at the sprint and Lena and my roomie Tove at the long. Big congratulations! It’s inspiring!

And even if I was disappointed after the sprint, I’m still in really good mood! 😉




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13 07 2013
Sverker Tirén

Du kommer igen, Lina – framtiden tillhör även dig!


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