Time to get into the bubble!

4 07 2013

Finally we are here! Arrived in Vuokatti, Finland – the village of the world championships, today. And it feels amazing.

I’ve had a great time home in Gothenburg since last time I was here, one and a half week ago. I’ve been seeing friends who I havn’t met for a long time, eating strawberries with my mum, dad, auntie and her husband. I’ve been training, but not a lot at all, just some short runs, mostly together with friends – much easier to find joy and not to be too nervous and thinking too much of the shape.

I think this period, just before the big thing is nice, of course, but also a bit hard. It’s so easy to think too much. To feel to much. Focus too much on the runs I will do in a couple of days and forget to live now, in this moment. When I got off the plane today and went in the car from Kajaani towards Vuokatti – arriving here for the last time, it felt special. I went here for my first time two years ago, when it was Euromeeting. It was an amazing trip! Amazing competitions, wheather, terrain, group of people, living… Everything almost perfect. After that I’ve been here for NORT and for training camps. Now we’re here again. Some of us who came here two years ago and dreamed about the world championships 2013 actually made it.

I went out for a jog together with Håkan and this time we were more lucky at our run around the nearest lake. Last time we where on our way around the big lake by Sotkamo. That could have been a long run… For those 30 minutes I talked and talked. That’s a good sign of me being happy. And perhaps a bit nervous. As it should be.  After the run me, Mia and Helena took a swim in the lake. 20 degrees. Perfect! Helena started to titter and dived down and came up with a smile and said: I’m just so happy! I could feel it to but it became even more true when Helena said it. This girl who’s been fighting trough almost anything doesn’t get the chance this time cause of hurting feet, and I feel so sorry for her, but she is here, with us, in the team, and she will help us with everything we need. She reminded me of how important it is to be here and now, enjoying the athmosphere around the whole event. There is so much more than the competitions. So much more to enjoy! I got reminded also how easy it is to actually be here and now when you just let the happiness come trough. Without thinking.

I will now run both the sprint and the middle distance. My first start is on monday with sprint qualification and final. Then I will run the middle qualification on thursday and middle final on friday. Follow me on my Twitter @ lina_strand and of course on Swedish Television. 

Now I will get into the WOC-bubble for 100%!

Some pics from Euromeeting 2011

g n o p




One response

4 07 2013
maria m

sååå mycket glass+godis på pekkas födelsedag… har mat-trauma-minnen =)


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