Jämsä Venla!

16 06 2013

After the pre WOC precamp in Joensuu together with 4 team mates we went by an old train to Jämsä – the city of Jukola and Venla relays. It felt good to get together with my club mates again and we had a really nice evening with luxury food and lots of fun.

The Venla relay started at 2 o’ clock pm and GMOK had 2 teams on the starting line. Team 1: Emma – Anna- Judith – Lina. Team 2: Viktoria – Jennie – Frida – Sara. Our second team did a good job the whole relay through and ended up in a 47th place (7th among the best 2nd and 3rd teams – just great!).

For the first team it was mostly good and very good perfomances. Emmas first half of the race was solid and fully as we planned, but then she did a mistake on the hill and lost a lot of time. She fought the whole way back to the finish and changed over to Anna as number 126 +10:14 (8:30 behind the bigger group). Anna went out and enjoyed the race completely. So nice to see her back in the forest after a spring season filled with problems with her leg, but now it seems to be gone and I’m looking forward to see Annas shape gets better and better. She did a good race, caught us up to 57th spot and changed over to Judith who is fastest to the starting point as always and this time she was almost the fastest of everyone on the 3rd leg – just some seconds behind – so yes, also she did a great race and kept the distance to the leaders and caught our team up to 15th spot. Our club record (12th place from last year) was reachable.

Again I got the opportunity to get out just before Simone Niggli for Tisaren. When we both stood there waiting for Judith/Lilian and when we saw that they were together we looked at each other and said at the same time: ”Together, same as always” and now it starts to feel comfortable instead of nervousing. I went out some seconds before and speeded up towards the starting point. I wanted it not to be that easy for Simone to catch me, but well, of course she did. I followed her to the 2nd control, but then I fell and she was gone but we didn’t have the same forking anyway. I did a really good start, got together with Halden 2 and Mora. I did good orienteering with just some minor mistakes on the hill and was up on 12th spot after a little more than half the course and I had caught 1,5 minute on the leading group. But then it started to be a lot of people in the group and my legs felt tired when we got back on the flat area. I did a one minute mistake caused by taking a break from my focus – not good – and then the group got even bigger. I lost some positions in a green area and on one control where I and some others had the longer forking. Then my energy was out and some teams could easily get away from me. I sprinted in as the 17th team (7th among the Swedish). (Results Venla relay) (Team results GMOK 1st team) (GPS-tracking 4th leg)

My feeling in my body hasn’t been so good after NORT. I’ve just trained easily in Joensuu, but it felt like there was something in my body which shouldn’t be there. It felt like a cold was on its way, but luckily it didn’t show, so I just felt very tired. So, felt that there where something that was missing during my Venla race, but I did the best I could for this time and I acutally caught some seconds on the leading team, but of course it would have been more fun to have energy to fight all the way to the finish. The 10th place would have been reachable with a great race all the way.

DSC00434Upper row: 2nd team with coach Hasse Melin. 
Bottom row: 1st team.


The best thing this weekend was of course the mens team: BEST SWEDISH CLUB! CLUB RECORD! 6TH PLACE! Big congratulations to all of you, runners and coaches! Especially to my brother who ran the 2nd leg! Just great! And there is more to come!



Now I’m still in Finland. Back in Vuokatti. 3 weeks to the World Championships and it’s time for the last preperations here before it’s time. This week I will focus on the sprint which will be the distance I will run. I’m really looking forward to it and again, it’s amazing being part of this team. The level is so high – everybody have capacity to take a medal. So cool!




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