NORT #3 – Big EMIT fail!

4 06 2013

Today there were the 3rd stage of the Nordic Orienteering Tour – the exciting knock out sprint in Sigtuna, Sweden.

We had a qualification during the morning and I did an okay race. Some small mistakes in the beginning and then a bigger mistake at one control and then I took a wrong route choice, but it became bader than it looked on the map because someone who lived in the neighbourhood decided to put out some extra tape round a grass area. This meant that a lot of runners who passed here thought it was forbidden, even if it wasn’t shown forbidden on the map and we had to run round the area instead of straight over it. And this tape came up after a while, so not all runners had the same conditions. Sad but true. For me it ended up in a 10th place, 1:12 behind Simone Niggli who won. This meant that I quite easy made it to the semifinal.

During the whole NORT there is punching with the Emit system, which I’m not so very used to, and I realized during the first sprint in Oslo (stage 1) that I lost a lot of time just by punching the controls, so the last day I’ve been practicing quite a lot and found out a better way to punch so I can save some seconds even if i still have more seconds to save if I get even better. But well, I felt prepared for the semifinal with my tactic and everything and my body felt good. I got a really good start, and was first together with Tove at the 1st control. So far so good. Then I should do the punching, just as i learnt the last day, but got so surprised that it didn’t fit. I stood there for a while trying, but then all runners had passed me and i realized that i had to go, so I screamed a really bad word (which luckily didn’t got heard in the television..) and run after the others. Catched up and got a good position to the 2nd control, but same problem there and lost more seconds. Ran away again without feeling that i had punched correct. Ran just on Toves back to the 3rd, caught some seconds again, but lost all of it for the 3rd time by punching again. What is wrong??? At the 4th control i realized the problem. I have put the Emit card upside-down and tried to punch with the wrong side so i had the small back up note against my palm instead of down against the emit unit. SHIT. Got small panic because i was so unsure that the punches have register… My thoughts was just on this and i was afraid that i was going to have no result. Still got a quite good position out of the forest but had no map contact at all and no focus on the correct stuff. Finished as number 5 in my heat and went straight to the read out station and then i could breath out – everything was correct and i got my results and also the bonus seconds. So lucky but what a bad race!

First I was so mad at myself by ruin the whole race just by putting the emit card upside down in my hand. HOW STUPID? After a while i could laugh about it, and i laugh even more because two days ago i was talking about this becuase i told the story from Venla last year when I DID THE EXACT SAME THING, but the thing is that i realized it after one control then and today it took 3 (!!) controls. That you learn from your mistake obviuosly doesn’t work for me…

Next stage is on Friday – a sprint with qualification and final in Åbo, Finland. Until then I will continue my punching school but will go back to the first lesson – how to place the emit card in your hand in a correct way.

Results NORT so far.

397412_10151410818975493_178480324_nFoto: Kate Morrison



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4 06 2013

Häftiga bilder på tv-sändningen med en kameramannen som sprang med! Man fick en bättre känsla av vad som sker mellan kontrollerna och hu fort det går! Hur upplevde du och de andra löparna att ha en springandes bredvid en?


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