In Switzerland.

11 03 2013

Long time, no see. Too long!

I came at Wednesday evening and until now I’ve been training a lot, eating birthday cake, loosing in parlour games against the Merz brothers, watching the beautiful mountains (can not get enough!), spending time with he who’s better half is me 😉 and I think that this will just continue until Saturday when I travel back to Sweden. I like it a lot! (Not to travel back – to be here!)

At Sunday I competed in Survival Run. A quite special competition. 16,5 km and a lot of obstacles during the way. There where maybe just a  couple of hundreds of meters between every obstacle so not so much time to just run. The obtacles where quite varying, some more original stuff like a very steep uphill or downhill, or water to pass, very uneven ground or tree trunks to jump over – sort of normal stuff for an orienteer, but it was also som ”army fitness-stuff” like crawling and that’s a little bit against my own moral and not a thing that goes with running in my opinion, but if I wanted to reach the finish I had to pass this kind of barriers as well… And I managed it quite good! I have during the days before had very sore thighs so I was on beforehand a bit nervous if I should manage the whole race – I didn’t want to get completely destroyed in my thighs – I want to continue with good training this following days, but it went okay even if i got stucked with just one tempo which I couldn’t increase. The course was 2 loops on the same course and I got a bit extra tired during the second round and lost some time compared to the first round. My goal was just to reach the finish and to fight my mind to continue trough every hard passage. I finished after a little more than 1 hour and 26 minutes as the 3rd girl. Brigitta Mathys, a really strong orienteer and runner won 2,5 minutes before me and I was some seconds behind the second place. As a price I got a little gum pig but Brigitta and Daniel Hubmann (mens race) who won got a big stuffed head of a wild boar. Jonas was ”mad” at me that I didn’t won. (I was quite happy!) 🙂


Now stop blogging and continue enjoying Switzerland and try to cheer up Jonas who got a little bit upset after a soccer game on TV. (His favourite team Aarau lost the game). Even if he of course is happy that ”his” Swedish team ÖIS won against AIK during the weekend. 😉  And if anyone wants to see something funny: Two martens guested the game between Zurich and Thun yesterday! Poor animals though…




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19 03 2013
maria m

det sjuuuuka priset…..

23 03 2013
Double Bore Native American Flute Music

Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful post.

Thanks for supplying these details.

31 03 2013
Weight loss

I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up!
I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back down the road. Cheers


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