10 days of training in Turkey

25 02 2013

Yesterday I came back home after spending 10 days with orienteering training in Turkey.

First 3 days I spent together with my club, Göteborg-Majorna OK. We lived in Antalya and trained in different areas round the city. Some in flat terrain and some in hilly terrain. I managed to do mostly really good orienteering and I continued with the good flow I had on the training camp in Åhus.

One training was really fun. I did O-intervals (Tennis-O) together with the rest of the girls and could run in really high speed, almost no mistakes and the most important thing: I was always alert and recognized every move and every thought  I made and I could stop the mistake before making it. That’s a cool feeling!

At Sunday some of the club mates went home and the National Team + a lot of other runners came. We switched hotel and then there were focus on orienteering again. We continued training in Antalya area for some days before we moved to Manavgat (more to the east).

I did some trainings in higher speed and one of them was a relay training at my favourite map in Turkey, Gebiz. We simulated a 2nd leg so it was sort of a chasing start. I got a really cool challenge, chasing Helena and Lena who went out round 20 and 10 seconds before me. The terrain is really fast. The ground is hard and covered by low grass, but it’s a bit hilly and some rock details and inbetween the hills there are small rivers so you need to be focused on the technique even if the visability is mostly good. Unfortunately I didn’t do my job before starting. I hadn’t been thinking of what I needed to do during the race and then after the start I focused too much on running and didn’t take all the time I needed for doing perfect orienteering. The first 5 controls went good, but then I forgot looking at my compass and went up the wrong hill. I lost around 3 minutes so it was a really big mistake. After that I started to do things better and I catched up some runners and could after a sprint against Emma and Lilian ran in on the 2nd position, but far to long after Helena who won (with aprox. 3.5 minutes). But I really enjoyed the training. Relay training against the other girls in the Swedish team can be the best training you can get. And in this amazing area! Wow!

I did also compete in the first 3 stages of Antalya Open, but my performances was quite varying. In all three races I ran partly really good, but did also some stupid mistakes. At the first stage I took the wrong description and it took some time before I realized that and in the last stage I didn’t see the most obvious route choice and lost plenty of time.  But I guess I was a bit too tired after doing so much orienteering the last week and I was a bit too lazy understanding that and underestimated the courses.

I’m most happy with the WRE sprint in a very cool bushy area. Perfect for a forest sprint! I did my job before starting and then everything was so easy. I just needed to do what I planned to do and I got a race with a good start! That was important to me. After passing the arena I relaxed a bit cause I knew where the next flag should be, but then I neglected fore some seconds and didn’t look at my compass and went to much right up the hill and I lost more than 40 seconds and Lena who started 1 minute behind me almost caught up. I ended up in a 3rd place 58 seconds after Lena who won.

I love being a part of the Swedish team and we have a lot of fun together. We started with our new project which is a real challenge: a dance to Beyonces ”Single ladies”. Will be cool to see if we finish it before this year ends!

Now I’m home again and the training will continue with longer runs and intervals and then I go to Jonas in Switzerland next week. Wooop Wooop!

Some maps:


Sprint Relay-O 1, 2 and 3.
Relay chasing start Gebiz
Middle-O Gebiz

And you can also find a lot of maps and GPS routes from Turkey (Swedish and Norwegian Team) at 3DRerun.




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